The 1977 Royal Silver Jubilee

1977 Jubilee ProgrammeThis part was spurred on by the Royal wedding of 29th April 2011 and by Ingbirchworth's 1977 memories in a special festival to mark the Royal Wedding.

The Queen's Silver Jubilee of 1977 commemorated 25 years since the her accession in 1952, on the death of her father George IV. She was crowned on 2nd June 1953. The Jubilee was marked with celebrations at every level throughout the country and Commonwealth. Although this was celebrated in June, the actual anniversary of the Queen's accession was Wednesday 6th February 1952. Special Jubilee coins were struck and Jubilee stamps issued for the occasion.

Jubilee Crowns were extremely popular, being cheap at 25p, and could only be obtained directly from banks. They were given away to every child in junior schools. Although 1977 was after the decimalisation of UK money, the coins were genuine crowns worth five shillings in old money. In perfect condition, they would be worth about £1.50 now. Penistone Town Council also had commemorative plates specially made and these were on sale for £1.25 each.

Penistone's Effort
Local people strongly supported this national event. Penistone Town Council arranged a variety of activities. Download a scan of the Town Council's programme of events (pdf 650kB), by clicking on the thumbnail on the right to find out more. Penistone had: the 'Grand Silver Jubilee Ball', a variety show 'Penistone Entertains', junior school 6-a-side football matches, a football match for the 'Purdie Cup', a cricket match, Penistone 'Sing', a PGS Garden Party, a Youth Activity day, a dance, bonfire, parade and a service in Penistone Church. They knew how to throw a 'do' in those times. Quite an occasion. Some old familiar names are in the programme. Who can remember Arthur 'Spinner' Lee and Risden Woodcock?

Ingbirchworth's Jubilee Parade and Gala
The village of Ingbirchworth had a good time with a Jubilee Parade and Gala, as in the pictures below. The Parade went around in a large circular route, which took in the road by the reservoir and past 'The Rag' (Fountains Inn) and via Wellthorne Avenue. My memory of the Gala is now vague but it had a wonderful Fortune Teller, who otherwise ran a local Fish & Chip shop, and some horses were doing horsey things.

1977 CrownIngbirchworth Parade 1977Ingbirchworth Parade 1977Ingbirchworth Parade 1977
Ingbirchworth Parade 1977Ingbirchworth Parade 1977Queen's 1977 visit to Cannon HallQueen's 1977 visit to Cannon Hall

The Royal Visit to Cawthorne
Cawthorne was the great centre of attention, with a Royal visit. It was worth the four-mile walk from Penistone. The Queen and Prince Philip came to Cannon Hall and were welcomed by a large and enthusiastic crowd. You can see Penistone Majorettes in the picture, after they had given a show of their skills. You can bet that they hold these memories dear.

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