Old Pictures of Local People

Janet's Collection
These first pictures are from the 'Janet A' collection. Janet's father was the well-known local councillor Frank Ashton and I was privileged to be able to scan these and other pictures from his photo album, on loan from his daughter Janet Armitage of Cawthorne. They pop up in a few other places on this website. Many thanks to Janet.

The first is of Penistone Labour Party in the 1920s, location and names unknown. Second is Penistone Bowling Club. It looks to have been behind the Wentworth Arms, taken from near the current Wentworth Mews, I would guess around 1900. A 'mews' is supposed to be converted stables but these were new-build houses, so the name has been diminished.

Labour Party 1920sBowling Club membersPigeon Club
Penistone Labour Party   -   Penistone Bowling Club   -   Penistone Pigeon Fanciers' Club

The third picture is of Penistone Pigeon Fanciers Club. Following new information from Mr David Wilkinson (whom I thank), here are some names in the picture. Left to right: Tom Ollerinshaw, (Unknown lady), Club Secretary - Gilbert Goddard, Frank Ashton and Fred Crossland. David does not think it was in the Bridge Inn as was previously surmised.

Spread Eagle Charity Match
As they were all wearing the same colours, the Spread Eagle team might have been established rather than just cobbled up for the occasion. The match was between age groups - 'Old ones versus young ones' - some time around 1966, our World Cup winning year. Many thanks to Pat Crawford for sending this picture. Ian Crawford (Pat's husband) has named the names, left to right:

Footie Team around 1966
Standing: Donny 'Zonny' Butcher (holding the board) - Malcolm Tomlinson - David Holladay - Ian Tomlinson
Tommy Davis (Spread Eagle) - Scott McKenzie - Billy Hill - Jack Palmer with a little lad
Crouched: Ian Crawford, John Lockwood, Robert French and Barry Thomson

'Zonny' Butcher was a well-known man of great character and the board he was holding had twenty rosettes and the caption: 'Get Yer Own Colours'. Fans often wore team colour rosettes to matches in those days. They made a lot of noise. How many of you remember the noisy wooden football rackets?

David Brown's Football Team
The following picture of the 'Penistone XI' was somewhat battered and creased. It was published in David Brown's glossy magazine around 1967 and labeled 'Penistone's Team for the Purdie Cup Match'.

David Brown X1
Top Row: Gordon Parker - Peter Goodlad - Peter Broadhead - Bob Prigmore - Barry Jepson - Brian Farrar
Bottom Row: Bernard Denton - Mick Little - Tony Broadhead - Alan Beever - Peter Graham

Thurlstone Football Team
This newspaper clipping was kindly lent by Mr Roy Marsden of Thurlstone, who also appears in the picture, top-right. The picture was quite small and in very poor condition, so it had to be tweaked somewhat, which explains why it isn't quite as clear as others on this page. The date is not known (yet).

Thurlstone Football Team
Back Row: R Dawson (captain) - B Dransfield - R Kennedy - A Bower - H Turner - R Marsden.
Front Row: M Lovell - G Lundy - Wilky - G Wadsworth - D Crompton.

It was captioned: ' Thurlstone Football Team which defeated Dodworth Methodists 4-1 in a recent league encounter'. Thurlstone's team was one of several in in the Penistone League in those days. Many thanks to Roy for loaning the picture.

Samuel Fox's Football Team
From the guestbook, John Travis corrected my original supposition that it was Penistone Church FC. The steelworks in Stocksbridge used to hold inter-department matches. John also said that: "The guy with the ball is Neil Crossland from Thurgoland and now Silkstone Common, whilst the one at the extreme right of the back row is Mick Turton from Sheffield, now Stocksbridge." Many thanks to John for that.

My guess is that it was in the 1960s. Alan Beever says that there would also have been: Eric Turner, Derek Dimelow and Ken Hawley.

Penistone Pure Malt Vinegar Company
The next picture was emailed from Pat Crawford. The first picture also appears on the Vinegar Brewery page and shows the office staff who worked there. The date on the back of the picture was 1st April 1966. Pat gave these names (Left to Right):

office Staff
Back Row Mary Hinchliffe - Linda Fretwell - Hazel Wilson - Mary O’Mahoney
Front Row Pat Hague (Crawford) - Christine Mott - Christine Wragg - Barbara Baker
Scouts and Guides
Looking at this picture of Penistone Scout Cubs and Girl Guides from about 1959. I can see a pair of Cleggs, a Galliford, the Briggs sisters, a Hoyland, a brace of Kayes and one Christine Tozer. Jeremy Cutts added: "The boy kneeling up with one eye closed and cap at a jaunty angle, in front of Lynne Matthews, is my brother (now PT Councillor) Jonathan Cutts." He became Penistone Mayor in June 2013.
Scouts and Guides
Mick Walsh has also filled in some gaps in this picture. Starting at bottom-left on the front row, we have: Peter Redfearn, Graham Cross (chewing grass), Dennis Morley. Now going up a row and moving right to left: Alan Matthews, Dave Kaye, Stewart Apps (without cap), Steve Kaye, Brian Clegg (works in Platts), David Fieldsend (chewing grass), David Senior, John Bradley ('Spattsy'), Geof Clegg and Nigel Redfearn.
Now moving up the pile and moving from left to right, we have: Steve Hoyland, Graham Windle, Gordon Jagger (without cap), Robert Taylor, Richard Taylor, John Stead, Jonathan Cutts. Then Paul Wrigglesworth, Graham Scarfe, Glynn Stead, Richard Galliford (the last lad, top-left). Looking at the girls, left to right, I can only name the first two: Maureen Briggs and Margaret Briggs. Many thanks to Mick for his help. I'll see if I can find a way make the faces easier to identify.

Penistone Girl Guides
This next picture was also emailed from Pat Crawford with the Vinegar Brewery one above. Many thanks to Pat for sending them and helping to name the people. Also thanks to Mo & Marg Briggs and to Beryl Hodgekiss for helping with the names. They've done a great job between them but there are some gaps and uncertainties.

Girl Guides
Top Row Pat Ashton - Jane Whitfield - Anne Higgins - Diane Marsh - Tonia Matthews - Jean Cooper - Lynne Matthews - Angela Tyas - Wendy?
Middle (Ldr) Wendy Worsfold - Margaret Briggs - Sandra Youel - (?) - (?) - Pat Hague
Helen Hinchliffe - (?) - Margaret Clegg - Denise Tyas? - Jean Beaver- Christine Mott - Margaret Beever?
Front Lynn Roebuck - Carol Faxon - Valerie Hattersley - Mollie Beever - Lynn Hattersley - Maureen Briggs - Kathleen Stephenson - Kay Acton - (?)

Thurlstone Handbell Ringers

Thurlstone Bell Ringers
This picture was taken in a marquee at Penistone Show in the 1970s. The ringers later renamed themselves 'Thurlstone Bell Orchestra' and had a good run of selling their popular Christmas CDs. They don't perform any more but their bells have a permanent home at Thurlstone Primary School. Let's hope that they re-form at some point. Something for Thurlstone Community Group to ponder? Unfortunately I don't have any of the names for now.

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