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The Old Grammar School
The school can trace its roots back five hundred years to 1392. The old school occupied land near the church until it moved in 1892 to the Huddersfield Road 'Wierfield' site. I have been granted special permission to use the original old (top-right) photograph which was used in various old Penistone Almanacs but never to this quality. On its extreme left is the corner of the old cloth hall building, which has now been in the Clark's family for more than a century. The top-left view is a close-up detail from it.

Close-up of 1890 picture 1890 by the church
1903 Auction

Robinson's Newsagents

In an auction plan from 1903 (right), the corner building which replaced the school (picture above right) is shown as belonging to 'London City and Midland Banking Company'. It is now Robinson's newsagent, where many local publications can be obtained.

Wierfield Site
After 1892, a new school was set up at the current Wierfield Site on the Huddersfield Road out of town. Over the years, new buildings were added and the old Netherfield workhouse (later old folks' home) nearby was taken over as a Sixth Form outpost to keep the older pupils away from their stickier juniors. Here's an old scan of an undated picture of the main building, which was known to me as 'A' Block. With the new development of 2010, the old stone building are likely to be sold off but they will still be standing long after the new buildings have been demolished and replaced. Old buildings were made to last. New buildings might have only a 25-year life-span.

'A' Block

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