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Woods Printers, Church Street, published the Penistone Almanac each year from 1872 until 1958 under the guidance of the proprietor, James Henry Wood. In 1984, Penistone & District Society published their own excellent version of the almanac, in the old style and with the support of Mr H Gordon Wood, grandson of J H Wood.

Incidentally, in recent renovations, a piece of wood turned up with 'Hewitt 1935 October 11th' inscribed on it. Presumably he was the carpenter who performed work on the building in that year.

Below is an 1896 picture of the Woods men. The frontage of the building looks much the same today and the company name lives on, if not quite in the same line of products. Also known as The Don Press. The posters are of particular interest, click on one to see what was going on in 1896.

Woods 1896

Posters poster poster poster poster poster poster
(Clickable posters)

<< Top row:
Dobson, James Henry Wood, - ? -

<< Bottom row:
Tom Ducket, John Ducket, Fred Hinchliffe


Poster descriptions. The top three are of Messrs Arthur E Wilby & Son auctions
Top left: Top centre: Top right:
Highfield Farm, Birdsedge. Mon 7th Dec. 1896.
Farm stock. four horses. twelve beasts, produce, implements and other items.
Spangled Bull Inn, Kirkburton. Mon 30 Nov. 1896.
Five horses, three beasts, implements and produce 'Sale to commence at 12 prompt'.
Bridge Hotel. Tues, Weds & Thurs, 24th - 26th Nov. 1896, 7pm
Ready made clothing, pieces of cloth, tweeds.
Bottom left: Bottom centre: Bottom right:
Wesleyan Foreign Missions. Thurlstone. Sun 22 Nov 1896.
Missionary Hymns, Solos and stories. Conducted by Rev. D Rycroft.
Annual Meeting MR T Blake and Rev D Rycroft.
Wanted. Several boys and girls. Jabez Nall & (son?) Ltd., Spring Vale Saw Mills. Thurlstone Football Club. 'A Grand Match' Thurlstone v. Sheffield Club Reserve
Saturday 21st Nov 1896

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