Penistone Mayors

The first picture below shows Cllr Jonathan Cutts during his reign as Penistone Mayor 2013-2014. The next picture is a typical PTC Meeting from Jan 2014 (with permission). A typical PTC Annual Assembly is shown in third place, from 2010. On the bottom row is the council seal on the Mayoral chain and the very fine display of the list of Mayors (as viewed in 2013), in the Community Centre.

2013 Mayor Jonathan CuttsPTCTown Council Assembly
Mayor's Chain of OfficeMayors' BoardMayors' Board close-up

The Mayoral chain of office is associated more closely with the council than with the town. It displays the council seal of a 'milch cow', rather than the Penistone/Clarel coat of arms belonging to Thomas Clarel, the former Lord of the Manor. From 2014, the Mayor's Consort is also provided with a council emblem. The former Penistone Burial Board used the 'Penistone' breed of long-horned ram on its seal. Burials are now administered by Barnsley.

Penistone Mayors from 1973
A wooden display panel inside Penistone Community Centre main hall, Church Street, lists the Penistone Mayors since the inception of the current Town Council in 1973, following Local Government Reorganisation.

Penistone Mayors from 1973
1973-74 Alec Dixon 1985-86 Derek Hattersley 1997-98 Brenda Hinchliff 2009-10 Roger Hinchliff
1974-75 C Richard Marsden 1986-87 George J Punt 1998-99 Maureen Harrison 2010-11 Carol Bradbury
1975-76 George J Punt 1987-88 David Wilson 1999-2000 Betty Elders 2011-12 Steve Webber
1976-77 Eric G Crossland 1988-89 Alec Dixon 2000-01 Joseph Unsworth 2012-13 Harry Barron
1977-78 Alwyne Fielding 1989-90 Terence Bridden 2001-02 George J Punt 2013-14 Jonathan Cutts
1978-79 Wilfred Gledhill 1990-91 Maureen Harrison 2002-03 Ann Rusby 2014-15 Steve Marsh
1979-80 William Murphy 1991-92 Donald Harrison 2003-04 Donald Harrison 2015-16 Andrew Millner
1980-81 John Hey 1992-93 George J Punt 2004-05 John Basil Lucas 2016-17 Paul Hand-Davis
1981-82 Frank Ashton 1993-94 Wendy Cowley 2005-06 Brenda Hinchliff 2017-18 Roger Hinchliff
1982-83 Alec Dixon 1994-95 Michael Boaler 2006-07 Nora Collett 2018-19 Gillian Millner
1983-84 Thomas Hinchliff 1995-96 Nora Collett 2007-08 Joseph Unsworth  
1984-85 Florence Neville 1996-97 Roger Hinchliff 2008-09 Paul Hand-Davis  

Mayors on Parade
Shown below are some mayors of recent years. Cllr Nora Collett opens a new graveyard extension in 2007, Cllr Joe Unsworth looking proud in Penistone Church later in 2007, Cllr Paul Hand-Davis endures the wet in 2008, Cllr Brenda Hinchliff enjoys the 2005 Mayor's Parade with Cllr Roger Hinchliff and a grandfather clock.

Nora Collet opens new graveyard extensionJoe UnsworthPaul Hand-DavisRegal wave from Mayoress Cllr Brenda Hinchliff
Market Barn Opening with Mayor Cllr Steve WebberTesco Opening with Mayoress Cllr Carol BradburySteve MarshCllr Steve Marsh

On the second row, Cllr Steve Webber cuts a ribbon to open the new Market Barn in 2011 and Cllr Carol Bradbury does the same to open the new Tesco in August 2010. Cllr Steve Marsh is In the last two pictures, saluting the crowd in the 2014 Mayor's Parade and addressing a July 2014 book launch in Penistone Church.
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