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Show Day 2012
This day had been earmarked for a major reunion for The Class of '63, a title we were not entirely sure about as that was our starting year at Penistone Grammar School. To clarify the matter further, the poster read that it was for people around sixty years old, give or take a few years. In those days, we left school at fifteen years old. This day had been planned for at least a year on the instigation of Lynn Dean (nee Harley) who wanted it to coincide with our milestone age of sixty. Given that some of our classmates had passed on, we thought that it was a good idea to do it now.

Penistone Show was a gloriously warm and sunny day on Saturday 8th September 2012. Much of my time there was in the company of (using maiden names) Lynn harley, Christine Shale and Jocelyn Turner. We also had a chance meeting with Steve Miller, whom I did not recognise at first. I was particularly privileged to meet Lynn's 'mystery guest' Angela Smith. Unfortunately, Angela had recently had a major foot operation and was not able to come to the evening's reunion (below). Lynn and myself were interviewed for Penistone FM by Carol Bradbury (nee Hague). Carol would also have like to have attended the reunion but had a previous engagement.

Class of '63 Reunion
This took place on the evening of the Penistone Show Day above, at Penistone Bowling Club. It was a good night and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Some old photos were on show, along with School Report books from Lynn and yours truly. One visitor brought the full school photo from 1967.

Jack and AngelaThe GangPosterThe Gang

The group pictures were taken towards the end of the evening by Stu Gibbins, who came along to gather some material for the PGS-Archive website. The roll-call (using maiden names) in no particular order: Jack Briggs, Lynn Harley, Dave Bailey, Maureen Taylor, Richard Galliford, Pauline Leach, Johnny Knox, Gordon Walsh, Mick Walsh, Dave Bradwell, Steve Miller, Margaret Gray, Rosemary Hemingway, Andrea White, Jocelyn Turner, Susan Helliwell, Stuart Taylor and Alan Edwards.

We should also remember those who are no longer with us; our old friends Gordon Jagger and Maurice Walsh. It was only this year (2012) that Maurice passed away.

Reunion 2004
The instigator of this reunion was my old classmate Richard Galliford. We passed the word around and met at the Rose & Crown, Wednesday, 2nd June. I can't say it was a big success in terms of numbers but we had a very pleasant evening, reminiscing about the old days and catching up on what people were doing. We were particularly pleased that our old form-teacher Councillor Punt could attend.

reunion groupreunion group

Present were: George Punt, Dave Bailey, Christine Shale, Maureen Taylor and her daughter Helen, Yvonne Rushton, Dave MacKrill, Richard Galliford and myself (maiden names here). Others said that they would have liked to come but had other commitments. It was good to chat about the 'good old days', how we had grown older, especially about the quirks of various teachers and pupils.

The Rose and Crown staff looked after us by dressing up for the occasion and providing heaps of food but far fewer people came than we thought and there was a lot of waste. My thanks to everyone involved for making it a good evening. Since this event, the Rose and Crown closed down and it is now an office block.

George Punt
George passed away in 2006. He will be remembered with great fondness as a respectable member of the community and a long-serving member of Penistone Town Council. He had also been Penistone's Mayor. Many local people will remember him as the Rural Studies teacher at Penistone Grammar School.

Other Reunions
As a spin-off from the PGS's 1392 - 1992 school anniversary, Lynn Harley (aswas) arranged several successful reunions in a local pub before she flitted to the sunny shores. An impromptu meeting sprang up again in 2003, when the nomadic Maurice Walsh returned from his world travels. It was hastily arranged but there was Dave Bailey, Maurice, Kevin McShane, Richard Galliford and myself, with a fleeting visit by Dave MacKrill on his way from the Indian take-away.

Spring Vale Junior School also had a big reunion in October 2005, prior to the school's demolition and re-build.

PGS Class Pictures from 1965
Many of these can be found at the 'Friends Reunited' website. Please use the Guestbook if you would like to leave any comments.


Class 2E
Photo - Many Thanks to Mick Walsh

Top Row:
Linda Rawlinson, Janet Goldthorpe, Jean Clay, Andrea White, Susan Haigh, Janet Wibberly, Anne Cartwright, Susan ?, Susan Bennett and Eileen Fowler

Middle Row:
Alan Dooley, Mick Walsh, Richard Brocklehurst, Raymond Walters, John Stanley, Hazel Marr, Janet Williamson, Brian Cawthorne, John Dixon, Kevin Saunders and Tony Doyle

Front Row:
Carol Howard, Janet Wragg, Heather Fieldsend, Susan Hardisty, Heather Goldthorpe, Miss Beard, Janet Ashton, Beryl Parker, Margaret Baldwin, Jean Allot and Janet Hampshire



Class 2F

Top Row:
Trevor Hill, James Matthewman, David Bradwell, Ian Hutchinson, Jack Briggs, Kevin McShane, Rodney Wood, Gordon Walsh, Stephen Miller, Brian Harrison, David Bailey, John Knox and Richard Galliford

Front Row:
Ruby Green, Susan Hodgett, Jackie Pearson, Jocelyn Turner, Christine Hoyle, John Ward, Lynn Harley, Susan Sawtell, Maureen Taylor, Vivien Grice and Angela Smith



Class 2D
This large class was later split into two.
Photo - Many Thanks to Christine Cooke

Top Row:
Peter Kennedy, Alwyn Corkett, Michael Maxfield, Steve Hoyland (never ages), Paul Taylor, Richard Penning, David Morton, Peter Smith, Christopher Sanderson, Gordon Jagger, David Brown, Dave MacKrill and Michael Goodliffe

Middle Row:
Richard Tyas, Peter Tazzyman, Barbara Coldwell, Janet Taylor, Rosemary Hemingway, Josie Wortley, June Speight, Lynn Dyson, Barbara Tutin, Barbara Pell, Valerie Smith and Denis Fish

Front Row:
Margaret Gray, Brenda Crossley, Yvonne Rushton, Susan Froggatt, Margaret Hardy, Christine Shale, Carol Kenyon, Vicky Jubb, Linda Grange, Ann Mitchell and Anne Kenworthy

PGS Class Picture From 1956
This picture was kindly sent by cousin Beryl (nee Aspinall), who is somewhat older than I am. She asks if people can add to the list of names. You could do this via the Guestbook.

Class of '56

PGS Class of May 1956

Back row:
1. ?, 2. Ownsworth, 3. ?, 4. Kenneth Wood, 5. David Nettleton, 6. Neil Tolladay, 7. ?, 8. ?, 9. Brian ?, 10. George Kaye, 11. ?, 12. Rawlins.

Centre row:
1. Janet Storey, 2. Katherine, 3. ?, 4. Enid Mouncey, 5. Arthur Reed, 6. David Padgett, 7. ?. 8. ?, 9. Richard Campbell, 10. Beryl Aspinall, 11. Olwyn Roebuck, 12. Rita.

Bottom row:
1. Sandra, 2. ?, 3. Maureen, 4. Sandra, 5. ?, 6. Miss Cookson (close-up -->), 7. ?, 8. ?, 9. Mary, 10. ?, 11. Dorothy Hirst

Miss Cookson - Not clickable

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