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2001 Show
Nearly all the UK's agricultural shows were cancelled in 2001 because of the 'foot and mouth' epidemic and Penistone Show was also nearly cancelled. A good job that it wasn't, as this wonderful day kept me occupied for nearly five hours. The weather stayed dry and windy but not cold and the sun was out more than it was in.

The Show archery

Impressions from the show

The Pictures
Blacksmith making horseshoe Blacksmith fitting horseshoe drystone walling paramedics chopper
Blacksmith's display of making, then fitting, horseshoes to the very accommodating and placid poppo.
Drystone walling demonstration. Also the well-equipped NHS paramedic helicopter.
Lady's choir ladies choir tent Silkstone band shield the band at play
A ladies choir demonstrating a varied repertoire and skills but their good efforts were marred at one point by the above helicopter doing maneouvres above their marquee. Father Time, their conductor, said that it was slightly off-key. In the same marquee, the trio with wind instruments were also very skillful and entertaining. No, she isn't having a funny turn, it was taken during that millisecond when the performer was taking breath.

dressage Shire horses competitors lined up steam engine
Plenty of equine quadrupeds at the Show. A great deal of care and attention goes into these events. There were some very elegant animals and riders. RHS - Steam machines such as these, and larger ones such as were used to power Yorkshire mills and factories, can be seen at nearby Wortley Forge.
vintage trucks Old motorbikes vintage carsOld timer

Some real old timers in this section - and their vehicles. There were tractors, motorbikes, trucks and cars. It is always worth visiting Penistone Show to see these lovingly restored vehicles.The two trucks shown on the left are of particular local interest. Renovator Neil Whitmore, put the old Wm. Gittus's name on his 1938 Albion truck. William Gittus was a local firm which built and repaired railway wagons from 1900 to around the mid 1960s and employed up to 300 people. Neil is just about to climb into his Green 1954 Albion truck with 'Penistone Pure Malt Vinegar Co.' on the door. Penistone vinegar was sold nationwide under many different labels, including Sarson's.

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