Penistone Show 2007

This year's show was as busy as ever with the usual wide range of exhibits, crafts, horticulture, animals, trade stands and what have you. In fact, I think that there was almost enough to see and do for a two-day event. The layout was something like in 2006, well spread out but with plenty to look at. As always, anything without a price tag was expensive. In fact you could easily see why some stalls were too embarrassed to price up their goods. There was a wide choice of goods for sale from green wellies to plants, binoculars, walking sticks, hats, sweets, cheeses, bread and wine. Not all of it was expensive, either. There were also the usual car dealers and Bryella excelled themselves with their tent, which even had a bed and curtains.

The weather stayed fine, if cloudy, but there was an occasional hint of sun. Thurlstone Brass Band played a fine Yorkshire medley which included 'Ilkley Moor' and 'Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill'. In another marquee, the energetic girl band 'Poppi Chix' belted out a string of songs to an appreciative audience. The Mortier Orchestration vehicle had little figures beating out an 86-key tune. An elderly gentleman was very proud to talk about his vintage motorbike and there was a fine collection of steam engines nearby.

Wet fireman Way inCrowdMortier
Organ - not clickable Crowd
Vintage tractorVintage BikeCarbide lampSteam Engine
Cookery demoFlowersCacti Bryella

The dry-stone wall team were back but I could not find the blacksmiths or the New Zealand sheep shearers this time. There was a display of wood cutting using power saws and there was a man cutting wood into intricate shapes in one tent (who smiled when I said it was a demonstration of sawdust-making). There were prize flowers and vegetables in another. Arts and crafts in another and Penistone Photographic Club put on their usual splendid exhibition. The horsey stuff went on as usual, with some riders in fancy dress. I saw prize cattle but there were special measures with disinfectant because of this year's outbreak of foot and mouth disease. We were very lucky to have the cattle this year and would not have been allowed to had it been either a week before or a week after the day.

The TA had a proper tank to look at and laser weapons for people to shoot their mates. The real show-stealer was a spitfire aeroplane doing awe-inspiring manoeuvres above the field. Fantastic. Everything stopped and there was a tangible feeling of shock and wonderment in the crowd when that happened. Jaws dropped open all around. I missed the acrobatic group but they were said to be good. PDCP had John Hislop giving out leaflets about a new historical audio archive (which one of my colleagues decorated with pictures looted from my website!) and Gypsy Rose Lee had her caravan. Some people say that she can be in several places at the same time.

Penistone Theatre GroupBritish LegionBritish Legion The Army
 CrowdCattle1HP Crowd
PopposSpitfire Spitfire

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