Penistone Street Views

Park Ave and High Street
The first two pictures are of Park Avenue on a cold day. The small obelisk in the middle picture marks the position of a typical fire hydrant with a Large 'H' on a yellow background. The actual hydrant is hidden under a steel plate in the pavement. Most phone wires are underground too in the UK but you will sometimes see a wooden 'telegraph pole' like this one.

Top-right is a dull and wet August 2008 day and the picture was taken from the top of Ward Street, looking down the high street towards the church. It is surprising how much it drops down a small hill here. You do notice it when riding a bike from the other direction. Bottom-left is looking from more or less from the same place but zoomed out more. The prominent house was the doctor's Dr. Masser's old surgery. Bottom-middle is again from the top of Ward Street but looking the other way, towards what was Wiseman's grocers for more than a century. It has changed hands at least twice since then. They are mostly a sandwich shop now but are advertising as a delicatessen (unless that is an adjacent business).

Park AvePark AveWet High St.
High StreetWiseman'sGreen Park House

Last one is up the access road just visible on the right of the bottom-middle picture. The road goes up past the youth club (Surf-n-Snack-Shack) and it used to lead to Green Park House old people's home. Barnsley Council shut it down in 2008 to save money for other things and it was demolished. There are moves by Penistone Town Council to build a new one.

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