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Churchyard and Exterior
Lookin up Some stone features in the west doorway are from a very old demolished chapel on Chapel Lane. Stained glass windows are now protected from gormless youths by perspex sheets. The lower part of the churchyard has been improved by a 'sensory garden' area. The official name was the 'Sensory & Heritage Gardens Project' (although it is still a churchyard by any other name). The plan was:

The sensory garden was built in 2006 and they made a good job of it. It looks halfway decent (Praise indeed!). I can't say if all the features were put in but small plaques and information panels make a walk through this part of the churchyard more interesting now.

SouthChurchyard 2007ObeliskChurchyard 2007
Church gardenNew ArchwayChurch in 2003Churchyard 2004
Graveyard lychgateNorth SideChurchyard 2004

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