Winter Views

Penistone in the Snow
Winter brings a special quality to photographs. Most of the top row pictures were taken on a bitterly cold day in February 2005. The panoramic view at the bottom was from the Christmas holidays in 2009 and top-right was from the big freeze of the 2009-2010 winter.

Top row are from the station and the (late-running) train. Three across view looks down on Sheffield road from a train, as it pases above the first arch of the viaduct. The first view, second row, is also from the train but looks towards a very bleak Wentworth Road and 'Poets Corner'. Next, a view up the almost impassible Wentworth Road close to the engineering works. The picture of a footbridge leading into the park comes from 2001 and was put in the Barnsley Chronicle website picture gallery. The last picture on the middle row is not snow but hoar frost on a bitterly cold December day in 2007.

Railway StationRailway StationSheffield Road2010
Poets Corner
Wentworth Roadviaduct and bridgeHoare Frost
GritterMarket StSnowsceneWentworth Rd
Viaduct in the snow
Snow one-off day 2012Snow one-off day 2012BlossomsBirdsedge

The bottom row in the main block are from a bleak February 2009 day during a bitter snap when easterly winds brought snow chaos to nearly all of the UK. A good many people took this day off when they were not able to travel to work and the Grammar school was closed. Of course 'when I was a lad' this was a fairly normal winter. Then we have a winter's panoramic view of the viaduct.

The last row are from a one-off winter's day in the otherwise spring weather of April 2012. There had been a lovely warm spell the week before and, being in the school holidays, many people had booked a week off somewhere nice. Unfortunately, on Wednesday 4th April, an icy blast came along from Siberia. It was a very snowy, cold day and dangerous to traffic. Most roads were either impassible or passible only with extreme care. The very last picture is a view from Birdsedge, showing how difficult it was on the roads. The snow was still coming down at the time. On the day after, the snow was just about all gone and everything back to normal.

Have a look at Matt Grest's Flikr website for more pictures of Penistone in the snow:

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