The Viaduct

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Views of Viaduct
The viaduct is a beautiful structure on the Huddersfield railway line and a great landmark for Penistone. Here are some photogenic pictures from various times and conditions. In the middle picture, middle row, the second arch is not usually easy to see but it was revealed here after a speeding skip truck demolished a high wall. The steam engines in the lower two pictures were photographed by Braham Hughes (for which - many thanks) on 3rd April 2009. I heavily cropped the pictures so that you could see some detail.

RainbowViaductViaductCombine Harvester 2009
ViaductSheffield Road viaduct bridgeDMUMoody viaduct view

Views from the Viaduct
It is not only views of the viaduct which are photogenic, most of the journey to Huddersfield is picturesque. Here's the start of that journey with views from a train window. There is supposed to be a new sight in 2010 when 'tram-trains' will be tested out on the 37-mile trip from Sheffield to Huddersfield.

Pen from viaduct 1Pen from viaduct 2PGS

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