Penistone Town Council Elections


Wards of the Parish of Penistone
Penistone Town Council (PTC) has 15 members in four Parish Wards. These were established through an HM Government Order: 'The Borough of Barnsley (Electoral Changes) Order 2003'. All fifteen PTC seats are up for election every four years.

Penistone coat of arms Penistone Ward
Six Members
Cllr Wayne Chadburn
Cllr Jonathan Cutts
Cllr Jill Hayler
Cllr Roger Hinchliff
Cllr Andrew Millner
Cllr Ann Rusby
Cubley and
Spring Vale
Four Members
Cllr Brenda Hinchliff
Cllr Gillian Millner
Cllr Michael Ogle
Cllr Joe Unsworth
Thurlstone and
Millhouse Green
Three Members
Cllr Graham Saunders
Cllr Judith Anita Kimberley
Vacant in Jan 2018
Two Members
Cllr Paul Hand-Davies
Cllr Steve Marsh

Cllr Janet Stanley - Resigned in January 2018.
Cllr Oliver Denton - Resigned in February 2016, replaced by Graham Saunders through co-option.
Cllr Steve Webber - Resigned in July 2016, replaced by Janet Stanley through co-option. Download PTC's notice (pdf).
See the PTC Register of Interests and BMBC's Register of Interests for Parish Councillors.

May 2015 Election Notes
Election Day was Thursday 7th May 2015, with a General Election and BMBC election on the same day. Only the Thurlstone Parish Ward was contested. Some names changed in the uncontested Parish Wards. Source BMBC - Parish Wards.

Thurlstone & Millhouse Green Parish Ward
Candidate Description Home Votes Ratio
Oliver James York Denton Conservative Thurlstone 605 Elected 26.4 %
Judith Anita Kimberley Independent Thurlstone 578 Elected 25.3 %
Lynette Webber Independent Thurlstone 473 20.6 %
Stephen John Webber Independent Thurlstone 635 Elected 27.7 %
Total Votes     2291  

For Thurlstone, three candidates needed to be selected from the four. It was a close-run battle with only 162 difference between highest and lowest votes. The following were uncontested and deemed 'duly elected':

Penistone Parish Ward
Name Description Home
Wayne Robert Chadburn A Voice for
the Region
Jonathan Gerard Cutts (no desc.) Penistone
Jill Hayler Labour Pty Silkst' Com
Roger Clinton Hinchcliff Independent Penistone
Andrew Robert Millner Conservative Penistone
Ann Rusby Independent Penistone

Cubley and Spring Vale Parish Ward
Name Description Home
Brenda Hinchcliff Independent Penistone
Gillian Ruth Millner Conservative Penistone
Michael Thomas Ogle Conservative Hoy' Swaine
Joseph Unsworth Labour Pty Penistone

HoylandSwaine Parish Ward
Name Description Home
Paul Hand-Davis Conservative Penistone
Stephen Richard Marsh Independent Bord Hill

2015 Notes
Wayne Chadburn also goes under the flag of 'Yorkshire First':
See BMBC's 'Current Elections'.

PTC Co-Option Notes, 1/9/14
In this case, the casual vacancy was filled in an unusually open and publicly-observed meeting, following an article in Barnsley Chronicle (1st Aug 2014) referring to there being 'little interest' in filling the little-known PTC vacancy. The vacancy had been created by the passing of Cllr Peter Starling. A prospective candidate had raised a storm in the newspaper by claiming to have put his name forward and been disregarded.

With a new-found zeal for public accountability (or perhaps because of scathing press criticism about its usually opaque co-option procedures), PTC hastily called the co-option meeting and invited the public and press to observe. This was successfully conducted under public scrutiny and a vote was taken for each candidate. A member of the public checked that the votes were correctly done. This meeting had been in stark contrast to the 'confidential' approach of the January 2014 co-option (see below). .

The three candidates were Rita Dyson, Jeanette Edwards and Kevin Steel. There were originally four but David Wood rescinded his application because of illness in the family and business commitments. He stated that he would re-apply in the May 2015 election when all fifteen seats would come up for election. In attendance were: Councillors Pilkington, Hand-Davis, Barron, Beever, Hinchliff and Mrs Hinchliff, Webber and Mrs Webber, Millner, Marsh (Chairman and Mayor), Rusby, Unsworth and Cutts (Deputy Mayor). Also BMBC's Deputy Elections Officer, Jane Owen, observed the process and Town Clerk Keith Coulton officiated.

The Selection Process
Each candidate presented themselves and their reasons for wishing to join Penistone Town Council. Their replies are summarised briefly below. They were each given the same 'set question', which was: "From your point of view, what do you think will be the most crucial issue that Penistone Town Council needs to address in the coming twelve months?"

The successor was Kevin Steel with eight votes. Rita had three votes and Jeanette two votes. Thirteen votes were cast in total, one from each councillor (Cllr Rob Chapman was absent). A member of the public was asked to scrutinise the count to ensure fair play. Kevin signed the declaration of Acceptance of Office at the event and Ed Elliott of the Barnsley Chronicle took notes.

PTC Co-option Notes, January 2014
Casual VacancyThis vacancy arose following the resignation of Councillor Donna Green in December 2013. A public notice calling for nominations was properly exhibited on the PTC noticeboard but not on the PTC website. A small sub-committee was set up to vet the candidates. The selection process had been declared 'confidential' and its processes not open to public scrutiny. That led to some questioning remarks on social media and elsewhere. Five candides applied but were rejected in favour of someone who had not applied.

The Applicants:
Names as declared at the PTC meeting of 20th Jan. 2014 and publicised in the Barnsley Chronicle:

Successful Candidate:
As none of the candidates had requested an election (which would have been their right, with the support of at least 10 residents), the matter went to co-option. As the principal source of information which was not very prominent elsewhere, the Barnsley Chronicle announced the successor as Mr Gordon Beever of HoylandSwaine.

Mr G Beever is the well-known and respected Chairman of Penistone Church Football Club, former Director of the (dissolved) Gordon Beever Developments LLP, Ingbirchworth and other building companies. Also a Director of JCLG Ltd., Halifax Rd., Penistone.

PTC General Notes
With some observations.

Some interesting references.

The following might be of particular interest to new council members.

There are currently two Registers of Interests for BMBC and PTC councillors, as outlined in BMBC's Code of Conduct (pdf). See also: 'How We Work'.

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