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This page attempts to tabulate the voting trends in BMBC Penistone Wards from published figures, to make an easy comparison of votes each time. One third of the councillors is submitted for re-election each time but the term of office for a BMBC councillor is four years, which means that every fourth year (eg. 2013, 2017, etc.) the election is skipped. One, two, three, clunk! Please note that JB is a floating voter and has no affiliation to any political party.

The winning votes are shown in bold text below. Please note that the six BMBC councillors for the two BMBC Penistone Wards are also members of Penistone Area Council. Some BMBC councillors hold monthly 'Surgeries' where they can look at the concerns of the electorate, see BMBC Surgeries.

News Item - 'Secretive Councils Shut Out Reporters'
This does not (as far as we know) apply to our own area but some councils (such as Nottingham and in Scotland) are denying news reporters access to observing and reporting on pivotal decisions taken by councils, by passing those decisions on to 'Working Groups.' This is to bypass HMG regulations on openness in local democracy to avoid unwanted publicity for various cuts and appears to be catching on in other councils.

See the East Devon Watch article, which is a copy of a Times article from 6th October 2018 and which was also in the leader column of the same Times issue.

BMBC Penistone Ward Elections
The BMBC election was held on Thursday 3rd May 2018, the same day as the Sheffield City Mayoral Election.

Notes for BMBC Penistone East 2018 - See Statement of Persons Nominated (pdf).
Two new names appeared for Penistone East this time. Labour's Martin Flack was listed as living at Hoyland Common in Barnsley. David Greenhough lives in Millhouse Green and was the new Lib-Dem candidate for Penistone East. After a long absence, the Lib-Dems made a big push this time to win seats in both Penistone wards.

Penistone East Candidates - May 2018
Name Party Home
Robert John Barnard Conservative Staincross
Martin Andrew Flack Labour Hoyland Common.
David Sean Greenhough Lib-Dems Penistone
Kate Helen Raynor Green Millhouse Green

Penistone East - BMBC Ward Election Results
Name Party 2007 2008 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015 2016 2018
Robert John Barnard Cons     2976     1511
Paul Francis Hand-Davis   ,,   ,, 1885     2577     3647
John Major Wilson   ,,   ,,   2050     1405     1657
Martin Andrew Flack Labour           < New for 2018 > 1,189
Jill Hayler   ,,   ,,   827 1845 1811 1298 1142
John Tidball   ,,   ,, 913                
Dave Webster   ,,   ,,       New for 2015 1952
Glynis Heathcote UK Ind Pty         629        
Chris Wood   ,,   ,,           971
Trish Arundel Liberal Dems 641 654 1410            
David Sean Greenhough   ,,   ,,           < New for 2018 >  332
Samantha Marie Beardshall B'sley Ind Gp     167            
Daz Burrows Brit Nat Pty     350            
Paul James   ,,   ,, 410                
Kelly Marie Barbara Thorpe   ,,   ,,   355              
Kate Helen Raynor Green Party       New for 2015 949
Dale Turner   ,,   ,,               414
Winning Party:   Con Con. Con Con Con Con Con Con Con
Turnout   Not
72.5% 48.2% 36.7% 37.8% 70.09% 35%
Rejected Votes   Not
12 48 19 22 49 Not
Valid Votes   3849 3886 6748 4388 3332 3624 6548 3325 3589

Notes for BMBC Penistone West 2018 - See Statement of Persons Nominated (pdf).
Cllr Joe Unsworth declared that he would not seek re-election in the next BMBC election, but made it known that he would be happy to continue as an elected member of Penistone Town Council (PTC meeting of 22nd January 2018). Jo Newing is a new Labour Party candidate (Labour Party mailshot March 2018) and had helped with a petition of nearly 1,400 signatures to encourage RBS to reverse its decision to close its Natwest branches, including Penistone (Sheffield Star). In her day job, Jo is an ADHD Specialist Nurse working with children and adolescents.

New to Penistone West was Alex Wilkinson, the Conservative candidate. His candidature was declared in an October 2017 mailshot and confirmed in the nomination statement. He is no stranger to the electoral process, having fought many BMBC elections in these districts: 2008 Barnsley Old Town: 2011 Royston; 2012 Wombwell; 2014 Wombwell; 2015 Wombwell West and 2016 Dodworth (BMBC Recent Elections). Mr Wilkinson lives in Huthwaite, Thurgoland and is a Chartered Surveyor who works for a Barnsley estate agent.

Also new to Penistone West was the Liberal Democrat candidate Hannah Kitching of Thurlstone, who helps run a Sheffield steel business (not a Director) with her husband James. Fernite, formerly AF Whiteley, makes machine knives, blades and cutters. Before starting her family, Hannah had worked as an NHS Physiotherapist and a Sales Manager. Hannah also fought the Sheffield City Mayoral Election on the same day.

Pre-Election Activity
New candidate Hannah Kitching (Lib-Dems) made a big effort at becoming known to the elctorate via several substantial mailshots and some other visibility. New candidate Jo Newing (Labour) was the second most noticeable candidate, putting more emphasis on door-stepping along with another party member, with perhaps two or three mailshots. This was Richard Trotman's (Green) second go at Penistone West and he had sent out one or two mailshots. Alex Wilson (Conservatives) was not very noticeable and sent out only one small mailshot, just before election day.

Party Politics
The average political balance of Penistone West has proved to be fairly neutral over the years and really any candidate stands a chance of winning if they can put the effort and legwork into it. This has been the case in 2018 and congratulations are due to Hannah Kitching for a very strong effort resulting in a clear majority. A message has arrived from social media to the effect that the local Labour group is now called 'Penistone East and Penistone West Labour Party' - for brevity I will call it 'Labour' in these tables.

Penistone West Candidates - May 2018
Name Party Home
Hannah Ruth Kitching Lib-Dems Thurlstone
Joanna Mary Newing Labour Cubley
Richard Thomas James Trotman Green Penistone
Alexander Charles Stuart Wilkinson Conservative Thurgoland

Penistone West - BMBC Ward Election Results
Name Party 2007 2008 2010 2011 2012 2014 2014 By 2015 2016 2018
Steve Marsh Cons 1451     W'drew            
Andrew Robert Millner   ,,   ,,     2871     973 719
Mike Ogle   ,,   ,,                 894
Ann Rusby   ,,   ,,       1836            
Steve Webber   ,,   ,,   1439     1337 (Became Independent)    
Alexander Charles
Stuart Wilkinson
  ,,   ,,             < New for 2018 > 840
Mick Drewry Independent       558            
Brenda Hinchliff   ,,   ,,   654                
Richard Jenkins   ,,   ,, 912                  
Steve Webber   ,,   ,, (Previously Conservative) 635 348
David Desmond Griffin Labour             772
Jill Hayler   ,,   ,,               2023
Joanna Mary Newing   ,,   ,,             < New for 2018 > 963
Peter John Starling   ,,   ,, 562 447 2047 1298 1389          
Joe Unsworth   ,,   ,,           1015 (Retiring BMBC in 2018)  
David Arthur Wood UK Ind Pty           891 622
Robert Teal Liberal Dems         190          
Hannah Ruth Kitching   ,,   ,,             < New for 2018 > 1,741 
Richard Beardshall B'sley Ind Gp     460              
Lynda Jacqueline Pickersgill Green Pty 307 295                
Richard Thomas James Trotman   ,,   ,,                 291
Kelly Marie Barbara Thorpe Brit Nat P'ty 303                  
Paul James   ,,   ,,   550 512 195            
Wayne Robert Chadburn A Voice for
the Region
Winning Party:   Con Con. Con Con Lab Lab Lab Con Lab Lib-Dem
Turnout   Not
66.2% 43.5% 31.6% 37.5% 25.7% 66.52% 33%
Rejected Votes   Not
52 38 25 15 Not
37 Not
Valid Votes   3535 3385 5890 3887 2916 3514 2461 6462 3260 3748

See the full list of BMBC Councillors, with links to individuals, committee memberships, attendances, declarations of interest, contact details, etc.
Results from the BMBC Elections site.

Notes from Previous Elections
2016 - The PCC election was held at the same time, 7th May 2016. A Penistone West Hustings was held Friday 29th April at Penistone Community Centre, where candidates outlined Manifestos and answered audience questions. This was video-recorded and posted on Community Action Penistone.

Candidates for the Penistone East Ward:

Candidates for the Penistone West Ward Election:

Barnsley MBC votes May 2016
Total Electorate - 175,688
Total valid votes - 46,333 (out of 46,790 at the count)
Ballot Turnout (including rejected votes) - 26.63%
Total Vote Turnout (inc. postal and rejected) - 27.31% (Compare this with 70.0% Barnsley turnout for the EU Referendume).
No. of applications to register after the deadline - 4,145

Details from the Electoral Commission's Electoral Report page. See also the Electoral Commission Report (pdf) on the May 2016 'Local and PCC Elections', dated October 2016.

2015 - Election Day was Thursday 7th May 2015. Source: BMBC Wards.
Further information added to the tables in 2016 from the Electoral Commission.
Electorate in 2015: Penistone East, 9,342; Penistone West, 9,715.

2014 - Election Day was 22nd May 2014, with EU Elections on the same day.
The 2014 Notice of BMBC Election (pdf) and Notice of EC Election (pdf) went live on BMBC website 14th April 2014.
PTC noticeboard did not display the BMBC NOP until after the nomination period (14th - 24th April) had expired.
Further information added to the tables in 2016 from the Electoral Commission. Electorate Penistone East 9,287, Penistone West 9557.
NB. BMBC gives much higher electorates for 1st Sept. 2014, (Polling - pdf), Penistone East - 9.444; Penistone West - 9721.

2014 By-Election Notes
A By-election was held on Thursday 10th July 2014, following the sudden death of the well-respected Cllr Peter Starling (Labour Party), who passed away in May 2014.

2012 - Further information was added to the tables in 2016 from the Electoral Commission.
Electorate Penistone East 9,246, Penistone West 9317.

General Notes - There are minor differences between BMBC figures and Electoral Commission spreadsheets. The Commission's results are taken as definitive.

BMBC Election Parties:

Party Gains and Losses - 2011 to 2014
Party 2011 2012 2014
Labour 43 +5 52 (82.5%) +9 52 No Change
Barnsley Ind Group 13 -5 5 -7 2  
Conservative 6 No Change 5 (7.9%) -1 4 -1
Independent 1 No Change 1 -1 6 +1
Turnout 36.3%   28.9%   ??  

For BMBC election results 1973 to 2012, please download 'Barnsley 1973-2012' (pdf).

BMBC Allowances
The Basic Allowance for ordinary BMBC members is now £10.870 (2018), formerly £10,762 (2017) and £10,665 (2016). Members may also receive an extra allowance for Special Responsibilities, such as Chairman of Area Council - £8,383 (2018), formerly £8,218 (2016), but are not allowed more than one extra allowance. Not all councillors take what they are entitled to. Please note that Parish and Town councillors do not receive any allowance. On top of allowances, BMBC councillors are also eligible for travel and subsistence expenses.

BMBC Members' may apply for their Annual Travel Allowance, for travel within the Barnsley Borough, calculated on the distance from Barnsley Town hall to the member's postcode. See the link below for details of other allowances and for official journeys outside the Borough:

Band A - Up to 2 Miles, No Allowance;
Band B - 2 to 4 Miles, £120
Band C - 4 to 8 Miles, £240
Band D - Above 8 Miles, £600.

The Travel Allowance remained the same in 2018 as 2016.
From this BMBC Page, the Expenses document: 2017 - 2018 (pdf).

Some interesting BMBC references.

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