Emley Show

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Emley Show - 7th August 2004
Emley Show occurs in August every year. It is agricultural in nature, like a smaller version of Penistone Show and used to be held in fields just off the Denby Dale to Wakefield road. The 2004 show was a hot, sunny day and a splendid time was had by all. The field plan gives some idea of the range of activities. I always think of Emley show as something of a rehearsal for Penistone Show in September.

On the way inOvine QuadrupedsDonkeysWalking Sticks
Ferret RacingFerret MasterBovine QuadrupedPoppo
Pot-Bellied, er, sorry - wrong captionBee MasterPot-Bellied Stoves
Wall MasterWide ViewPeopleCraft Tent

90th Emley Show 2007
The great rains of 2007 made that year's show impossible on the low waterlogged fields and it was cancelled. That makes the 2008 Emley Show still the 90th, seeing as the 90th never happened. The show relocated to higher ground for 2009 and 2010. Its new venue is near to Emley Moor's elegant TV tower. Link: www.emleyshow.org.uk

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