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The Supplementary page has a listing of repeated weekly, monthly and annual activities.

Older Events Pages
area mapPlease note that the old Events List pages will always suffer from progressive linkrot.

For Organisers and Events Secretaries:
You want your big day to be a success, don't you, but that will only happen if you can get the word out. For local events, that means a few posters, social media and other outlets. I suggest the posters go up about two or three weeks before the day. Certainly no less than a week. Not too early either or your poster might be covered up by someone else's on top.

For events to appear on this page, put your posters around the town centre (not just the Community Centre) and include the essential details: Event Name (What's happening?), Date (Day too, or we need a calendar), Start Time (Often forgotten!), Location (Postcode for Satnav? Directions? Parking? Disabled access?), Ticket/Admission (How much? Where from? Concessions? Age limit? Accompanied by adult?) and Organiser (Who? Website? Contact details?). By the way, if you won't state the price, I will suggest that it is either: a) Expensive, or, b) Free.

Choose the fonts, colours and backgrounds to be easy to read through a mucky window. If it's for Arts, Crafts, Festive or a Clean-up, say what to wear or what to bring (will we get dirty?) If it's for Charity or a Good Cause, please name it or people will wonder where the money goes. Please do not use 'Military Time'; it is ugly, takes up space (19:00hrs = 7.00pm = 7pm) and can be confusing. Put some gaps in any phone numbers for clarity. Use a UK spell-check and get someone to read it through. A few drawings or pictures can make it appealing.

Some organisers think that one poster in such as the Community Centre is enough for everyone to see it. It isn't. Good poster places are: Hallmark Cards, Paul Schofield Butcher, Ward's Chip Shop, Café Crème, Community Centre, Pen Library, Post Office (might have to pay), Co-op (charities only), Clark's Chemist (sometimes), Council Noticeboards and Tesco's wall. Other shops and cafés might also oblige. Provide some Blu-tak to avoid any sticky tape mess. Update your website and encourage people to share on Facebook. If your club or society is not on facebook, it makes sense to consider it as it is free and can reach the community. Also contact these: Visit Penistone, Barnsley Comical, Event Goat, Look Local, Holme Valley Revue, Visit Barnsley, Hudds Examiner and Pen FM.

Event Venues:
Pub function rooms can be great venues. Their hiring fees might be waived (by negotiation) if enough guests are coming (see Pubs page). Sports clubs, Church halls and village halls are all possible, such as: Penistone Scout Hut, Penistone Church FC Clubhouse, Penistone Bowling Club, Thurgoland Village Hall, Hoylandswaine Sports Club, Millhouse Institute, Millhouse Green Church Hall, Thurlstone School and so on. Penistone Community Centre can be booked via Pen Town Council and it has a bar room, Tel. 01226 370 088. Apparently, Tesco also has a 'Community Room', which is much used (perhaps because nobody knows about it).
Disclaimer - Whilst every effort is taken to be accurate, some errors are inevitable. Sources might be vague on details (such as where and when!) and will sometimes change them or cancel without notice, making me look inept. The webmeister accepts no liability for inconvenience or consequential loss arising from items on this website.

Survey of Local Traditions
EPIP (East Peak Innovation Partnership) conducted a survey of local music and performance traditions in 2013, See their downloads page (Doc Link - pdf).

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