Free Software - (Mostly for Windows PCs)

Sound and Music Editing
Some of these are not tested but every schoolkid will know 'Audacity', as a 'Digital Audio Workstation' (DAW). I actually have a 'Certificate of Competence' for Steinberg Nuendo (expensive program) but I never liked it for wave editing. I use the paid-for Sony Sound Forge ('Studio' version) instead.

Key: W = Windows, M = Mac, L = Linux.

VST Plug-ins.
There are hundreds of free VSTs out there to bung into your DAW editing app such as Audacity. The plug-in is often just a 'dll' file download that you copy straight into your VST folder, no matter which system you use. If it is in the right folder, your DAW will usually discover it on the next start-up. Most plug-ins add a sound adjustment or effect but some might be wave or tone generators. Some modulate the sound with a built-in oscillator. Not all of them work with every DAW but, if they hang or crash, you just ignore them next time.

There are heaps of good, free VSTs out there. Beware that some sites require you to register before downloading (I never do), but you can often find the popular ones on other websites which don't nag. I have not tested most of these:

Blogs for Audio, Post-Production and VST Plug-ins:

FX Freebies
Most free sound effects websites require you to register before downloading, but Auntie is more helpful.

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