Good and Free Software

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Legal, Free and Reputable Software (mostly for Windows).
Yes, there are some proper, professional and FREE programs out there. Beware that software websites are financed by adverts and some of the lesser-known progs might trick you into clicking junk links ('fix windows problems', 'check your drivers', 'make your computer faster'). The 'real' 'Download' button might be buried somewhere. The best bet is to wait at least 10 seconds after arriving on the download page and see if it presents itself (Eg, 'your file will be ready in five seconds') don't click on anything else. Check its filename is the right app and virus check it before installing.

As usual, the old keyboard took on a life of its own over the years and this page became far too l-o-n-g. So it is now in separate sections.
Every page has a pithy quote from Albert Einstein. Well, the pages are a bit technical.

Then some computer stuff:

Before you continue, take a look at some worthwhile Youtube videos from TJ Free, starting with 'Best Free Software (1 of 3)'. For music and video editing, take a look at Bedroom Producer Blog. If you are having Windows 10 problems, as many people do, take a look at Windows Central problems and fixes.

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