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Legal, Free and Reputable Software (mostly for Windows).
Yes, there are some proper, professional and FREE programs out there. However, the software-sharing websites are financed by adverts and it is common to try to trick you into clicking the junk links, Eg. 'Download Here', 'Fix windows problems', 'Check your drivers', 'Make your computer faster' or 'Free PC Tune-up'. Then you install the wrong thing, which tells you that there are dozens of faults detected but which can only be solved by purchasing more dodgy software.

The 'Real' Download button might be buried somewhere less obvious. The best bet is to wait at least 10 seconds after arriving on the download page and see if it presents itself (Eg, 'Your file will be ready in five seconds') and looks like the right filename. Don't click on anything else. And always virus-check any downloaded files before installing anything new.

Consider why it is free, as nothing is really free. Software development, websites and time costs money. Many free apps are nobbled to get you to buy the full version. There's nothing wrong with that either but some apps could be financed via dubious methods. For example, there are stories of people using media downloaders for 'adult material' only to receive messages demanding money - or else. Even the good stuff can be hijacked or compromised, such as a well-known PC cleanup app, which is why it is no longer on this site. On the other hand, there are some brilliant apps, the free versions of which are only lightly nobbled and quite usable at domestic level.

These suggestions are presented in good faith and usually from recommendations in magazines such as Computer Active, Computer Shopper or PC Pro, or from established websites. Even so, even the highly experienced writers can be misled and previously good products can sometimes change for the worst. The bottom line is that I cannot take resposibility for any suggestions on this site which turn out to be mistakes. As it says on the Events List, No responsibility is accepted by the website author for any inconvenience or consequential loss through information provided by this website.

Every page has a pithy quote from Albert Einstein. Be sure to use the little 'Back' arrow - Back - at the foot of each page to return to this page.

Then some computer stuff:

Before you continue, take a look at some worthwhile Youtube videos from TJ Free, starting with 'Best Free Software (1 of 3)'. For music and video editing, take a look at Bedroom Producer Blog. If you are having Windows 10 problems, as many people do, take a look at Windows Central problems and fixes. Oh, and here's a great tip from Duncan at Eskia Computers in Penistone. Try a proper Windows shut-down; ut not by the usual shut-down button as it only puts your box into 'Hibernate' mode. Use the shut-down option on the Start Menu to do a proper one. Next time you turn it on, the problem might have fixed itself. It is worth a try.

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