Adverse Weather in Penistone

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2007 Flooding
Many places in Yorkshire had suffered badly in the June 2007 floods, especially Sheffield, but we were let off lightly in comparison. Even so, there were areas of flooding in Penistone, such as Green Road, fields near Bridge End and Waterhall Park.

Flooding Flooding Flooding Flooding

These dramatic pictures were kindly donated by Jeremy Cutts and show how the park had turned from a grassy recreational area into a lake.

Deep Snow

Snowy Cubley

A correspondent asked me about a deep snow view in Penistone. Given our altitude, we have had plenty of bad winters in Penistone but the worst snow in the last century was in 1947.

The only picture that I could muster was this one, taken near Cubley. I think it was in the 1960s. Try digging that lot out!
(From the Janet A. collection).

See some more snowy pictures.

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