Christmas Lights 2009

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Penistone's Christmas Lights ceremony took place on the afternoon of Saturday 5th December as dusk fell. It was cold, as it always is. Police blocked traffic off the area and the crowds gathered outside Penistone Church. Richard Ward of Penistone FM was master of ceremonies and the Guests of Honour were Santa Claus and Penistone Mayor Cllr Roger Hinchliff with his lady wife Brenda. Most of these pictures are from video footage (hence their shape and poor quality) under poor lighting conditions.

Thurlstone Brass BandRichard WardThe Mayor

Thurlstone Brass Band provided the Christmas music and the event kicked off with carol singing from the 'Churches Together' choir, with the audience joining in (including me) and accompanied by the band. They started with the rousing 'Oh Come all ye Faithful' and continued with three more popular carols. A mini-pantomime from Penistone Theatre Group, advertising their new production 'Puss in Boots,' made use of all the old catch-phrases, such as 'She's behind you!", etc. Then Razzmatazz regaled the audience with favourites from their shows, including this year's 'Bugsy Malone'. Now the time had come to turn on the lights. After a rousing countdown from the crowd, Penistone Mayor Roger pressed the plunger and the lights came to life.

Now it was time for Santa. MC Richard Ward whipped up the crowd into a frenzy and they chanted: "We want Santa, we want Santa..." Attracted by the lights and the chanting, his sleigh came into view but it was pulled by a car as the reindeers were taking a rest. RW said they were 'on strike'. Santa was accompanied by three happy elves and he waved to the cheering and enthusiastic crowd. At this point I departed the milling throng just it was announced that mince pies and mulled wine were available in the church. No doubt the event continued there.

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