The White Rose County

Ayup a.k.a. Yorkshire Online
Here's a treat for Tykes and fans of God's Own County. It has a rogue's gallery of famous Yorkshire men and women, although they could have left some of them off and added some others. Lots of interesting articles to read and, affirming the 'best links in Yorkshire' it links to my own website for Penistone.

British Broadcasting Corporation
The BBC has an interesting section for South Yorkshire.

Barnsley Family History Society
BFHS publish inexpensive little booklets for genealogists - including 1851 census indices for local areas and 'placenames in Barnsley'. Purchase by mail order. Genealogists might be interested to know that the 1901 census is on the Internet at the Public Records Office - but at a price.

New website for Barnsley Town Centre and an older website for Barnsley Life from the same stable. -

Barnsley MBC
Barnsley council website includes matters relating to Penistone. Lots of information and worth a visit. See where our Council Tax goes (mostly Barnsley football club and councillor expenses).

NB. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (which came into force 2005) gave the public access rights to a wide range of information from all public bodies. This also applied to medical records at the doctor's surgery, although that right of access had already been established under the earlier Data Protection Act.

Barnsley council says that you must put your request for information in writing and a small charge may apply. They've buttoned most of it up. Read the pdf document on what they will not disclose. They give out info on councillors' code of conduct but not expenses! Now isn't that just what we wanted to know?

Barnsley Town Talk
Lots of interesting bits and bobs for the Barnsley area.

Cannon Hall
A fine stately home, museum and gardens only about four miles from Penistone. The farm has lots of interest for children; with an adventure playground and they can get close and cuddly with farm animals. Then they can eat them afterwards with meat from the farm shop (not much there for us veggies). They also have a delicatessen, toy and gift shop and a large licenced cafeteria ('tea rooms').

Dismal Dearne FM
A Barnsley radio station with some coverage of Penistone. 'Hits and Memories' on 102 and 97.1 MHz

Denby Dale - the Home of the famous DD Pie
The famous 'pie' village about 6 miles West of Penistone, with a 'Pie Hall'. They have mill shops, a couple of pubs, a big railway viaduct like ours and a Working Men's Club the size of a postage stamp. They are almost as dotty as we are, in t' Dale. Watch thissen dahn theer.

Emley Show
This annual event always takes place in August, like a bit of practice for Penistone Show in September.
Follow Wakefield Road from Denby Dale, just after Scissett. Ample parking and plenty of interesting things to see, hear, taste and do.

GENUKI - Penistone
A genealogist's website with an economical history of our town.

Honley Show
An annual June event that has often been rained off.

Huddersfield University
Patrick Stewart is the Chancellor of Huddersfield Uni and he comes from Mirfield, supports Huddersfield Town and pilots the Starship Enterprise. Good to know that, like Captain Cook before him, another great explorer is a Yorkshire lad. Our nearest Uni. also has outposts at Barnsley college and Oldham.

Peak District (Penistone)
A section of the Peak District tourist information website which covers our area, north-east of the peak.

Sheffield Forum
The 'Steel City' is the same distance as Huddersfield but much harder to navigate, so I don't bother going there. It has an interesting forum website here...

Silkstone & Silkstone Common
Council website:
What's on in Silkstone:
Pot House Hamlet:

Scores on the Doors
A listing of food hygiene inspections, county by county. Some real eye-openers in our area.

So You Think You Know Barnsley
This is a different approach to Barnsley. A little picture quiz to see if visitors can recognise parts of Barnsley and district. Sadly, Nick Dalton has stopped updating it but there are plenty of archived pictures to play with.

Trans-pennine Trail
Just what it says:

UK Villages - Penistone
Speculative website, in that nobody has contributed anything useful yet.

Yorkshire Ex-pats Forum
Ah, home at last. The fresh air, dry-stone walls, sheep, wellies and the dry wit of Yorkshire is all here in spirit.

Yorkshire Forward
One of the quangos that is under threat during the economic downturn. Have a look at some of the schemes which have helped improve Penistone

Yorkshire Society
This has been set up under the patronage of the (grand old?) Duke of York. Not much detail on their website.

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