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Here are some good, useful or interesting links for: personal homepages, businesses, shops, clubs, charities, societies, sports, political parties, pubs, eateries, entertainments and w.h.y. and they should all be suitable for family viewing. Be sure to come back to my website soon. Enjoy!

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Locally-Supported Football:

Local Taxis:

Community Bus Services - More details on South Pennines Community Transport.
Concessionary passes are valid all journeys. For more information, call (mobile) 07593 852 259 or Email:

Train Times - Sourced from the Metro Timetable page:

Penistone Library
LibraryPenistone Library is administered by Barnsley Council. Cllr Jenny Platts, for BMBC 'Adults and Communities', has said that they will review the opening hours on an annual basis. Penistone Library supports Jobsearch, tutorials and a multitude of other activities. See Library Stuff.

Enquiries and renewals, call 76 2313.
Opening Times in April 2014:

Sunday Closed
Monday 9 am 6 pm
Tuesday 9 am 5 pm
Wednesday 9 am Noon
Thursday 9 am 7 pm
Friday 9 am 5 pm
Saturday 9.30 am 12.30 pm

Local Interest Books
The Hallmark shop on Market Street has some local books and Penistone merchandise, such as: mugs, postcards, fridge magnets, ashtrays, teatowels, etc. Cawthorne Garden Centre (opposite Cannon Hall car park) also has a range of local books.

To report a non-emergency incident you are supposed to call 101. For dates of meetings and other SY Police information or to report incidents, see the link below but don't use their Facebook as it is not 'official'. Email is agood way to contact the Police, as you can collect your thoughts together and put the relevent information into one document. You can also use Crimestoppers if you have information about a crime, 0800 555 111.

Royal Mail Problems
If your mail is habitually going to the wrong address or you keep on getting someone else's mail, raise it with Royal Mail Customer Services on 03457 777 888 or 0345 774 0740 for it to be officially logged.

Report a Pothole
For drivers in the Barnsley Borough, if you encounter a hole in the road, there's a form to fill in:
Pothole Form (Pdf on the BMBC website).

If you have an emergency need to use one, call 999 for the access code. See First Responders (on Facebook).

Barnsley Council's Road Gritting
A neat webpage with gritting routes in snowy weather - BMBC Gritting.

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