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Map of Area 2008
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Penistone Church, Anglican
St John the Baptist
Penistone Town Centre

Spring Vale Methodist Church
Opposite school, Sheffield Road, Spring Vale.

St Andrew's Church, Methodist
Next to Library, High Street, Penistone,

St Mary's, Roman Catholic
Talbot Road off Bridge St., Penistone

St Saviour's Church, Anglican
Manchester Road, Thurlstone

Thurlstone & Millhouse Green Methodist Church
Manchester Road, Millhouse Green

Bullhouse Independent Chapel
Bullhouse Estate, Penistone, South Yorkshire

St John the Evangelist, Anglican
Upper Denby

Parking and Principal features of Penistone Town Centre

Street Plan of Penistone

Parking Locations. Also see Square-about Plan below.

  • Tesco and Market Barn (2 and 3 hour time-limited)
  • Spar - Front and rear (Time limited)
  • Paramount Theatre (for patrons)
  • Community Centre, Church Street (for Comm. Centre)
  • Behind Spread Eagle (for patrons)
  • Outside Penistone Church (not when church activity)
  • Railway Station
  • Three places on the Squareabout

Trans-Pennine Trail, park at:

  • T-P Trail Side of Tesco (10 - Not time-limited);
  • Near Julie's Café (Away from customer cars);
  • Railway Station (7);
  • Community Centre (Church Street);
  • Top of Wentworth Crescent (Away from houses)
    - For people on foot, steps up to the T-P Trail.

Public Toilet - By the Town Centre bus shelter, 20p.
Telephone Box - By Penistone Church.

Post Boxes:

  • By Lancaster's, High Street;
  • Victoria Street, near corner of Wilson Ave.;
  • Former 'Waddies', Green Road;
  • Opposite White Heart, Wentworth Rd, Bridge End.

Bus Stops:
Town Centre Bus Shelter for Barnsley, Holmfirth, etc.
By church wall on Shrewsbury Road, for Sheffield
Near Green Kleens (inward),
Outside the former Wentworth Arms (outward).
Doctors' Surgeries (5) High St. and (3) 'Kingswell' opposite church.
Council Office - Community Centre, Church Street.
Council Meetings - Second door above the Paramount.
EPIP Office - By 'The Mint' hairdresser next to RBL Club.

  Features ...
  1. Penistone Church, Clark's Chemist, J&B Antiques
  2. Paramount Theatre, Council Offices, Masonic Hall
  3. The Post Office has moved to High Street, near '5'.
  4. Penistone Market Barn
  5. Pen Group Practise Surgery
  6. Library & St. Andrew's Church
  7. Railway Station and:
    • (Wine) Cellars Direct
    • Lavender International
    • Penistone Pine
  8. Watermeadows Park & Viaduct
  9. Trans-Pennine Trail
  10. Tesco, time-limited Car Park
  11. New houses (old steelworks)
  12. Penistone Grammar School
  13. St Mary's RC Church, Talbot Rd

Defibrillator Locations.
In a heart attack emergency, don't panic; call 999 and explain all; ask for the defib access code and follow instructions.

  • Clark's Chemist - Market St
  • Community Centre - Church St
  • Spring Vale Methodist Church
  • Whitby and Chandler, Spring Vale
  • Penistone Leisure Centre

The Cop Shop
Corner of Bridge St. and Talbot Rd.
Emergencies 999, non-emergencies 101,
Old phone number was 73 6387.

Cop Shop
Pen Church FC - Church View Rd.
Pen Footpath Runners - at PCFC
Cricket Club - Sheff. Rd., Spring Vale
Bowling Club - Top of Tesco Car Park
R British Legion Club - St Mary's St

The ' Get-a-map' image above is reproduced with the kind permission of Ordnance Survey. Grid reference at the centre: SE 245 030 GB Grid.

The Squareabaout
This system (shown below) became operational January 2012 and was set up to deter HGVs from following Satnav instructions to go down the very narrow Church Street. Unlike conventional roundabouts, the traffic flow is anti-clockwise around the block. Beware of vehicles emerging from the top of Shrewsbury Road, as there are plenty of drivers who do not notice the road signs. Even now.

Squareabout one-way system

Some Address Anomalies
Nobody is quite sure where Market Street blends into High Street or where High Street blends into Mortimer Road. What we now call High Street was at one time called Town Street, and some of the numbers changed. There are two Back Lanes. Actually, it was one until Tesco arrived and split it into two, so you might have to be more specific, such as 'Back Lane by the Bowling Club' or 'Back Lane by the Market Barn'.

Bridge Street seems to confuse people. First of all, it is named after 'Penistone Bridge' over the River Don, as in 'Bridge End', not the ex-railway bridge at the top of the hill. It's easy to miss it nowadays but Penistone Bridge was well-known and already in use in 1771, when Hans Winthrop Mortimer received Parliamentary assent for an 'Act for repairing and widening the Road leading from Penistone Bridge, in the County of York, to Grindleford Bridge, in the County of Derby, (etc.)' His turnpike road was constructed in 1777 but was never a success. Penistone Bridge was rebuilt in 1866 and again in 1915 (now 'Listed').

The other bridge, at the top of the road, was built in the mid-nineteenth century as a railway bridge for the Woodhead Line to Manchester, now used for the Trans-Pennine Trail. It is likely that Bridge Street could have originally finished at Talbot Road, with St Mary's Street carrying on into the town centre but road names were a bit hit-and-miss in the old days. As the roundabout cuts into St Mary's Street, it might best be called 'St Mary's Street Roundabout'.

The un-named road from the roundabout to the T-P Trail and Tesco is not yet 'adopted' but Barnsley MB Council has already named it as 'Market Lane' (without consulting the local council), which will be implemented when the adoption is complete.

The Boys in Blue
Happy band of crime fightersThe whole system is geared up to be obstructive. Call 101 on the phone only for non-emergencies, to report less urgent crime or disorder, for matters not requiring an immediate response or for general police enquiries. Usually you wait on the phone for 40 minutes listening to a message telling you how important the call is, then the line goes dead. That is absolutely normal (Official figures are more optimistic). If you actually get a human on the other end, and if you can get a word in edgeways, press them for a 'crime number', then they have to record it on the system.

Email is a good alternative. You can take your time getting the details and any pictures together (and prove you sent it) and won't become annoyed on the phone, potentially leading to further problems. As a general rule with 'official' emails, if you CC it to the right people, it strengthens the effect.

Examples of 101 use, from their website:

Although there has been a great increase in the local population, with all of the new houses and more to come, Penistone Cop Shop is not currently manned but there has been some PR stuff going around about a return to community policing. See South Yorks Police for email addresses.

If you see a 'PACT' or 'Community Safety' meeting advertised on the Events List, you can find out about local crime and tell them about your woes. The meetings are no longer publicised on the SYP website.

Crimestoppers - To report a crime anonymously call: 0800 555 111.
Emergencies - For real emergencies, call 999. The American emergency number 911 works the same as 999.
Terrorist Hotline - Report any suspicious activity to (Freefone) 0800 789 321 or MI5.

Local Doctors
There are two surgeries in Penistone:

Miscellaneous Sources
These are just out of interest:

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