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Map of Area 2008
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Penistone Church, Anglican
St John the Baptist, Penistone Town Centre

Spring Vale Methodist Church
Opposite school, Sheffield Road, Spring Vale.

St Andrew's Church, Methodist
Next to Library, High Street, Penistone,

St Mary's Church, Roman Catholic
Talbot Road off Bridge St., Penistone

St Saviour's Church, Anglican
Manchester Road, Thurlstone

Thurlstone & Millhouse Green Methodist Church
Manchester Road, Millhouse Green

Bullhouse Independent Chapel
Bullhouse Estate, Penistone, South Yorkshire

St John the Evangelist, Anglican, Upper Denby

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See also the Google Maps Streetview for 2009.

Parking and Principal features of Penistone Town Centre

Street Plan of Penistone

Parking Locations. Also see Square-about Plan below.

  • Tesco and Market Barn (2 and 3 hour time-limited)
  • Spar - Front and rear (Time limited)
  • Paramount Theatre (for patrons)
  • Community Centre, Church Street (for Comm. Centre)
  • Behind Spread Eagle (for patrons)
  • Outside Penistone Church (not when church activity)
  • Railway Station
  • Three places on the Square-about

Trans-Pennine Trail, to use the trail, park at:

  • T-P Trail Side of Tesco (10 - Not time-limited);
  • Near Julie's Café (Away from customer cars);
  • Railway Station Car Park (7);
  • Railway end of Church View Road;
  • Community Centre (Church Street);
  • Top of Wentworth Crescent (Away from houses)
    - For people on foot, steps up to the T-P Trail.
  • Stottercliff Cemetery, small car park.

Post Boxes (See 'Post Box Finder')
Collections: Mon-Fri, 5.20pm, Saturday 11am.

  • By the Estate Agent, Market Street;
  • By the former Waddies' shop, 200 Green Rd.;
  • The Green;
  • Chapelfield Lane;
  • Windermere Road;
  • Wellhouse Lane;
  • Victoria Street, near Wilson Ave.;
  • Near The Cafe, Sheffield Rd., Spring Vale;
  • Roughbirchworth Road, Oxspring;
  • Opposite The Bridge, Wentworth Rd, Bridge End.
  • Cubley, by the fork in the road;
  • Old Post Office, Thurlstone.

Main Bus Stops:
Town Centre Bus Shelter for Barnsley, Holmfirth, etc.
By the church, Shrewsbury Road, for Sheffield
Nearly opposite Three Fryers (inward journeys),
Opposite the Railway approach road, Sheff Rd., (outward).
See 'Bustimes' for other local Bus Stops.

Council Office - Community Centre, Church Street.
PTC Council Chamber - Second door above the Paramount.
Main meeting is 7pm, third Monday of the month except August.

  1. Penistone Church, Clark's Chemist
  2. Paramount Theatre, Council Offices, Masonic Hall
  3. Kingswell Surgery. PO is between iii and v.
  4. Penistone Market Barn
  5. Pen Group Practise Surgery
  6. Library & St. Andrew's Church
  7. Railway Station and:
    • (Wine) Cellars Direct
    • Lavender International
    • Penistone Pine
  8. Watermeadows Park & Viaduct
  9. Trans-Pennine Trail
  10. Tesco and Town Car Park
  11. New houses (old steelworks)
  12. Penistone Grammar School
  13. St Mary's RC Church, Talbot Rd

These are for people having heart attacks and have been used locally. Call 999 and give your location for an access code to open the box, then read instructions inside the box. First Responders.

  • Clark's Chemist, Market St.,
  • Community Centre, Church St.,
  • Penistone Tesco,
  • Spring Vale Methodist Church,
  • Whitby and Chandler, Spring Vale,
  • St Aidan's Church, Oxspring,
  • Penistone Leisure Centre,
  • Millhouse Institute,
  • Thurgoland Village Hall,
  • Former shop, Ingbirchworth,
  • Thurlstone,
  • Phone Box, Upper Denby.
  • Hoylandswaine Village Hall

Public Toilet - By the Town Centre bus shelter, 20p.
Telephone Box - By Penistone Church (and no, it's not a loo).

The Cop Shop
Corner of Bridge St. and Talbot Rd.
Emergencies 999, non-emergencies 101,
Old phone number was 73 6387.

Cop Shop


  • Pen Church FC - Church View Rd.
  • Pen Footpath Runners - at PCFC
  • Cricket Club - Sheff. Rd., Spring Vale,
  • Bowling Club - Top of Tesco Car Park,
  • Penistone Leisure Centre - Thurlstone Rd.

Children's Recreation Grounds
  • By the Bowling Club
  • Next to Penistone Church FC, Church View Road,
  • Wentworth Road (Bridge End),
  • Off Lyttleton Crescent, Cubley,
  • Near the Dumpit site, Spring Vale.

The 'Get-a-map' image above is reproduced with the kind permission of Ordnance Survey.
Grid reference at the centre: SE 245 030, UK Grid. Please observe the rules so that everyone can enjoy their visit to the Trail.

The Square-about
Like a roundabout but goes around a square. This system became operational in January 2012 to deter HGVs from following Satnav instructions pointing them down the very narrow Church Street and blocking it up. Now if they could get the Satnav to point out that there is a low bridge further on, we would be laughing.

Squareabout one-way system

Unlike conventional roundabouts, the traffic flow is anti-clockwise. Beware of vehicles emerging from the top of Shrewsbury Road as some drivers do not read the road signs. Also beware of reckless cyclists pedalling up Church Street or bombing down Shrewsbury Road (even skateboards).

The Trans-Pennine Trail
This is a popular local route for walkers, horse-riders and cyclist as it passes close to Penistone town centre and our town is a magnet for this sort of activity. There is easy access to the Trans-Pennine from many local sites but perhaps the best place to park is an area by Julie's Cafe with plenty of car parking space on rough ground and it is not time-limited. Very conveniently, 'Cycle Penistone CIC' is a bicycle hire centre right next to Julie's Cafe and the Trail, so you don't even need to bring a bike. It can also do bike repairs.

If entering Penistone by car from Bridge End traffic lights, turn right at the St Mary's Street Roundabout after the bridge at the top of the hill. You will then see Julie's Cafe and the parking area ahead. In fact, the bridge carries the Trans-Pennine Trail, although it was formerly for the railway to Manchester. There is a also small parking area to the right of Tesco which is not time-limited, if you head towards Tesco from the roundabout. You can also access the Trail from the Railway Station and from the Community Centre, Church Street. The station car park is usually full and you might be better parking near Church View Road or Eastfield Avenue, which used to be an old entrance to the station and is a direct access to the Trail.

For more information about the Trans-Pennine Trail, please visit Trans-Pennine Trail. Cyclists can download off-road maps from SusTrans. Please observe these rules so that everyone can enjoy their visit to the Trail (taken from the official BMBC sign on the Trail):

The Trans-Pennine Trail
- Please help everyone enjoy the Trail safely,
- Watch your speed,
- Keep dogs under control and clean up after them,
- Consider other users,
- Leave wild flowers for others to enjoy,
- Take your litter and dog poo home.
Cyclists - by law you must give way to walkers and horse-riders on public bridleways (including the TPT) under Section 30 of the Countryside Act 1968.

To report Trans-Pennine Trail issues in the Penistone area or for more information about the Trans-Pennine Trail, please contact Barnsley Council's Public Rights of Way team on 01226 773 555.

Penistone Group Practise NHS Surgery

Opening Times:
Mondays - 8.15am to 8pm,
Tuesday to Friday - 8.15am to 6.30pm,
Weekends - Closed

Penistone Group Practice, 19 High Street, Penistone.
Call 76 2424 for appointments. This is a very busy line but now has a 'Ring-back' service on some types of call.
NB The Dispensary is closed on Wednesdays, 12:30pm and 3pm. See their website for details of the Thurgoland and Silkstone surgeries.

Kingswell NHS Surgery

Opening Times (As from Jan 2019):
Monday - 7.45am to 7pm,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - 7.45am to 6.30pm,
Wednesday - 7am to 7pm

Call 76 5300 to make an appointment. The Kingswell Dispensary can be contacted by telephone between 10am and 3pm, and in person at any time during opening hours.
Kingswell Surgery, 40 Shrewsbury Road, Penistone. Opposite the church.

Useful Phone Numbers
Barnsley District General Hospital (BDGH) - 01226 730000
Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield - 0114 271 1900
Sheffield Children’s Hospital - 0114 271 7000

Clark’s Chemist - 01226 763103
Penistone Pharmacy (the old Co-op Chemist, later 'Well Pharmacy') - 01226 762185
More phone numbers can be found on the Kingswell website.

Minor Eye Conditions Service
Certain opticians provide Primary Eyecare Services for initial investigations into eye conditions. The following opticians are from the official Primary Eyecare list but with addresses outside Penistone and Barnsley omitted. Please note that this is not a walk-in service and that you would need an appointment. Opticians do not always have their ophthalmic specialist to hand and you might be referred to another one on the list.

In Penistone, this service is provided by: Auckland Opticians, Ivy Cottage, Back Lane (by the Market barn), Penistone, call 76 6996.
In Barnsley town centre, it is provided by:

Penistone Library
Penistone Library is administered by Barnsley Council and supports Jobsearch and training opportunities. It also provides free and paid-for courses, such as computer tutorials, digital photography courses and more. Penistone Library at 'Barnsley Libraries.' See also the Library Tour page.

For enquiries and renewals, please call 76 2313. The Opening Times (as of 2018):

Sunday Closed
Monday 9 am 6 pm Library
Tuesday 9 am 5 pm
Wednesday 9 am Noon
Thursday 9 am 7 pm
Friday 9 am 5 pm
Saturday 9.30 am Noon

Local Interest Books and Merch
Cawthorne Garden Centre (opposite Cannon Hall car park), The Yorkshire Shop in Denby Dale also has local books.
Hallmark shop, High Street, Penistone has Penistone merchandise, such as: cards from Penistone, mugs, postcards, fridge magnets, teatowels, etc.

Contacting the Police
To report a non-emergency incident, call 101, but they are very slow to pick up the call, if at all (it has been useless for years). Email is a lot better as you are not under pressure, can collect your thoughts better, and add information, photos, etc. Then (using 'the power of cc') you CC it to other people as well to remove any 'plausible deniability' that you sent it. If it is an insurance matter, that could prove useful.

For suspicious behaviour, malicious damage, drug-taking, etc. on Railway property or trains, call British Transport Police via 999 or by text message 61016. Before using a ticket machine on the platform, make sure that it has not been tampered with or an extra card reader glued to the slot. Penistone station has full CCTV coverage.

Happy band of crime fightersExamples of 101 use - From SY Police website:

Police Links (Police links tend to change often and these might not work):

Other Links

Emergencies - For real emergencies, call 999. The American 911 emergency number also works as 999.

Scambusters - Scams involving text messages and emails are increasing all of the time and often look 'official' so that you might reveal enough personal information or bank details for someone to drain your account or hijack your identity. Remember that Covid-19 tracing apps do not impose fines or require bank or card details. Don't click any links, just delete dodgy messages if you can. Whatsapp scam messages can easily be blocked and reported. It is better to not use certain public wi-fi sytems in pubs and clubs. Forward your email scams to: report@phishing.gov.uk. See NCSC and Covid Scams. Forward any dodgy phone text messages to '7726' but note the caller's number first.

Some Address Oddities
High StreetMarket Street starts close to St Mary's Street, with the low address numbers at that end. Clark's Chemist is No. 1 but their address is Market Place, not Market Street, because their old entrance used to be around the corner. Market Street passes the top of Shrewsbury Road to meet the High Street right in the middle of the shops opposite Park Avenue, with No. 1 High Street being Gregg's food takeaway.

The actual High Street heads past an opticians, cafe, dentist, fancy goods shop etc., Penistone Library and St Andrew's church until it reaches Mortimer Road. What we now call High Street was at one time called Town Street before proper street names were introduced, and some of the numbers changed. Another oddity is that Penistone High Street is regarded as 'residential' as people live above some of the shops but this also puts a limit on High Street shops not being able to open in the evening.

Another anomaly is that there are two Back Lanes in Penistone. Actually, there was just the one until Tesco arrived and split the 'L' - shaped road into two sections, so you might have to be specific, such as 'Back Lane by the Bowling Club' or 'Back Lane by the Market Barn'.

Bridge Street confuses people. First of all, it is named after the very old 'Penistone Bridge' over the River Don, as in 'Bridge End', not the ex-railway bridge at the top of the hill. Penistone Bridge was well-known at one time and was in use in 1771, when Hans Winthrop Mortimer received Parliamentary assent for an 'Act for repairing and widening the Road leading from Penistone Bridge, in the County of York, to Grindleford Bridge, in the County of Derby, (etc.)' His turnpike road was constructed in 1777 but was never a success. Penistone Bridge was rebuilt in 1866 and again in 1915 (now 'Listed').

The ex-railway bridge at the top Bridge Street was built in the mid-nineteenth century for the Woodhead Line to Manchester, now used for the Trans-Pennine Trail. It is likely that St Mary's Street from the town centre would have finished at Talbot Road before the railway bridge was built but it now terminates at the bridge. Road names were a bit hit-and-miss in the old days. When the roundabout was inserted into St Mary's Street, the best name for it became 'St Mary's Street Roundabout.'

By the way, all Penistone addresses are in the S36 postal district of Sheffield, not Barnsley and Barnsley plays no part in the mail sorting system. The proper form of all our local addresses is something like:

Mr Wm Wobbledagger, 396, Back Lane, Penistone, SHEFFIELD, S36 6ZZ.
Apologies to anyone of that name living under a tarpaulin on Back Lane, as there are no houses on either of the two Back Lanes.

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