Water Hall and Watermeadows Park

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Water Hall and River Don
This attractive house has long had an association with the Wordsworth family, who were the ancestors of the famous poet. There are still Wordsworths in the area who claim to be related. Frank W. might be one of them. Water Hall has a pleasant garden and this picture was taken at an open garden day which was for three local gardens. The chap who lives there often flies off in a small red helicopter. Wish it was me. The second picture is the little bridge over the Don which is just around the corner to Water Hall, on the road which joins Barnsley Road at Viewlands.

Water HallLittle Bridge near Water Hall
River Donviaduct and bridge

The River Don runs alongside 'Watermeadows Park', near Water Hall at one end and the viaduct at the other end. Trains to and from Huddersfield overlook the park. What a name, 'Watermeadows Park'. It sounds like pixies dancing in the mist. Used to be a swampy field.

The lower pictures were taken in the cold spell of March 2001, at about zero C. The little bridge over the Don is one of several which lead into the park. Our ponderous viaduct shivers in the cool haze. This picture has also appeared on the Barnsley Chronicle's website.

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