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Some historical information in this website has come from these sources, listed by approximate date of publication.

Domesday Survey 1080 - 1086
Referred to in most historical sources about Penistone. The Domesday survey was William the Conqueror's way of evaluating who owned what and their tax potential. The nearest one to view (dimly) is at Lincoln castle.

Hearth Tax of 1672
Originals are probably held on microfiche in Barnsley Central Library. This booklet in Penistone library contains photocopies of typed pages. The tax was very unpopular and widely avoided, so the figures will not be exact. This was later repealed and replaced with the window tax, which explains why many old buildings had one or more windows bricked up.

West Yorkshire Directory - 1837
WR directory scan (1) A section from the 'Penistone Directory' (clickable image, right). This was not very complementary but it was published before the population increases were accelerated by the railway and Cammel Laird steelworks.

Interestingly, various donations to the poor are listed, including bread and ale. Have a look.
Penistone Library (no longer available, 2007)

Diocesi Eboracum - 1842
A thick book in the reference section of Penistone library covering the various West Riding dioceses. Penistone has a section covering the grammar school, the free school for girls founded by Joseph Camm 12th Sept. 1821 and various bequests, etc. Population for the Penistone area was given as 5,201 and for 1834 as 5,204

Annual payments by the trustees of Lord Shrewsbury's hospital at Sheffield are listed.

Ye Guide to ye Ancient Moorland Town of Penistone - 1892

Leaflet cover

A small booklet by John N. Dransfield.Penistone Library (no longer available, 2007)

Describes all manner of local matters, such as; "Walks in the area, sources of the Rivers Don and Mersey, Wharncliffe, with the Den of the Dragon of Wantley and Kirklees Hall where Robin Hood died and was buried". Some local historians cast a measure of doubt on some of John's Dransfield's work.

The booklet records the charter of foundation for the Grammar School:

"Thomas Clarel, Dominus de Peniston in 1392, granted to John del Rodes and others a piece of land in the Kirk-flatt sicut se extendit et jacet inter quinque lapides per manus predicti Thomas Clarel pro metis positos, with license to grave turf on the moors of Peniston."

A Further History of Penistone - 1965
Penistone WEA history group. A mine of useful information from a variety of local authors, well worth a read. Contains historical details of many aspects of the town, including the grammar school, church, etc. The section on court cases is particularly entertaining, with many well-known local surnames at both ends of the moral spectrum. Also includes descriptions of boundary stones and the 'Villata de Penyston' poll tax roll of 1379, which reads thus:

Ricardus atte Waterhall and Alicia vx ejus. Tayloure vj.d.
Robertus Steuenson iiij.d.
Johannes Spenser iiij.d.
Mageta famula Rectoris iiij.d.
Emma ffilia Matilde iiij.d.
Robertus Steuenson and Agnes vx Smyth xij.d.
Willelmus Proctour and Johanna vx ejus, Taylour vj.d.
Johannes de Coubley Agnes vx ejus, Souter vj.d.
Johannes Eclus iiij.d.
Johannes Bilclyf and Johanna vx Agnes del Skekes iiij.d.
Galfridus del Skokes Emma vx ejus iiij.d.
Summa v, s, ij, d.

The entry 'Ricardus atte Waterhall' might well refer to Richard Wordsworth, although this is not certain. There is also a name similar to Cubley in the list and could Bilclyf be connected with another local name? Biltcliffe was a well-known local photgrapher. - Penistone Library (no longer available, 2007)

The Making of South Yorkshire - 1979
Likely to be still in print. David Hey continues to write local history books and to give historical talks. Moorland Publishing - ISBN 0-903485-44-3

Penistone Almanack, various dates to 1984
These annual booklets were discontinued around 1960 (?). A spurious one came out in 1984, published by the local 'Bridge Publications', complete with a useful local telephone directory - as was the old tradition. This issue was the only one not from Woods Printers, a business which continues to this day.

St. John the Baptist's, Penistone
A brief history and guide of Penistone church by David Turnbull. Well-written and illustrated 12 page booklet. Includes a list of incubents from about 1190 to 1986. Bridge publications, no ISBN or publication date. Available from the church, especially on Thursday mornings. Price - give generously.

The Penistone Scene - 1987
R.N. Brownhlll, Bridge Publications, Penistone.
ISBN 0-947934-16-2

The Penistone Guide - 1991
Useful for historical bits and pieces, especially about the railway. See below for later issues.

Six Hundred Glorious Years - 1992
Booklet published to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the founding of Penistone Grammar School in 1392. Packed with facts, figures and photographs in 64 pages. Bridge publications, probably no longer in print.

Penistone Paramount
Useful leaflet obtainable from Town Hall foyer, lists facilities and contacts - see this reference page.

'Through Scenes of Surpassing Loveliness'
Subtitled 'The Penistone Line 1850-2000 and beyond.' A booklet published June 2000 by the Penistone Line Partnership contains many interesting facts and impressions, mostly about the railway line from Penistone to Huddersfield. A small 20 page illustrated booklet. ISBN 1-900497-08-5

'Trans-Pennine Trail - The Official Acommodation and Visitor Guide'
Splits the trail into ten sections with lots of local information for the visitor, including stabling for the poppos. Might become a collector's item if the railways come back to the trail. From 'Excellent books', can be obtained locally from the Vicarage Tearoom, price £4.95. The TP Trail is administered through Barnsley Council. First published Jan 2001.
ISBN 1-901464-09-1

'A History of Penistone and District' - 2002
Interesting old pictures, facts, dates and snippets from the area's past, written by the local historian, David Hey of Sheffield University. From Robinson's News for £10.
ISBN 1-903425-21-2, Mail order from Wharncliffe Books, 47 Church St., Barnsley, S70 2BR - tel. 01226 734555.

An Explorer's Guide to Penistone - 2006 & 2013
This is a truly excellent booklet from the Penistone & District Community Partnership which has an office at the top of the Town Hall building (door around the back). Written mostly by local historian John Hislop, this book will keep your interest right to the end. PDCP is a charity but will accept a couple of quid to offset costs.

A new 2013 issue of An Explorer's Guide to Penistone has been published by PDCP. It retains all of the interesting historic articles but brings the local information and pictures bang up to date. It now includes the Market Barn and the latest incarnation of Penistone Grammar School. This booklet was designed by Penistone Design Company, which also designs many of the more prominent local websites.

Church Guide Booklet
New guide bookletA marvellous booklet from 2009 which is well illustrated and contains a lot of history about the local churches of the Penistone Church of England team ministry. It has historical details and photographs of Penistone Parish Church, Thurlstone St Saviour's, Carlecotes St. Anne's, Midhopestones St. James' and Oxspring St. Aidan's. It does not cover the other local non-CofE churches or chapels, such as the catholic church or St. Andrew's.

Local graphics designer Adele Tolladay has worked her usual special magic to make it a pleasant object for the bookshelf. I urge everyone to purchase a copy. It costs around £3 and can be obtained from Penistone Church, which is usually open Saturday mornings and Market Days for tea and biscuits.

Penistone - A Walker's Guide to the Area
A useful booklet by the Penistone Parish Paths Group, with help from the council and others. The booklet contains historical information about the area, including Thurlstone. No ISBN number. Published by Headline Design & Marketing, tel. 01226 211800, Fax. 01226 770033

Denby and District IV
Subtitled: 'Chronicles of Clerics, Convicts, Corn Millers and Comedians'. This very interesting 2009 book by Chris Heath is full of details giving insight into nineteenth century lives in our area. Available in Hallmark Cards, Penistone for £13.

Books on The Great War
Two local books were published in the centenary year of the Great War, both from the same 'stable' and both looking into local lives lost in that horrific conflict. Available in local shops or via Janet Dyson, Tel. 01226 765093.

More Penistone Info
Some more General information about local services.

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