Penistone Area 'Star Search'

Special for 2011
Roll up, Roll up, for this great new talent show in Penistone. Following the great success of Thurgoland's talent show, 'Thurgoland's Got Talent', Penistone did not want to be left behind. Two of our leading residents - Carol Bradbury and Colin Geldard - put their heads together and came up with our very own 'Star Search'. Both of them are also presenters for our local radio station - but please note that this event was not a Penistone FM venture, even though a lot of PFM presenters were there on the night.

Auditions had been held at the Silver Fox in Stocksbridge, The Huntsman in Thurlstone and the last one was at Cubley Hall, where the Function Room was packed to capacity. Eight acts from that venue were selected and added to those from other auditions, to make fourteen in all.

A Great Show
The Grand Final was held on Thursday 8th December at Penistone Paramount. Colin Geldard smoothed out the bumps as the Master of Ceremonies and was pivotal in making it a highly rewarding evening. The performances were all very good and, judging by the rapturous audience reaction, all of the performers were very well received. There must have been some nerves in front of such a large audience but the standard was actually very high. Interval entertainment was supplied by Penistone FM presenter Neville Raper in the guise of comedian.

The Finalists
This was the running order on the night. There were two sessions and an interval:
  • Betty Chapelle (Dance Team A)
  • Kathryn Mountain
  • Thomas Wright
  • Reuben Leacock
  • Jake Woodhams
  • Emily Cooper
  • Hannah Middleton
  • Betty Chapelle (Dance Team B)
  • Georgie Harrison
  • Rikki Sephton
  • Emily Peace
  • James Millner
  • Mike Beard
  • Holly Woodhouse
Star Search Poster

(not 'clickable')

These pictures show the Master of Ceremonies Colin Geldard and the line-up of judges as listed below. Penistone FM presenters Steve and Jimbo chat by the sound system and the very tall Penistone FM HR Manager, Martin Sugden receives a cheque from Colin.

MC ColinStarSteveMartin Sugden

The winners are shown below in reverse order. These are:
3: Emily Peace (in blue), 2: Jake Woodhams and 1: Emily Cooper.
The fourth picture is the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team receiving a cheque of about £110 from the raffle by MC Colin Geldard. A further cheque of £235 from the event was presented on Colin's 'Essential Singles' radio show, Sat 7th January, to Andy Simpson of Woodhead Mountain rescue.

Emily PeaceJake WoodhamsEmily CooperMountain Rescue Team
These bottom two © pictures, of winner Emily Cooper and the Judging Panel, were copied from the Starsearch blog and
used here with the kind permission of 'Stephanie Beever Photography'. Visitors can order full-size photos from there.
Panel of Judges
  • Jill Craven
  • Janet Crossley
  • Sarah Mac
  • Pete Foster
  • Andy Platt

It must have been extremely difficult to find winners from the fourteen performances and those who did not win anything should still hold their heads up high. I hope that none of them were too disappointed as everyone made it a great show. The first-place winner Emily Cooper had a very fine singing voice and received a prize of £100. Second place went to the talented singer/guitarist Jake Woodhams, who received his prize of £50. Third place went to another fine singer, Emily Peace, who went away with a £25 prize. The proceeds of the event were split in two and cheques were handed over by Colin to representatives from Woodhead Mountain Rescue and to Martin Sugden of Penistone FM.

Emily Peace will be guesting along with Joe Shaw at Millhouse Green MVC and Penistone Ladies' Choir's Christmas Concert on Saturday 17th December 2011. This will be at 7.15pm in Penistone Church. The admission charge of £7 includes refreshments.

Photos on this page were taken from the back of the theatre with a very slow shutter speed, resulting in a lot of motion blur and needed a good deal of adjustment to make them viewable. However, good quality photographic prints from 'Stephanie Beever Photography' are available from the link below.

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Thank Yous
Many thanks to Carol and Chris Bradbury and to Colin Geldard for providing useful information and materials for this page. Thanks too to Stephanie Beever and Callum Scott for stepping in to do the photography. Of course, the biggest Thank You goes to the entertainers.

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