Aerial Views - 1993

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Balloon Ride
Here are some poor quality frame grabs from S-VHS camcorder footage in 1993. I set off from near Netherfield in a hot-air balloon on an almost windless day. It was a great feeling - a mixture of elation and anxiety. You might notice that there were no new houses near Water Hall (right and far right pic).

Viaduct  Barnsley Road Church  Wentworth Road

Here's a strange thing, everybody waved just like little kids - and I waved back. Every dog barked and some people yelled. It is amazing how clear the sounds were up there, except for when the pilot turned on the noisy gas burner for a few seconds each time. I'm not good with heights but it was a real thrill, floating about in the sky. After a while, my main worry was about landing. After covering only a couple of miles, I landed with a bump near Hoylandswaine. I had a bruise on my chin for a few days to remind me of the trip.

Barnsley Road PGS Church Hill

The view from up there was unreal. Apart from the obvious landmarks, my sense of direction and mental map of the roads became distorted. Any imperfections disappear as you gain height and it as though the streets are swept clean and houses repainted. Something like a Lego layout. It was worth a go but only the once.

You can see the actual video footage here (about 16Mb flv). Now have a look at some aerial views from around 2000.

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