A Tour of Penistone - Aerial Views

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It was a Penistone Parade & Gala day in 2000, with helicopter rides for just £20. I'd bought a new camera but was not familiar with it. Anyway, here's what I saw ....

Gaining Height
From the Showground we gained height in an anti-clockwise direction. The Western extremes are close by. Many dwellings were built in the eighties and we nicknamed some of them 'Outspan Houses' after their construction. Daren't fly too close to them. The centre picture is Chapel Lane, with Hartcliff tower behind us.

WestChapel LaneSouth

Right picture shows the horseshoe shape of Cubley, to Penistone's South, with Cubley wood above and Mortimer road bottom right. This was the old Race Common area, where popular horse races were held in the nineteenth century. The name lives on in Racecommon Road. More housing on the left arrived in the eighties. The green area inside the horseshoe has a kid's recreation area and garages. Also visible is Cubley Hall, an orphanage for most of the last century but now a successful pub and noshery. The original plans for Cubley used to be on display in the pub.

Top-left of the first picture is the green rectangle of a school football field and top-centre is the Showground. New housing arrived in the nineties, centre-left, with its red bricked walls. This picture gives an impression of great housing density but everyone has a garden of some kind or at least a patch of grass.

The second picture is probably the clearest view of the centre of Penistone in this series, as it looks down on David Brown/HiTech's factories, off Green Road. But this picture is already out of date (2006), as many new houses are due to arrive on the site of the works. 'Penistone Church' football club is to its right, with its licensed club house and children's play area nearby. The Trans-Pennine trail and railway line to Barnsley runs diagonally, bottom right.

aerial view centre

The white object within a square of trees (upper right-hand edge) is a reflection from the church roof. The tower is not visible. The blue stuff, bottom right, are plastic containers belonging to a plastic recycling business adjacent to the railway station, which is just off the picture.

Viaduct and Wellhouse Lane

viaductWellhouse Lane

We now see where the railway line wends its way over the viaduct to Denby Dale and Huddersfield. Watermeadows Park is the green patch in the centre, a popular recreation area for strolling, ball games, kite flying and dog exercise. Almost visible is Water Hall, the former home of the Wordsworth family, ancestors to the famous poet. Nearby is 'poets corner'; streets named after Keats, Tennyson and Shelley. This nickname is an improvement over the old one, 'Boston Tip'.

The line of trees marks out the course of the River Don, which passes to the Ouse via Sheffield and Doncaster. Apart from Water Hall, there were no houses before about 1977 between the Don and Wentworth Road, which runs parallel and to its left. The housing area to the right arrived in the early eighties, with streets named from the Lake District, as a nod towards the poet Wordsworth.

The second picture looks down Wellhouse Lane into Penistone. The main features are the road, running vertically and the railway curving to the left, towards the viaduct. Must be time to land now. Now compare with aerial views of 1993.

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