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The Old Crown Changes
The Old Crown has a long history in Penistone. It was listed in the West Riding Directory of 1837 but would have been around some time before that.

The main room is 'U'-shaped with the outside door entering at the middle and straight to the bar. The refurbishment of November 2010 gave the pub a new, cleaner and comfortable appearance, with new seats and carpeting. The Old Crown had been suffering for a year or two but this gave it a boost to its popularity, especially with their range of beer being more affordable than most. Their bitter is Tetley's and John Smith's.

TopersThere is usually a quiet atmosphere in the daytime with a gentle buzz of conversation but the place can be quite lively in the evenings. A large-screen TV usually shows a news channel in the daytime and a music channel in the evenings. Background music does not generally intrude enough to spoil a conversation, although the lasses shown here made up for it on one occasion by spontaneously bursting into song, risking few glasses in the process, as they hit the high notes.

The 'Back Room' function room was refurbished during 2011 and now has some tall tables and a polished wooden floor. It be hired for discos, birthdays or wedding parties, etc. Overnight accommodation is also available, making it even more attractive for those big family 'dos'. New bench tables appeared outside in the spring of 2011 and are popular in the warmer months.

Live bands appear here from time to time under the banner of 'Back Room Live'. The local band Storm Bringer played its last performance here before disbanding around 2009. Prospective performers can arrange thier gig by emailing:, Tel 01226 766609.

A quiz machine proves to be great fun, drawing onlookers around to suggest answers, just like when these machines first appeared in pubs in the 1980s. They are always a great ice-breaker. The pool table now sits at the far left side of the room instead of its intrusive 2010 location near the front-right.

The Ebb and Flow
There has been a lot of upheaval in recent times. Steve and Helen Nursey had a very long tenancy before moving around the corner in 2007 to the British Legion. In October of the same year, Kelly and Chris took over but it was not plain sailing. They tried their best but had to give up the struggle in April 2009. Then it was in limbo for much of 2009 and 2010 but settled down in 2011. Unfortunately the food side went with Kelly and Chris and never returned.

Old CrownOld CrownEmma
ChrisBack RoomBack Room

Bottom row pictures show 2008 landlord Chris having a quick smoke in the doorway and two views from the 'Back Room' refurbishment of 2011. The pool table was put there temprarily for a pool tournament. That nice blonde lass is Emma.

Rooms to Let
The Old Crown has six rooms for people to stay in. Single rooms are £20 per night, whilst Twins and Doubles are £30 per room per night (prices in 2012). Please note that the old phone number changed to 01226 76 6609 and you can enquire by email on:

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