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Eating, Drinking and Socialising
Some of our local pubs are very old. The New Inn (formerly 'White Hart') is at least 400 years old and most other local pubs have long histories. We also have some new ones in recent times. Some non-food pubs might offer a sandwich or even limited accommodation if the visitor enquires. You can usually find excellent 'real ales' ('RA' in the list below) in local pubs and clubs.

Food Outlets Quick List
Café Crème (FB) 76 6118; Barista-Cucina (FB) 76 3590; Julie's Café (T-P Trail), 07885 498 572; The Arthouse, Church St., 76 5080; Generations Café, 761583; Waggon & Horses Oxp'g (Menu), 76 3259; Traveller's Inn Oxp'g (Menu), 762518; Dunkirk, 01484 862912; Canton House, Spring Vale (Menu), 76 2474; Cinnamon Spice, 76 6006;

Taste of India, Bridge End, 76 6951; Tiamo's Italian, Bridge End, 76 1200; Penistone Fish & Chips (FB) Opp G Kleen's 01226 800485; Bridge End Fisheries, 07540 748 809; Chili Lodge (Indian, Silkstone Common, delivers to Penistone), 01226 792 300.

For reasons unknown, most local fish and chip shops are closed on Monday dinnertimes, and some are closed all day.

Featured Hostelries
'RA' = Real Ales.

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Quick Phone List - 01226 76 xxxx
A good pintUseful for booking a wild party, family gathering, reunion, wedding reception, divorce party, wake, etc. Most (but not all) Penistone phone numbers start with 76, so you usually only need to remember four numbers, 76-xxxx. Use 01226 dialling code outside the area. Fb = Facebook.

Members' Clubs

Local Micro-Breweries

For more information about Penistone, see Visit Penistone, which includes a full list of accommodation, eating and drinking in Penistone in the 'Essentials' section, with contact details and distances from the town centre. Don't forget; you're in Yorkshire - when you get a pint, always ask for a top-up.

Developments in Recent Times
We might think that going out for a pint is a declining activity with so many pubs closing in recent years and Penistone has lost more than its share of watering holes. Yet it is not all one-way as several new pub and food businesses have opened locally. Of particular interest is the two micro-breweries/micro-pubs listed above.

Cristello's Wine and Gin Bar
New for 2019, the former JT Smith's furniture shop ('Jaytees') was renovated to become two businesses in one. After months of public speculation on the sporadic activity of 2019, Cristello Enterprises Ltd applied to BMBC for a New Premises Licence. The company (11548622) would be run by local people, registered in September 2018 to Lisa Marie Wasden of Salters Way, Penistone.

First to open was Cristello's Bridal shop on Sat 23rd March. The adjacent Cristello Gin and Wine Bar had hoped to open on the same day but was delayed by licencing problems with BMBC. The new bar appears to have a connection with the Green Dragon, Thurgoland, via LBW Enterprises Limited (the LBW might refer to Lisa and Brett Wasden).

The wide opening hours do not necessarily mean that it can be open all day, just that it is flexible to open within those limits. According to staff there, tthe bar cannot open at the same time as the bridal shop, which rather restricts the potential for a drink on Saturday afternoons when Market Street is busy.

The Vault
This opened in November 2019 as a bistro and cellar bar in the former Antiques Shop at the top corner of Church Street. The layout is a bistro at ground level and a bar down the stairs, aimed up-market, and described by its owners as: 'A contemporary bistro restaurant with a speakeasy cocktail bar underneath. Situated in the heart of Penistone'. A 'Vault' lager pump is prominent on the bistro bar but there was no real ale on draught (Doombar in bottles), although the downstairs bar would probably have more choice. Facebook.

Another New Bar?
A long time in gestation but a 2019 planning application was submitted to BMBC Planning (2019/0880) for an 'A4 Drinking Establishment, including the creation of a roof lounge and terrace' in the former Natwest Bank on the corner of St Mary's Street with Market Street. Someone leaving the building in November 2019 said that bureaucratic problems had baulked their progress and that they were still at square one. As of 2021, the building is still empty except for a collection of beer barrels which is visible through a cracked window.

Mostly a cafe, also a cocktail bar. The former Cherrydale Chinese take-away was opened as a new business 15th August 2020 and has proven to be popular. It was transformed into a downstairs cafe with an open aspect and tables outside. It is a coffee shop and Mediterranean grill on the ground floor with a wine and cocktail bar upstairs. It also advertises as being 'bike friendly' to catch some passing trade from the many hardy cyclists who visit Penistone. Its owner, Matthew Crisp was already noted for his 'Market Kitchen' in Barnsley's new 'Glass Works' complex. Barista-UK. In the old days it had been the Fleece Inn public house but closed in 1873.

Pub Names and History
The Inn Society explains some common public house names in England. Pub signs were easy to make sense of in the old days when few people could read. Some in our area, such as the national hero Lord Nelson, The Huntsman, Dog & Partridge and The Bridge by Penistone Bridge are easy to explain. As was the Crystal palace, when that building London held the great exhibition. Other are less so. Who knows which fountain the Fountain Inn refers to? It was formerly the Rag & Louse - and that too must have been a good story.

The White Hart was the emblem King Richard II (r. 1377-1399) and, presumably, The Old Crown would have referred to a past king during the reign of another, but to discover which one is lost in history. The sign of the crown was easy for the largely illiterate population to understand. A history of pubs, inns, taverns, etc. can be found on the Historic UK site.

For more history about local inns and pubs, please visit my Historic Inns page. You might be surprised to learn which familiar shops used to be beerhouses in the olden days. The information comes from many sources but, in particular, the late Neville Roebuck's book 'It Happened in t' Pub'.

Ring o' Bells - A Lament
There used to be a verse on the mantelpiece of this old (defunct) Silkstone pub, with the following lines:

Customers came and I did trust 'em,
I lost my liquor and my custom.
To lose them both it grieved me sore,
So I'm resolved to trust no more.
Chalk is useful say what you will,
But chalk ne'er paid the maltster's bill.
I strive to keep a decent tap,
For ready money, but no strap.

Eating in the Locality
Plenty of daytime eateries in Penistone (see the Cafés Page) but not much in the evening. More details and choices can be found at Visit Penistone.
Before you call anyone take a look at their hygiene ratings, you might be surprised. See Scores on the Doors and Omgomg (type in S36).

Now to the various venues ...

If you would like to visit our area for a while, please visit the Accommodation page on this website, see Visit Penistone's 'Where to Stay' page and Lavender NDT's Accommodation List.

Barnsley Trading Standards
"Not satisfied with the amount of beer in your glass? - Ask for it topping up.
Still not satisfied? Contact Barnsley Trading Standards on
01226 772 532".

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