Penistone Bowling Club

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Penistone Bowling Club is on 'the other Back Lane', off Schole Avenue in a quiet corner of Penistone. It is easy to overlook as it is surrounded by walls and garages but sits right next door to the very busy Tesco food store, on the upper side of the car park. It also has a very long history, as attested by various old pictures which adorn the walls. These pictures were taken on a particularly quiet day in the winter of 2012.

Penistone Bowling ClubPenistone Bowling ClubBowling Club House

The room is warm, comfortable and nicely furnished with nothing tatty. The pool table is moveable and can be pushed into a corner of the room. The club has a variety of drinks available, including a Real Ale guest beer and all are ably dispensed by Kerry and others at the bar. The club is available for functions, such as wedding, birthday or funeral parties and catering or a disco can be arranged. They will also allow you to arrange for your own disco/karaoke DJ. I can attest to it being a great location for a birthday do. To contact Penistone Bowling Club, call 76 2076.

The club normally opens 7pm to 11pm every evening and Noon to 2pm on Sunday dinnertime.
It has a weekly itinerary of activities and every month there is a live entertainer on a Saturday night.

During the winter months it does not open on Saturday dinnertimes. During the summer months, the club will also be open on days when there are Bowling matches or other activities.

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