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Winscar Reservoir
Winscar is about five miles West of Penistone, near Dunford Bridge, and a popular picnic area with a spacious car park and toilets. At the other end there is a wide picnic area and the boating club. In the first picture you can see the sails of the boat club and, in the distance, the mast of the BBC's Holme Moss radio transmitting station. It was a moody August day when the weather was alternating between gloomy cloud and bright sunshine. It was bilberry-picking time.

Next, looking over the other reservoir wall down into Dunford. Incidentally, Dunford gets its name from the River Don, which used to be called the 'Dunn'. Dunford is at one end of the Woodhead railway tunnels, now used as a route for electrical power to keep our Lancashire friends cosy in winter. The tunnels were built to carry coal from yorkshire to the heavy industry of Lancashire and latterly was used for the country's first electrified railway.

Winscar ReservoirDunfordBilberries
Bilberry-stained fingers
Dunford Bridge 2007Close-up

The last two pictures are from one picture taken in December 2007 on a bitterly cold day. You can see a parking area for the Trans-Pennine Way. The last picture in this set is a close-up of the pylons, which looked interesting as they marched their way towards the moors of South Yorkshire.

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