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Surrounding Area of Penistone
Thurlstone is our most important neighbouring village, which had more importance and population than Penistone before the railway arrived in the mid-nineteenth century. Further towards the west is Millhouse Green with its great building programme of more than 100 new houses. Continuing over the hills is the hamlet of Dunford Bridge, which is overlooked by the Winscar Reservoir. Also west of Penistone is the ridge of Royd Moor, close to the thirteen wind turbines. It now has a viewing area near to its apex to enjoy wonderful panoramic views. In the opposite direction, going East through Spring Vale, is the village of Oxspring. South of Penistone is the folly tower of Hartcliff, which is a landmark that can be seen throughout the local area.

View from HartcliffView from Hartcliff

These highly squashed thumbnail pictures link to panaramic pictures of views from near Hartcliff.

  1 Thurlstone DunfordView of Millhouse Green
Near Winscar Reservoir - - Millhouse Green
2 Winscar Res.
3 Spring Vale
4 Oxspring
5 Hartcliff
6 Royd Moor
7 Millhouse Green
8 Bullhouse Chapel

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