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Personal Websites
Wayne Chadburn
Mathematics teacher and blogster. His interests are sport, maths, reading, cooking, drinking red wine and real ale and he is beginning to dip his toe into the murky world of politics. Sounds like a decent fellow. The best of luck to him.
John Marshall at Flickr
The master of 'Light and Dark' photography (see business links), John has a Flickr page with some great shots of pre-Tesco Penistone market.
Wainwrights of Penistone Parish
A long page with lots of historical information relevant to Penistone.

Where did all of the personal websites go after Geocities?

Penistone & District Websites
Visit Penistone - 'The Pennine Heart of Yorkshire South'
Showcases what Penistone can offer: shops, eating out, events list, accommodation, walks, etc. Tidy website with nifty 360 degree pictures. I wish I had thought of that first. Charity No. 1112840.
Community Groups
These links have been moved to the Clubs and Societies Page.
'East Peak Innovation Partnership' - EPIP
This 'Leader' group encompasses the disparate communities of Ecclesfield, Bradfield, Denby Dale and Kirkburton (these last two in Kirklees). 'East Peak' refers to the Peak District which is south of here. Tel 01226 763373. Email
Penistone Town Council
A repository of information, including Minutes of Meetings. Their website has good style and functionality but nothing exists from before 2011. Some old agendas, minutes and planning minutes from the earlier website can be found on the Wayback Machine, see 2005/6, 2006/7.
Local Archives
Please take a look at these archive groups:
Penistone Archives (on Facebook) - PGS Archive (Facebook).
Penistone Info
Non-profit, independent website hosted by Eskia Computers.
Plenty of interesting information.

Penistone Parish Church
Some churches are red-brick; some are tin sheds; some are works of modern art. The 'proper' ones are medieval, of ancient Yorkshire stone and with a great big 500+ year-old square Norman tower. Those sort are special and earn simpler titles. Never mind this 'St John's Church' nonsense, its proper title is plain old 'Penistone Church', as there are several other St John's in the locality. St John was one of my favourite biblical characters. Used to eat locusts, you know. And dunk people in water. Funny sort of fellow. He had some good mates. - The virtual tour is a delight.
St. Andrew's Methodist United Reform Church
A modern-style church (chapel really) built on the site of the old, dusty and woodwormed St. Paul's Methodist chapel, where I learned all about Jesus at Sunday School. It combined its congregation with that of Netherfield Congregational Church when that was sold off in the 1970s. It is also home to weekly organ concerts and other community events.
St Andrew's
Penistone Community Church
This evangelical group has been expanding in recent years. They meet on Sundays, 3.30pm at Spring Vale Methodist Church. Affiliated to the 'Ground Level' network of churches. Registered charity No 1087376. Email:

Guides to Penistone
An international encyclopaedia written by website visitors, so there will be errors and American English spellings. The Penistone page looks Okay, though.
Trans-Pennine Trail
For walkers, cyclists and horse riders. TP Trail Office, c/o Barnsley MBC, Central Offices, Kendray Street, Barnsley S70 2TN. Tel 01226 772574, Fax 01226 772559. email:
Trip Advisor - Penistone
Interesting remarks about local pubs, cafes and eateries, if sometimes skittish.
Trip Advisor
My Yorkshire - Penistone
Succinct account and a map for Penistone, with a few links.

Penistone Pictures
Formerly the Town Hall Cinema, it became known as the 'Metro' before changing to the current 'Penistone Paramount' in honour of the Compton Paramount organ. Of course, our fleapit will always be 'Penistone Pictures'. It shows new and recent films, theatre, live shows, organ concerts and has surround sound, video/data projector and DVD facilities. On-line bookings are now catching on. It has a licenced Bar with Guinness, bitter, lager and fizzy pop for young 'uns (who text each other during quiet bits) and cups of tea or coffee and biscuits. There is an intermission during films and most other performances for refreshments and ice-creams. The foyer has leaflets of local events and walks. As a special service to Kendray visitors, CCTV watches over and records the car park and the front. To discover more about the history of the building, please see Town Hall History on this site. Tel. 01226 762004 for the latest film news.

Penistone Schools
Penistone Grammar School
Yes that is its proper and legal name, although some people also add 'ALC', like go-faster stripes. This school can trace its roots back to 1392.
Penistone Grammar School. See the PGS history page
PGS Alumni
The ever-popular 'Friends Reunited' website, now owned by ITV. Unfortunately, it went from hero to zero very quickly and now the excellent local site PGS Archive and Facebook do the alumni business rather better.
Scout Dike Camp School
Located just outside Penistone across the road from Scout Dike reservoir. This outdoor pursuits centre also goes under the name of 'Kingswood' and 'Peak Venture Centre' although we are not quite in the Peak District of Derbyshire, (let alone east of the peak).
Spring Vale Primary School
A website for my old junior school, which was demolished and a new one built. They had a big reunion in Oct 2005 for fogies like me.
The new school looks very modern and spacious.
Thurlstone Primary School
A very old school dating back to something like 1880. Many of the Briggs family were educated there. It must be a really lovely place to learn, what with hens and gardening and heaps of enthusiasm. What a truly delightful and fun website.

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