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Local telephone numbers are in the Barnsley Exchange area, prefixed 01226 and mostly 76 xxxx.
Local addresses are in the S36 Sheffield postal area.
The correct form of Penistone addresses is:
(Business Name), (Street address), Penistone, SHEFFIELD, South Yorkshire, S36 xxx.

Clothing, Health & Beauty, Computers, Foodstuffs, Fixtures & Fittings, Buildings & Aerials, Pubs & Eateries, Performers, Authors, Newspapers & Media, Animals, Agricultural & Gardens, Industrial, Any Other Business.

18 Market Street
This is a hub of small businesses in the centre of Penistone, across the road from Well Pharmacy and around the corner from the Market Barn.


Cheeky Monkeys
Children's clothes. In the tall building by the ginnel on Market Street. Look for the multi-coloured railings, enter the nearest door and it is upstairs.
Facebook - 18 Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield.

Frillies Boutique
New shop in October 2016, with a range of lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. This is located next to the Launderette on Bridge St., opposite Penistone Cop Shop.
Frillies Boutique and Facebook. Frillies Boutique, 4 Bridge Street, Penistone, S36 6AJ. Call 01226 496 781, Email:

Gemini Dress Agency
A classy unit for ladies' dresses in the Springfield Mill, Denby Dale.
Gemini is on Facebook. Call 07765 501 695.

Little Trekkers
Outdoor gear specialists for kids. Great adverts on Penistone FM and a lively website to boot, with competitions and nice little rhymes. Tel 0844 855 3242 (Mon-Sat, 9am to 5pm).

Zeanti is a ladies' clothes shop on Penistone High Street with a good range of creative clothing. The name comes from the sisters' names, Zoe and Toni ('zee' and tee). Hang on, shouldn't that be Zedanti. Nah, it doesn't scan. Email: Tel. 01226 76 7441

Health & Beauty

Ambient, Body and Mind
Reiki, Massage, Mental Decluttering, Life coaching, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. Tailored Healing Packages and more. Works mobile in the Penistone and Barnsley area, in local companies and from a treatment room and workshop space in McLintocks Mill, Barnsley. Tel. or text: 07714 579 665, Email:

Auckland's Opticians
Auckland's have a history stretching back over more than fifty-five years, with seven branches in all, scattered around the north. They can also arrange for home visits and hearing tests.
Auckland Ppticians, Tel: 01226 76 6996, Email:

Clark's Chemist
Officially a pharmacy but everyone calls it plain old 'Clark's Chemist', including them. They stock pharmaceuticals, ladies' smellies, make-up, lollipops, watches, clocks, ornaments, mugs, gents' toiletries, shaving tackle, liquorice (& Imps), shampoo, stuff for bad feet, runny noses and smelly armpits. Watch for when amorous lads bottle out - and ask 'for aspirins'.

Opening Hours
Mon 8.45 am - 6 pm
Tues 8.45 am - 6 pm
Weds 8.45 am - 6 pm
Thurs 8.45 am - 6 pm
Fri 8.45 am - 6 pm
Sat 8.45 am - 6 pm
Sun Closed

Order photographic prints from your digital photos online and download the free 'desktop kiosk' software (about 23 MB). Otherwise, walk in with your memory card or CD, press a few buttons and they will do the rest. Their machine can make customised calendars from your photos. Clarks' prints are cheaper than inkjet and won't fade as quickly - because they are on proper photographic paper.
There are two websites to ponder: Clark's Chemist - Pharmacy services, and AM Clark Ltd. - Photographic services, Tel. 01226 76 3103.

Forever Living
This is included as a result of some canvassing on Penistone High Street by Jodie Couling. It looks like various kinds of beauty or 'nurturing' products but also includes a weight-loss programme.
Facebook only so far. Tel. 07752 246 151, Email:

Penistone Dental Care
Located on the High Street, they are very central to Penistone. Kind of 'Central Eating', you might say. See their website for opening hours, as every day is different. Tel. 01226 951 061

Penistone Leisure Centre
Some of us still remember it as Penistone Drill Hall, such as when it was a centre for Old Time Dancing. Then it became the Sports Centre before its current name. It was closed due to cut-backs in 2011 and an enthusiastic bunch of volunteers re-opened it. Sporting Penistone is a Community Group formed to re-open and run the centre., Facebook Tel. 07526 253 100

S Catterall Jewellery
An Etsy shop from this well-known local crafts-person. Sarah is involved with all things arts and crafts in our area, including 'Art at the Altar'.
S Catterall Jewellery

Scrivens Opticians
For spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids. Optometrist available for eye tests. Shop hours are 9am to 5pm every day except closed on Sunday.
Scrivens Penistone. 7 High Street, Penistone, Sheffield. Tel. 01226 76 2344. Manager: Jane Timmons.

'Scrummy Scents with Love'
This already appears as a stall on Penistone Market and Fox Valley Market, with bath bombs and other fragrant items like scented candles. I like the bath-bombs. The new shop is next to Green Kleens. Normal opening hours: Mon to Weds 9.30am to 3pm, Thurs and Fri 9.30am to 2.30pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.

Spa 493
This Beauty parlour opened December 2014 by beauty therapist Kristi Arabskyj. This is central to Penistone and overlooks St Mary's Street Roundabout.
Spa 493, Call 01226 872 800, Email:

Sue Nightingale
Expert in semi-permanent makeup, which can be for beauty or to help after body scarring (such as after a mastectomy).Semi permanent make-up helps to boost confidence by hiding or disguising those features which make people uncomfortable. Or they could do Michael Jackson-style permanent mascara. This is one of those businesses on Back Lane by 'The Loft'. Sue Nightingale, Market Place, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6AB. Email: Tel 07810 643 372

Well Pharmacy
This is the former Co-op Chemist in the middle of Penistone. All of the usual chemist things available, along with gift, beauty and shaving products.
11 Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 6BZ. Call 76 2185.

Opening Hours
Mon 9 am - 6 pm
Tues 9 am - 6 pm
Weds 9 am - 6 pm
Thurs 9 am - 6 pm
Fri 9 am - 6 pm
Sat 9 am - 2 pm
Sun Closed

Willow Lodge
Not something that a bloke can make any sense of. The flier looks like a message parlour for women but 'Temple Spa' sounds like a masonic away-day. They go in weary and they come out glowing. Who knows what happens in between. I give up.
Based at Halifax Rd., Hoylandswaine, Sheffield, S36 7EY., Facebook. Tel 01226 76 1975, Email:

Yoga Penistone
Its sessions can be booked through the 'Mind Body' app or by calling Claire on (mobile) 07803 855 669.
Based at 18 Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6BZ (across the road from Well Pharmacy).
Yoga Penistone

Clothing, Health & Beauty, Computers, Foodstuffs, Fixtures & Fittings, Buildings & Aerials, Pubs & Eateries, Performers, Authors, Newspapers & Media, Animals, Agricultural & Gardens, Industrial, Any Other Business.

Designers, Printers and Computer Support

Digi Print Design
This is a poster design and copying shop, situated on the corner of Bridge Street and Wentworth Road (opposite the Bridge St. chip shop).
No details and their website is completely blank except for a title. Their Facebook page is maintained as a showcase of their products., Call 01226 76 3449. Facebook.

Eskia BannerEskia Computers - Repair and Install
Eskia provide a wide range of computer support services from home PCs to corporate networks. These chaps are up to date with the latest developments and have loads of experience and knowhow. Particularly good at the art of preventing and removing computer viruses and getting the whole box of tricks back into operation again.
Unit 5 Spring Vale Industrial Estate, Spring Vale, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6HH. Tel. 01226 812000, Email:

GableLake - Graphic and Web Design
Photography & imaginative copy writing are brought together by Gable Lake graphic design in the production of: Corporate Identity, Corporate & Sales/Promotional Brochures, Mailers, Technical Support Manuals, Advertisements, Website Design, e-commerce, Point of Sale, Exhibition Materials & Stationery. The new booklet for Penistone Church was designed by them and it is a nice piece of design.
Snailmail: Workshop 1, 11 Church Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6AR., Email, Contact Stuart Gibbins: Tel. 01226 764062

Gillian Tyler - Illustrator
Artist and illustrator of children's picture books, maps, sweet drawings. Facebook entry says: 'Drawing, Painting, Children, Sewing, Making things, Being creative and running over the pennine hills.' - facebook

Go Promotional
Corporate giftware and promotional located in Suite 6 of Penistone 1.
Go Promotional Call 0800 0148 970.

Nick Hillman (Info XS) Design
Nick Hillman of Don Street is a web designer and architectural photographer. He has designed many cool websites such as Spring Vale School's. He keeps very busy, just like an imp. (Former website: Tel: 07799 06855

Penistone Design Company - Website Design and Booklets
Very active locally, building websites and other designing tasks. They also designed 'An Explorer's Guide to Penistone', which is a handy and informative booklet obtainable from the Paramount., Tel: 01226 76 5111

Simply Signs
Mostly large-format bespoke signage and print to the retail, corporate, exhibition and construction markets. Also bulk copying, stationery, vehicle livery, art canvasses, shop-fitting, exhibitions, shop front signage, shop window graphics, pavement signs, leaflets, business cards, vehicle vinyls, wall vinyls (Eg. children's bedroom wall) and some rather nice wedding stationery. Some big clients such as Leeds United, Barnsley MB Council and Meadowhell. They advertise on local radio Penistone FM.
Snailmail: Unit 2, Old Spring Vale Service Station, Sheffield Road, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6HH., Call Main office: 01226 379 400 or Andrew Turbitt: 07790 794 655, Email:

James H Wood Printers Ltd. (The Don Press)
This business name is one of the oldest in Penistone, although it has not been in the Wood family for many decades and it has not been a printer in the traditional sense for as many years. Their products are mostly rosettes and shaped prize cards for agricultural shows. No website.
Snailmail: 9 Church St, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6AR, Call 01226 76 2207.

Indoor Fixtures and Fittings

Ashley Interiors
This is a lovely little showroom in Springfield Mills, Denby Dale, and well worth a visit if you are into interiors, bespoke curtains and blinds, soft furnishings, materials, etc. Two very nice but workaholic ladies have a workshop there where you can observe them working on very high quality textile projects. It is one of those businesses that never needs to advertise.
Ashley Interiors, Tel. 01484 866 446, Email:

(The) Fire Place
The hottest business in Penistone? Two floors of traditional and contemporary fireplaces, fires and stoves.
Next door to 'the bridge' pub: 3 Thurlstone Road, Penistone, Sheffield. Open every day.
The Fire Place, Tel. 01226 76 6366, Email:

GD Walters Ltd.
Kitchens, bedrooms and appliances (not the jock-strap variety). Bang opposite Penistone Post Office, officially at 11b Market Street.
GD Walters, Tel 01226 76 5456, Email:

Love Wood Furniture
Custom hand-made furniture and kitchens from Clive Leacock in his workshop at Lodge Farm, Upper Midhope, S36 4GX. He is a highly skilled cabinet maker with over 15 years of experience. The shop is on Wentworth Road, Bridge End, Penistone.
* Web alert - website not working mid-July 2015!
Love Wood Furniture, Email: Tel. 01226 76 7468

Marsh and Co (formerly 'Bryella Interiors')
Bryella was well-established (30+ years) in Spring Vale but moved to Bullhouse Mill when new houses were built by the viaduct. Now under a different business name but similar services and the same Bryella phone number. They also have a Denby Dale showroom.
Marsh & Co. Tel: 01226 76 7124, Email:
The Old Stables, Bullhouse Mill, Lee Lane, Millhouse Green, Penistone, S36 9NN.
331 Wakefield Road, Denby Dale.

Nigel Tyas - 'Handmade in Yorkshire'
Nigel is a local lad and a high-quality craftsman who makes wondrous ironwork doo-dahs such as: wrought iron, candlesticks, mechanical doorbells, wall sconces, holdbacks, brackets, rings, portieres (wall or door mounted), menorah, gates, railings and even obelisks. I recommend that you look at his excellent videos.
Nigel Tyas Tel. 01226 76 6618, Email:
Located at Bullhouse Mill, Lee Lane, Millhouse Green.

Penistone Engineering Supplies
This is a family-owned company which has been trading well over 30 years. It is useful for hardware, such as nuts and bolts, hand tools and a lot more and there is a car repair garage adjoining. The garage/stores that is opposite Penistone Police Station and there is good parking for customers. It is well known colloquially as 'The Nut and Bolt Place opposite the Cop Shop'. On their website, they call 'The Nut House'.
Penistone Engineering Supplies, Tel 01226 76 2253, Fax 01226 766 017, Email:
Snailmail: Penistone Engineering Supplies, Bridge Street. Penistone, South Yorks., S36 6DL.

Penistone DIY
This used to be a small wood dust-filled shop in Lawrence Works, Spring Vale, but it is no longer open to the public. In fact it used to be difficult to find and access was very tricky. They are still going strong and providing a useful service. Give them a call and they can do handyman work, bespoke joinery, glass cutting or wood cutting to suit your project.
Penistone DIY, Tel. 0800 999 7710, Email:

Towngate Technologies
This is based in Thurlstone as an electrician and solar panel installer. Some good reports on Facebook for Matthew Crossland.
Snailmail: Towngate Farm, 11 Towngate, Thurlstone, Sheffield, S36 9RH.
Towngate Technologies, Tel. 01226 76 7909 or (mobile) 07766 148 278, Email:

Clothing, Health & Beauty, Computers, Foodstuffs, Fixtures & Fittings, Buildings & Aerials, Pubs & Eateries, Performers, Authors, Newspapers & Media, Animals, Agricultural & Gardens, Industrial, Any Other Business.


Chef on a Bike
Baker of all kinds of breads. Supporter of the 'Real Bread Campaign'. Now that's a good idea! How much bread these days is poor quality? It does not say it on the leaflet but you can place orders and collect your bread from the Huntsman, Thurlstone. Orders can also be collected from 37 Carr Road, Deepcar, S36 2PR, by arrangement., Email:, Tel. Dave Foster, 07717 941 963.

Hacking Hill Farm Shop
Started in 2011. It says 'Angus beef and rare breed pork is our speciality...' (etc.) but they also sell pies, eggs, cheese, pickles, fruit, jam and more. See the website for opening times. Snailmail: Hacking Hill Farm Shop, Brockholes Lane, Penistone. S36 9FB. Tel. 01226 76 4193.

Holmfirth Fresh Fish
Celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2009. New shop opened between New Mill and Holmfirth.
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 8.30am - 12.30pm
Berry Bank Lane, New Mill Road, Holmfirth, HD9 7LN.
* Web alert - website not working mid-July 2015! Call: 01484 683 151, Mobile:07703 103 600.

K Stuart & Sons (Penistone Area Milk Round)
A reliable milk delivery from a dairy farm which has its own herd of cows. This round has been going for several decades and is much recommended. Beware of imitations; a competing milk round advertises as 'local' but is from a long way away.
Call (mob) 07788 477 825.

Penistone Pies & Puddings
Business which, among other things, makes pork pies to their family's secret recipe. Now offering cookery courses too.
'Visit us' - Gyn Race, Royd Lane, Millhouse Green, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 9NY. Tel. 76 6889, Mobile: 07796 551 653.

Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream Company
Very yummy and prize-winning ice cream just up the road from Ingbirchworth. You must try it from a shop (such as the Arthouse Cafe, Wiseman's or the Loft cafe) or visit their ice-cream parlour. Drive past Melvyn Carr's at Ingbirchworth and you're there. Try their award-winning liquorice flavour.
Delph House Farm, High Flatts, Huddersfield, HD8 8XY (Facebook), Tel. 01226 76 2551, Email:

Buildings and Aerials

'Aerials and TV'
Informative and entertaining website for satellite and aerial installations. This guy clearly knows what he is doing and uses the best materials for the job. Have a look at the 'cowboy's locker' for some crazy examples of poor installations.
Shop address: 419 Langsett Rd, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 2LL. Tel: 01142 854 254

Accurate Industrial Doors - Garage doors
See 'Industrial' section below. They also do domestic doors.

Bridge End Builders
Helped to renovate Penistone Leisure Centre in 2018.
No address. Tel. Josh on (Mobile): 07896 023 481. Facebook only.

West Yorkshire Windows
New showroom opened 8th August 2015. Also called 'West Yorkshire Architectural Systems'. Installation and design of: conservatories, orangeries, solid roofs, porches, double-glazed replacement windows and doors. Also special PV slate panels.
West Yorkshire Windows, Call 0808 149 5431. Company number 08720144.

Watering Holes, Eateries and Venues
See the Pubs and Cafés page for details and phone numbers of Penistone cafés.

Blacksmith's Arms - Evening Food, Accommodation
Some very nice food and drink. Opens 5pm weekdays, noon at the weekend. Recommended.
Blacksmith's Arms Facebook Call 01226 76 4408, Mobile 07463 777 009, Email: Email:

Cinnamon Spice - Indian
Licensed curry restaurant and takeaway at 5 Market Street with chatty staff which makes it eminently fitting to Penistone's nosey culture. Comfortable and tidy and can be recommended. I took a lovely lass there on a date and she loved it much more than she did me. Well, that's how it goes. Can become very busy and it is best to book but it is an easy number to remember - think 'Penistone 6006' as most Penistone numbers start with 76. Opened February 2007.
(Website broken), Tel. 01226 76 6006

Dog and Partridge - Traditional Food, Accommodation
Bordhill, Flouch. Located high on the windy A628 Manchester road about four miles from Penistone, towards the border of a strange land beyond - Lancashire. Good ales and food, with a traditional Yorkshire menu and sponge puddings - with proper custard. There's also a veggie menu but it is somewhat limited in this huntin' and shootin' pub. Yee hah! Licensed for Civil Weddings and most likely the uncivil ones too.
Dog and Partridge, Tel 01226 76 3173, Fax 01226 379731, Email:

The Flouch Balti House - Indian restaurant and take-away.
Formerly a popular gastropub with a long history.
Hazlehead, on the way to Manchester.
Flouch Balti House, Tel. 76 6800

The Huntsman - Sundays and Special Occasions
Lively CAMRA pub in Thurlstone. It is well-regarded in the area for having the very best range of fine traditional beers for miles around and it can be found in the Good Beer Guide. Not a gastropub but they do Sunday dinner, 2pm - 7pm (or until they run out) with a veggie option. Free pub games on offer include darts, dominoes, cards, ringing the bull, bagatelle, shove ha'penny, bar skittles and giant jenga. Licensed for Civil Weddings. Quiz night Wednesdays. Tel. 01226 76 4892

(Ye Olde) Mustard Pot - Gastropub
Posh eating place at Midhopestones village. Just go up Cubley and follow the road over the top and down, across the the main A616. Then turn first-right. In fact, there's not much else in the hamlet. It was the 'Club Inn' in the good old days, as the watering hole for farmers. Tel. 01226 76 1155

Pot House Hamlet - Cafe and Ice Creams
Difficult to categorise this place in Silkstone as it covers a lot of bases. It has the 'Potting Shed' eatery (tel 01226 792 525), ice cream kiosk, Pookie ladies' clothes (01226 792 555), House of Roses greetings cards (01226 790 441), Watershed interiors (01226 791 112), JT's hairdresser (01226 790 909), Eden nail bar (01226 792 333), Horsfield's garden centre (01226 790 441) and an outdoor clothes shop (the shop's indoors). More heavily plugged on Penistone Fm than SK's bacon butties so it must be good.

Waggon and Horses - Gastropub and Functions
This Oxspring pub/eatery is old. It started as a one room pub for navvies building the railway more than 150 years ago. It's bigger now and has sprouted the Rafters Function Bar, in a spacious room upstairs which is available for private functions seven days a week. My last meal there was not wonderful. Tel. 01226 76 3259

Wortley Arms - Gastropub and Functions
Right on the bad bend by the church, the Wortley Arms has a good reputation for food, which is mostly sourced locally. Downstairs a more of a pub atmosphere whilst upstairs is 'Montagu's Restaurant' for those posher moments. Tel 0114 288 8749

Wortley Hall and Gardens - Food and Accommodation
Posh eatery and wedding venue. Also Bed & Breakfast. Tel. 01142 882 100

Clothing, Health & Beauty, Computers, Foodstuffs, Fixtures & Fittings, Buildings & Aerials, Pubs & Eateries, Performers, Authors, Newspapers & Media, Animals, Agricultural & Gardens, Industrial, Any Other Business.


Amelia St. Matthew-Daniel - Clarinetist
A classical clarinetist from Thurgoland, who has played in all sorts of orchestras, opera, Barnsley Town Concert Band, wind ensembles, Leeds Youth Orchestra, and so on. According to her facebook entry, Amelia is regularly asked to play for private functions, weddings, and stage shows.
Facebook. Sample music: Soundcloud

Rachael McShane - Singer
Rachael is a Penistone lass, a cellist and the only girl in the eleven-piece folk big-band, Bellowhead. Rachael is now embarking on a solo career and works alongside musicians whose backgrounds are rooted more in jazz, soul and funk than in folk. Her debut album is ‘No Man’s Fool’. Her dad Chris has long been a local musician in the folk tradition and an organiser of Penistone Festival of Folk. See also The Rhythm Chaps, below.
See Spiral Earth (also on Myspace), Bellowhead:

The Rhythm Chaps
With a wide range of instruments and folksie styles, these guys can do a top ceilidh for any event. Ubiquitous in the local folk scene, Mr Chris McShane is a member of the band and a qualified music teacher.
The Rhythm Chaps

Penistone's Author

Allyson Bird's book 'Bull Running for Girls' ISBN: 978-1-906652-01-2 (aimed at adults) is a very readable collection of short supernatural/dark fiction stories, 'where adventure meets horror'. Some of the stories are set around Penistone and Cubley. I found it to be good and compelling reading and I loved the spooky cover illustrations. Allyson says: "My stories are set in all the countries that I’ve travelled to and lived in, including China, Italy, Spain.... Cubley. The lady on the intro isn’t me but was photographed by the award-winning artist Vincent Chong."

Within this collection are "Females who cause trouble, some who help you out of it and some who just can’t leave it alone." Also described as "... a writer of organized chaos. Her work is Halloween candy with razor blades in it."

Another collection is out: 'Wine and Rank Poison', published by Dark Regions Press. The cover of Allyson's debut novel 'Isis Unbound' is on her website now and the book will be out soon. Its title appears to be an interesting twist on Helena Blavatsky's mystical book: 'Isis Unveiled', which was published by the Theosophical Society a century before 'MacDonna' threw money at them'.

Newspapers and Media

Barnsley Chronicle
This broadsheet for the Barnsley area celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2008. Originally eight, seven variants used to be printed each week for each district within the borough, including a nominally 'Penistone' version. Since 2017, the 'Chron' was printed as a single edition with a handful of Penistone-related news items scattered around in it. A supplement now includes local 'What's On' news for each district but with a much-reduced section for Penistone., Email
Switchboard: 01226 734734. Penistone reporter 01226 734263.
The Barnsley Chronicle, Church Street, Barnsley S70 2AS

Barnsley Local TV - BLTV
Internet-based video clips from around the Barnsley Borough, including Penistone. Most of the Facebook content derives from other news sources.
Barnsley Local TV (Facebook)

Huddersfield Examiner
A long-established newspaper with wide coverage, often including articles about our area and it is available in all Penistone outlets. In fact, The Examiner often takes an interest in our area. Several Examiner readers wrote strong letters about the 'done deal' which destroyed our historic Livestock market in favour of Tesco., Contact via website.

Look Local
Freebie newspaper mostly aimed at the Stocksbridge side of the hill but with a few items for the Penistone area. It is delivered to homes throughout Penistone. Tel. 0114 283 1100

Pen and Sword
This Barnsley publisher has a surprisingly wide range of historical and wartime books, including local ones, and is well worth a look. Same address as the Barnsley Chronicle. Tel. 01226 734222, 24-hr Ansafone 01226 734555, Fax 01226 734438

Penistone FM
Local music station located in Penistone1, overlooking St Mary's Street, Penistone. Tel. 76 4646.

TITO - Time In, Time Out
A free little pamphlet from Deepcar which tries to pull together the disparate Penistone and Stocksbridge communities. This version goes to some S36 addresses but leans more towards Stocksbridge. It always has a few adverts, phone numbers and items of interest for Penistone. To advertise, email: or call Simon Lee on 07739 901874 or Adam Nield on 07796 142892

Clothing, Health & Beauty, Computers, Foodstuffs, Fixtures & Fittings, Buildings & Aerials, Pubs & Eateries, Performers, Authors, Newspapers & Media, Animals, Agricultural & Gardens, Industrial, Any Other Business.

Animals and Pet Supplies

Calder Vets
This shop is one of a network of twelve (Denby Dale, Huddersfield, Wakefield, etc.).
Partial address: Wentworth Road (near Bridge End), Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6ET.
Calder Vets - Tel. 76 4764 for Penistone, Emergencies on 01924 465 592.

Churchfield Vets
Almost next door to The Arthouse Cafe on Church Street, right next to Penistone Church, this has been a vet for a long, long time. Also at Barnsley, Shat, Hoylandswaine and Hemsworth. Call, 9am to 6pm every day: 01226 76 2391.

Cliffe Kennels & Rescue
This is right next door to Hoylandswaine roundabout and an excellent location for a radio aerial. Established in 1965, this offers boarding facilities for cats, dogs and other small animals. Opening times 9am to 6pm every day, including weekends and they also operate a collection and delivery service. On the rescue side, please visit their rescue page and see if you can offer a good home to these animals.
* Web alert - website not working mid-July 2015! (Rescue Page: Tel 01226 76 2391

Legup Equestrian
Great name for an equestrian centre, as in "Gi' us a leg up, will t'a?" Carolyn Goldstraw organises horsey events and provides training for horses and riders around the local area. Based at Myrefield, Lee Lane, Millhouse Green, Nr Penistone. Tel. 01226 370679, Mobile 07740 178790. Email:

Tarimoor Pet Supplies
The shop is at the former South Yorkshire Home Improvements (a collection of shop units), but Tarimoor Pets is a regular on the Saturday and Thursday Penistone markets. With all of the usual bits and bobs, such as cat/dog/bird food, bird feeders, dog leads, hamster cages, play balls, etc. The shop is open every day including Sundays, accessible from the lane on the double-bend approaching Thurlstone.

Agriculture and Gardens

AK Landscapes
Long established local landscapers of repute with my old mate Kev MacShane at the helm. All garden jobs considered and concessions are available for OAPs.
Tel 01142 830 543

Argo Feeds
The company name comes from Arnold Goldthorpe and their animal feed business goes back to 1939. Their high quality and natural products are produced free from growth promoters, artificial colourants or medicinal additives for; horse, poultry, cattle, turkey, pigs, game, sheep, goats and household pets. Kirkwood Mill is the last business on the left as you leave Spring Vale towards Oxspring. Tel: 01226 762341, Fax: 01226 766707

Hadrian's Dry Stone Walls
Based in Silkstone Common, this business provides training courses, which are: Beginners Course, Corporate and Private Courses, Improvers Course, Special Features Course, Walling for Women. The last one could prove to be a cheaper alternative to divorcing their husbands. A drop of hemlock and a new extension. Video clips on their website explain what they are all about. Tel. (mob) 07952 551025

Melvyn Carr
Lots of good stuff, including: agricultural supplies, dairy equipment, fencing, blue stain to make your sheep look pretty. Don't forget the green wellies and body warmers (for you, not the sheep). Tel: 01226 764917 Fax: 01226 764918 Email


Accurate Industrial Doors
Specialist in the supply and installation, maintenance and repair of all types of industrial doors and domestic garage doors.
19 Hoyland Close, Millhouse Green, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 9NJ. Always a good idea to start with an 'A'. Email:, Tel: 01226 76 2105, Fax: 01226 76 2602

Ben Addison
Lighting and electrical contractors located in Suite 5, Penistone 1.
Ben Addison - Call 07889 845 712.

Clayton & Co (Penistone) Limited are mechanical and electrical project engineers, established in 1888. Their area of work appears to cover a wide scope, including control systems, detonators, electro-mechanical installation/servicing, control panels, valves, filters, etc. Tel. 01226 76 3130

Flouch Engineering Co. Ltd.
It says: 'Flouch is a leading manufacturer of refractory anchors and stainless steel fixings with over 50 years experience in design and production.' At Hazlehead, Flouch Eng. is not the same as the Flouch Engineering (nuts and bolts place) opposite the cop-shop. Same family. Tel. 01226 76 3239, Fax: 01226 370205, General Enquiries Email:

It's For Hire
Skip firm based in Penistone, who also deal in small plant hire and ground works. Skip Hire, Tool Hire, Grab Wagon, Digger, Dumper and Groundworks. Also a whacker plate for Scousers, an electric breaker to ruin the electrics and .... (at last something that makes some sense) .... a carpet cleaner. Tel/Fax 01226 76 1212, Mobiles: 07976 409027 and 07976 408977

Lavender International
This company started life in non-destructive testing but now specialises in training courses. It's doing very well and setting up offices in other parts of the world. HQ is next to Penistone railway station in a big boxy building and behind lots of other lavender-coloured doors in the old station building. Snazzy website. Steve Lavender is something of a philanthropist and does nice things for the community, such as sponsoring local events. Tel. 01226 76 5769

Neil J Bland
Agricultural surveying specialist located in Suite 4, Penistone 1.
Neil J Bland Call 01226 805 800,

Penistone Reinforcements Ltd.
All these years and I've never noticed a wiremill on Talbot Road. They say that it's been there for more than forty years but I still can't find it. Somewhere near to the White Heart.
* Web alert - website not working mid-July 2015! Tel: 01226 76 2158

Whitby & Chandler
Manufacturer of rubber mouldings, seals, packings, gaskets and other rubbery wotsits. Established 1923, Whitby & Chandler Ltd. is a major UK supplier of gasket and sheet materials. Located on Green Road in Spring Vale near 'Birdcage Walk'.
* Web alert - website not working mid-July 2015! Tel: 01226 37038

Clothing, Health & Beauty, Computers, Foodstuffs, Fixtures & Fittings, Buildings & Aerials, Pubs & Eateries, Performers, Authors, Newspapers & Media, Animals, Agricultural & Gardens, Industrial, Any Other Business.

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CD Autos (Vehicle Repairers)
These guys appear to have established a good reputation in our area.

Clean Deals on Wheels
This is a mobile valeting service (of motor vehicles) for the Penistone area. Recommended by a friend. Wash and Dry from £5. Full valet from £35.
On Facebook, Telephone (Mobile) 07518 758 548.

Decor For Events
Mostly wedding day decorative bits & bobs, choc fountains, chair cover, sash hire, table decor, wedding favours (oh yes?) and balloon decor. Balloons too hey? A nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse. They think of everything. Tel 76 2815 Email:

Denroyd Farm
Venue for parties, weddings, gigs, hog roasts or what-have-you. Denroyd Farm is located on a bad bend in the village of Upper Denby.
Snailmail: Denroyd Farm, Denby Lane, Upper Denby, Huddersfield, HD8 8TZ.
Weddings & Parties, call Rachael 07917 582451,, Email

Dinky Digital
Photographers' studio located in Suite 2, Penistone 1.
Dinky Digital (Facebook) Call 07818 066 012, Contact Form.

GJ Activity Village
Dance classes for all ages (inc. tiny tots). Opened January 2015 by Gemma Joel in the new shop units on St Mary's Street.
GJ Activity Village, Call 07921 815 786, Email:

Ian Gladwin
Domestic appliance repairs to mostly 'white goods'. Established 1979.
Tel. 76 4207, Mobile 07710 966 019.

J&B Antiques and Collectables
This antique shop took over the old Robinson's News shop on the corner by Penistone Church. In fact it brings a touch of class to this end of Penistone and is always worth a look around, as there is such a variety of goods on show. Cabinets in the shop can br rented, Go through to the end of the shop and you enter The Vintage Tearoom, which puts those antiques to good effect. Much of the antiques come from house clearances, which J&B will also do. the latest adverts say that they will exchange cash for gold.
Shop opening hours: 9am - 5pm every day except Weds: 9am - 1pm and Sun: 10am - 4pm.
J&B Antiques, Snailmail: 4 St Mary's Street, Penistone, S36 6DT. Tel 01226 76 6977, Email:, Facebook

K. Dyson - Funeral Director
Actually, Ken Dyson passed away in (I think) 1993 and the business continued by his son Andrew. Spomeone says it is now under different management. The premises on Barnsley Road used to be Moxon's DIY shop. The website links look useful, covering all the useful bereavement things from crematoria to catering. Tel. 01226 76 2481

Laura's Vintage Limousines
Fancy cars and chauffers for that special occasion. Daimlers and a 1926 vintage Austin Mayfair. Flowers or ribbons attached.
Snailmail: 14 Wellthorne Avenue, Ingbirchworth, Penistone, Sheffield.
Laura's Vintage Limousines, Facebook. Tel. 764385 or (mobile) 07983 981 885.

Howard and Co.
Solicitors which can offer advice and representation in most areas, including: family and children law, employment disputes, accident claims. wills and estates, buying and selling houses, criminal matters and other areas of the law.
Snailmail: 10a Market Street, Penistone, S36 6BZ, in the former Simon Blyth offices.
No website, Tel. 76 2261, Email:

JK's Recovery and Mechanical Services
24 hour recovery, Vehicle movement, Servicing, Repairs, Diagnostics, MOTs and Ecu Remapping. All aspects of work carried out. Call or Message for quote.
Local lad James Kelly akso has a breakdown truck with an amazing custom paint job.
Mon-Fri: Open 8.30am to 6pm, Saturday: 8.30am to 12.30pm.
Leapings Lane, Thurlstone, S36 9QP. Turn left at Thurlstone Bridge, up past the Prospect but don't go left at the bridge.
Tel. 07825 750680. Email:, Facebook

Laura's Vintage Limousines
Wedding cars with uniformed chauffeurs. Nice motors: 1926 Vintage Austin Mayfair Limousine (5 seats), Daimler DS420 Landaulette Limousine (7 seats) and Daimler DS420 Limousine (7 seats). Based in Ingbirchworth. Tel. 01226 76 4385 or Mob. 07983 981 885. Facebook

Light & Dark Photography
John Marshall's business is right next door to Morgan's Hair & Nails Salon and 'The Loft' Coffee Shop, on Back Lane. His pictures are very good and better than any on this website. Have a look here: Tel. 01226 76 2788

Louder Than Life Ltd
'World Music' workshops for schools and businesses. Also Samba instrument manufacturer. Located on the un-named road by St Mary's Street roundabout.
Louder Than Life Ltd Call 01226 76 5753 or use the Contact Form on the website.

Penistone Tyres Ltd
Formerly called 'Penistone Tyre Services' and founded in 1992 but taken over April 2011 by Oxspring residents Marc and Rachel Pearson. They do the usual tyre stuff, such as fitting new tyres, re-balancing, swapping them around and putting tubes in, etc.
Open 8am to 5pm weekdays, Saturday 9am to 1pm. Tel. 01226 76 7160

Pennine Law
That's the new name for Dransfield's solicitors. It moved from Bank Chambers to the old Rose & Crown building, on the corner of Shrewsbury Road. Tel 01226 76 3551, Fax 01226 76 7338

QED Financial Associates
Based in Holmfirth, QED opened around April 2014 in the new shop units on St Mary's Street.
QED Financial Associates, Call 01226 76 7787, Email:

Simon Blyth
Estate Agent, moved mid - March 2014 from their well-established shop in Market Street to a new shop unit by St Mary's Street roundabout. Branches all over. Call 01226 76 2400, Email:

Willow Babes
This is a swimming pool with evening swimming lessons for babies and pre-school children, during the week and at weekends.
Located at Willow Lodge, Halifax Road, HoylandSwaine, S36 7EY. Call 01226 812 003, Email

Clothing, Health & Beauty, Computers, Foodstuffs, Fixtures & Fittings, Buildings & Aerials, Pubs & Eateries, Performers, Authors, Newspapers & Media, Animals, Agricultural & Gardens, Industrial, Any Other Business.
See also the Barnsley Chronicle Directory

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