Penistone Street Views

Sheffield Road, Wentworth Road and Talbot Road
Let's get our bearings. Heading down the hill from Penistone Church and the cinema, we are on the last bit of Shrewsbury Road before it becomes Sheffield Road. The first shot is of the Carpet and Bed shop, formerly The Globe (see this page for its history).

The Wentworth Arms 'real Ale' pub (more in the pubs section) is at the start of Sheffield Road. Next, one from 2004 showing the former railway bridge which overlooks the Wentworth. It now carries the Trans-pennine Trail. The shop is right on the corner of Wentworth Road and was called Pat's until it closed down in the 1990s, it has now been skilfully transformed into a normal house. After it closed down, my old dad said that he had never known it to be anything other than a shop.

The last one on the top row is Wentworth Road near the Scout hut (not shown). The white windmills of Royd Moor are just visible in the full view. Wentworth Road was colloquially known as 'Boston Tip' or just 'The Tip' until around the time when most of it was properly tarmacked in the late 1960s. Not easy to ride a bike on. Its originally surface was rugged glass-like slag spoils from the old Cammel-Laird steelworks. The end after the bollards, nearest Bridge End, was still unmade and rough until the 1970s. The first and second pictures on the second row show that end.

The red-bricked houses on the right of the middle row are in 'poet's corner'. First Shelley Close then a neat rainbow view down Tennyson Close towards the viaduct. These are strictly open-plan yet, bizarrely, animal grazing is allowed in the deeds.

2008 Wentworth Arms Pat's 'new' Wentworth Road
Old Wentworth Rd. Old Wentworth Rd. Shelley Close Rainbow over Tennyson Close
  Talbot Road Cop Shop

The first one on the bottom row is just around the corner from Wentworth Road just after Bridge End traffic light. It shows Penistone's last remaining unmade road, the rough end of Talbot Road where it joins the Manchester road. The remaining picture shows Penistone's impenetrable cop shop at the posh end of Talbot Road. New houses nearby have a proper road but it runs out of tarmac just after St. Mary's catholic church.

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