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This is an old page from before the demise of the Wentworth Arms in 2013. The building was converted into flats and the previously open tunnel has been gated off at both ends. Its car park was also built upon with several new houses on a new road from Wentworth Road. It is likely that the car park (or perhaps furtther back) had been the earlier location for the older Penistone Bowling Club. Please also visit the Old Inns page.

Wentworth Arms
The Wentworth is the first civilised place you meet upon leaving the railway station and it has a good reputation for the quality of its beers and an easy-going atmosphere. It is also a personal favourite. It opens at 2pm in the week. There is always an interesting and well-kept selection of 'real ale' on offer, along with the usual lagers, cider and bottled drinks. It is owned by the Mansfield brewery but the old sign used to read: John Smith's.

Landlord Glen retired around the beginning of 2011, after being behind the bar for something like twenty-five years (middle picture with red shirt). He has earned a good rest and more liberty in his lifestyle after all those years of commitment. New tenants Geof (middle-right picture) and his wife took over in May 2011. He is from Mansfield. Geof was very impressed to discover that the cellar is actually a room the same size as the pub and he thought it would be great if someone could make use of it. It would be a very large room.

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Wentworth Arms snugWentworth Arms passagewayMain room

As you enter this fine hostelry, there is a spacious main room to the right with fireplace and jukebox. Straight ahead is the pool room, which is popular with younger visitors. Near the main door is the comfortable 'snug' room to the left, with TV where a cosy collection of regulars will happily strike up conversation. There is a large function room upstairs available for weddings, etc.

The old archway has stones worn down at each side, reflecting its historical use for coaches and horse traffic. There is a table outside at the front which comes in handy on sunny days and for Trans-pennine Trail cyclists. The pub is right next to the bus stop for Sheffield-bound buses. Telephone: 01226 762494

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