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The pub part has a separate family room, a small quiet room often used for private functions, a large and comfortable main area and a dark corner near to the bar for more intimate gatherings or assignations. A good range of proper real ales is available along with all of the usual popular beverages and tea or coffee. Car parking is ample and well lit at night. There is a children's obstacle course outside and a beer garden in the well maintained grounds. There is plenty of room for a kick-about if you bring along a kid and a ball.

Cubley Hall is located a good distance from the centre of Penistone, up the steep hill of Mortimer Road. It is a long but pleasant walk from penistone centre on a summer's day but is mostly downhill on the way back. No. 21 or 22 Buses come from Penistone every hour in a circular trip. (The bus information was true around 2010 but might have changed).

The leaflet says that it was a moorland farm on a pack-horse route in the 1700s, then a gentleman's residence with four acres of gardens and grounds during the reign of Queen Victoria. According to the leaflet, it became a children's home in the 1930s (Penistone Almanack 1984 says it was 1950).

The Children's Home was closed by Barnsley Council in 1980. An annual running cost of £100,000, inconvenient location for children travelling to special schools and a degree of unruly behavior by some of its children attending Penistone Grammar School were said to be factors in making the decision to close it. A year later, Penistone Town Council attempted to find other uses for the community, including a swimming pool being suggested.

In 1980, former truck drivers John and David used their redundancy money to buy Cubley Hall. I recall being enthusiastically shown around by one of them as the cement was drying, just before it opened in 1982. They built it up into a popular pub, restaurant and guest house. In 1990 an old oak-beamed stone barn was converted into a large carvery. Accommodation was added in 1996.

In 2007 they proudly celebrated their 25th anniversary (bottom row) with a series of events, including the New Orleans Strollers jazz band and children's entertainment. A Victorian-style Garden Pavillion was built in 2008 with panoramic views over Penistone and distant hills. See the Cubley Hall Pavillion page for more details.

Main door to Cubley HallMain roomMain room dining areaBandstand
Cubley Hall JubileeCubley Hall JubileeCubley Hall Jubilee MagicianCubley Plan 1922

The resident ghost, Miss Florence Lockley is affectionately known as 'Flo'. The story goes that she was married at Cubley Hall in 1904 (another account gives the Methodist Chapel) and there are photographs of her and her family on the walls of Cubley Hall. Take a look at the Spooky Stories page which has a lot more backgound to the ghost of Flo from when the hall was a children's home (for orphans, etc.).

In 1921-22, a housing estate was constructed in Cubley to be a 'model village' for the Cammell Laird workers. It was designed by architect Herbert Baker, who had worked on New Delhi with Sir Edward Lutyens. The final picture on the bottom row above shows the original, symetrical street plan. It is still on display in Cubley Hall near to the bar. Take a look at the Cubley History page for more on the unfulfilled model village.

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Address: Cubley Hall, Mortimer Road, Penistone S36 9DF
Telephone: 01226 76 6086

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