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Copyright for materials used in this website is neither implied nor granted without my express permission. Copyright is a serious matter and I have been careful to use either my own pictures or, where I have used others, I have not to my knowledge infinged any living copyrights and I have obtained permission for the use of photographs from other sources. Non-commercial websites may be able to use copies of my own pictures with my explicit permission and to the extent that I grant it. I do not mind PGS students using my pictures for school use (such as their earlier 'Localbiz' site).

Some pictures use an electronic watermark. Some pictures will be copyright to other people and I am not in any position to grant permission of their use to third parties. Where I have used information from leaflets and books, etc., I have listed my sources in a reference page, except for the History Timeline pages where I have listed sources seperately. Where I have included links to other websites, copyright and accuracy of information is up to them and I cannot be held responsible for their transgressions.

In the case of the big Events List, I am very happy for others to use any information I have collected for use in their own listings, in the hope that they do not mind me doing the same in reverse. My list was originally set up as a news feed for local radio 'What's On' announcements.

Inclusion in Photographs
There is an increasing awareness of the need to protect vulnerable members of the public and to protect the rights of people in private places. To this end, I seek (and have sought) the permission of people featured to include them in indoor pictures.

In many cases I have waited for people to move out of shot so that they might not be identified but this has not always been practicable. In some cases this has made a building (pub, etc.) appear to be deserted. I have especially avoided photographing young people unless unavoidable in a public place, in a public event such as Penistone Parade or Penistone Show.

The opinions in the text are generally my own and factually correct to the best of my knowledge. Context is everything and no offence is intended where I am in an obviously whimsical style. Also, I have linked to appropriate sources to support some views and opinions.

For example, where I have quoted certain mandatory requirements for a Community Radio Licence, such as: 'The Facilitation of Discussion and the Expression of Opinion' - and that the provider must be - '... Accountable to the Community that the Service is Intended to Serve,' I have backed that up as a fact with an appropriate reference. See Ofcom's 2016 Consultation (page 36 onwards, pdf).

The information in this website is correct to the best of my knowledge but it is provided 'for general information only'. I am not a historian and cannot be sure of the accuracy of some of my sources, which sometimes do not agree with each other. There is always a chance that I will have made mistakes here and there. The visitor must accept that there is a risk of inaccuracy on this website.

I am not responsible for the content of websites which have been linked from this 'Penistone Pictorial' website. Neither do I necessarily agree or disagree with the content of any website linked from this website, although I believe that people have a right to make their views known. This might apply to political websites that I have linked to.

I will not be liable for loss or damage including, without limitation, any indirect or consequential loss, or damage, in connection with the use of this website. You're on yer own, mate.

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