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White Hart and Bridge End
The first two aerial photographs of the White Hart were kindly loaned to me by the landlord, the late Frank 'Sam' Thacker. They are exactly fourty years apart to the day: 1962 and 2002. The pub has a history from 1377, spanning more than four hundred years - and it has a ghost. In the old shot, we thought that the the white car was a Hillman Humber and the black one in the pub car park was a Rover.

White Hart 1962 White Hart 2002

In the more modern picture on the right, 'The Bridge' public house next door is closed and boarded up while it was being extensively refurbished. The pubs page shows them from ground level and you can read something of their history on the Old Inns page. A pelican road crossing and traffic lights have replaced the old zebra crossing but the red telephone box is still in place. Towards the end of the 2000s, the inner car parking area behind the gate was turned into a small garden centre.

The small top-left building is a fish and chip shop in both pictures. It was a wooden shack for a long time before it was rebuilt in brick a few years ago. In the old picture, the wooden shack next to the crossing was a bicycle shop, which was handy for the schoolies. In the old 'wireless' days, it was common for people to take their accumulators to the shop for recharging. It is now the small car park for the 'Taste of India' take-away and restaurant.

The view below is from 1973. It shows the old row of houses on Wentworth Road and again the derilict bicycle shop which is almost on to Penistone Bridge. Mr Taylor's blacksmiths shop is visible on the corner with Talbot Road. He died some time in the 1990s. He was easily annoyed by an old nickname which, iIn deference to his good name, I won't repeat it here. The last picture is of a street gathering at a barbecue by the White Hart, date unknown.

Bridge end aerial view 1973 Barbeque

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