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Penistone Charities in General

Local Charities
The Charity Commission website holds a wealth of information about local Clubs and Societies; just search 'Penistone', 'Thurlstone' or 'Oxspring'. Then follow the trustee names to see related charities. There are some very obscure and interesting charities for Penistone with very long histories, such as: Penistone Girls' Free School Trust (aka The Penistone School Trust 529444), John Wordsworth (259838), Samuel Wordsworth (248493), William Rich (241891), Penistone Relief in Sickness Charity (255331), Charity of Joseph Yeardley for the Poor (243834). A trustee of the Samuel Wordsworth charity is very proud of its good works for Penistone. The long defunct Thurlstone Bell Orchestra (509149) and the current Penistone Grammar School Foundation (529458) can also be found.

See also: Some clubs without websites might be on the 'Voluntary Action' alphabetic list.

Outdoor Sports and Activities
Penistone & District Angling Club
Founded in 1964 but has had a hard time over the years. Cubley Top pond went when woods were fenced off and closed to the public. Then Cubley Bottom pond (the brewery pond) was bought and closed off. Then River Don at Oxspring, when houses were built at the bottom of Bower Hill and fishing rights were given to Oxspring parish council (good old Cllr Wade, what).
No website as yet. Kevin Trickett is chairman:
Penistone Church Football Club
Established in 1906, PCFC continues to enjoy good support from the community. PCFC has two full-sized football pitches, of which one has floodlights and a stand. Mini soccer pitch for junior sides and floodlit 6-a-side all weather pitch and training area. There are 4 changing rooms and a fully-licensed clubhouse which holds 100 people. The club provides a centre for local people to meet, socialise and take part in sporting activities in a friendly atmosphere. Penistone Footpath Runners also meet here (see below). All the facilities, including pitches and clubhouse are available for hire. Please note that no dogs are allowed at the club under any circumstances. Address: PCFC, Memorial Ground, Church View Road, Penistone, S36 6AT.
PCFC. Also Facebook. Tel. 01226 370 095
Penistone CIC or 'Cycle Penistone'
'CIC' means 'Community Interest Company'. It is a bicycle hire and repair centre near Tesco and by the Trans-Pennine Trail. It is next to Jackie's cafe and accessible from the St Mary's Street roundabout. Opening Times: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm; Sunday 10am to 4pm.
Penistone CIC. Also Facebook, Twitter, Tel. 01226 872 310, which does not look like a Penistone number.
Penistone Cricket & Sports Club
Down the very steep Queen's Street, off Sheffield Road, Spring Vale, S36 6HD. A club with a very long history and an important centre of Penistone's sporting tradition. New members are always welcome. Join the club by attending and asking at any home game, any meeting, function or practice session. Otherwise, just ask an existing member to enrol you.
PFRPenistone Footpath Runners
This long-running (can't resist the pun) and very popular club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6.30pm at Penistone Church Football Club, Church View Road. They still do some runs from the 'Leisure Centre' (sports centre) and have a range of accredited races, such as the annual 10km race (which used to be on Show Day), Thurlstone Chase and other popular races. Never call them 'joggers' unless you want a fat lip. Their website has an interesting section on Penistone history.
Penistone, Thurlstone and District Ploughing Association
No details found but they have annual competitions in September at Bromley Farm, Wortley. They also enter the Society of Ploughmen's national competitions in October.
Penistone & District Riding Club
From their website: 'Founded in 1977 from humble beginnings, with a small group of parents getting together and organising simple events. Over the 30 years membership grew and the shows became more professional. The club now runs four open shows every year, the Spring and Summer shows, held at Penistone Recreation Ground having five rings and running Ridden, Inhand, Working Hunter and Show Jumping classes.'
Penistone Riding Club - Forum.
Penistone Scout Group
The Penistone troop has been around for decades and has a purpose-built scout hut on Wentworth Road, Penistone, which is also the headquarters of what used to be called the Girl Guides. These days, they are all called Scouts. (Charity No. 514173).
Pennine Sailing Club
The scenic Winscar reservoir is a popular area for walking and picnicking close to the hamlet of Dunford Bridge. It also has a thriving sailing club with occasional open days, when the public can have a go. After capsizing a boat I decided to not to try it again.
Penistone Show
This annual event has put Penistone well on the map, with lots to see and do (but do avoid the junk food - get your hand stamped and visit a cafe or pub instead). Our biggest and best event of the year on the second Saturday of September is an agricultural show but the cow factor is much less these days. There are also a wide range of other interests, including such as: band performances, thespians, trade stalls, cars, children's entertainments, a bar, food stalls, charities, armed forces, horse shows, and much more. Always a good day's family entertainment. Good, organised car parking and public transport connections with Huddersfield, Sheffield and Barnsley. (New URL)
Spring Vale Community Garden
The Garden was originally called 'Grow Penistone', as one of several projects financed by the (disbanded) Penistone and District Community Partnership and described in 'suit-speak' as: 'Creating a Sustainable Food-Growing Community within Penistone'. The community garden is located next door to the Dumpit site, down the deeply pot-holed road. This is a volunteer-run and friendly gardening group, which always invites new volunteers. It has occasional Open Days and other events, which has even included African dancers, and its products can sometimes be found on sale outside Cafe Creme, High Street.
Spring Vale Online - Facebook. (Registered Charity 1159842)

Social and Artistic
Hen's Teeth
It started as Penistone & District Visual Arts Group but divided into two with Pennine Artists (see below) for the more commercially minded and Hen's Teeth for more charity-oriented activities. Their website says: 'Hens Teeth is a creative networking organisation working in Penistone and District. We're dedicated to raising the profile of artists and craftspeople in the area. We come together at various times in the year to share resources and ideas.' One of its popular annual events is 'Art at the Altar' in Penistone Church. Its 2009 event raised more than £2000 for the Royal Marines Benevolent Fund.
Pennine Artists
See the entry above for how they came about. It says on their website: 'Pennine Artists are the visual arts group based in the hills of the Pennines, Yorkshire, England. We have members from the English, South Yorkshire market town of Penistone and many of the nearby villages - Silkstone & Silkstone Common, Thurgoland, Oxspring, & Thurlstone. Members include painters & potters, textile artists & felt makers, silversmiths & kiln glass artists, toy & automata makers.'
Penistone Camera Club
These guys have been around since the box brownie and are doing well. They have moved from the old Wentworth Arms venue to the Community Centre, 7.30pm Wednesdays. PCC always puts on a good exhibition at Penistone Show.
Penistone Community Arts PCA - Appears to have disbanded.
This was rather odd for a 'community' group, in that there was no information or publicity to enable anyone to join it. The name first appeared around the late noughties, to set up an outdoor arts event with interactive artworks in such as the Sensory Garden (Penistone churchyard). Unfortunately, there were a few organisational problems and it did not happen. Then the name appeared again to raise funds for the 'No Horizons' play about Sir Nicholas Saunderson, performed twice locally and at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival. For an organisation without any real 'Community' connection, it was successful at raising funds, with generous contributions from the Penistone Ward Alliance (£1.500) and Penistone Freemasons (£4,400) in 2016. The PCA name did not re-appear after 2016 and the play continued under its own name - 'No Horizons'.
See Facebook.
Penistone Embroiders' Guild
Another obscure organisation in Penistone without a notable web presence but its activities come to the surface from time to time. This link is for the national organisation.
Penistone Royal British Legion
There are two organisations within Penistone Royal British Legion. The ceremonial or Services side organises Remebrance Day in Penistone and is organised by the Penistone Branch of the national RBL organisation, while the day-to-day running, Club Trips and the entertainment side comes under the Club Committee. The 'Women's Section' was organised under the national organisation and was disbanded in 2016 on their orders but it still continues on a local basis. The RBL has Lounge artistes every Saturday night, Bingo Nights, and a popular, fortnightly Quiz Night. Market Day morning coffee mornings are also popular and open to non-members. Sports such as Football and Racing can be viewed on the Games Room television sets and the Games Room has two full-sized and well-maintained Snooker Tables., Office Telephone: 76 6911. See also the RBL page on this website.
Penistone Freemasons
Charitable men-only club based in the Masonic Hall, adjacent to Penistone Town Hall and Council Chamber. Admission is by invitation only. Well-regarded in the community for its charitable acts. West Yorks website has promo video to explain their activities. It says: Pengestone L. 3rd Wed (ex 7 & 8) also 3rd Sat., which might be code for 'get the drinks in'. Also a women's section.
Penistone Round Table
Involved in activities too numerous to mention but especially the major community events, such as: Penistone Mayor's Parade, Bonfire Night, December sleigh runs and Proms in the Park (often in association with other organisations). Membership is open to men of 18 to 45 years and the annual membership fee is in the region of £100 each. The Penistone RT social life has been described as 'legendary'. Penistone RT receives contributions (Eg. Penistone Town Council, £5,000 grant in 2016) for its community events and raises money from collections and gate charges but its outlays and event costs (Hiring fees, Advertising, Public Liability Insurance, etc.) are substantial. All the money raised from these events go into a charity account for donating to good causes. Of course, there were Penistone Parades and Bonfire Nights long before these chaps took the corners off their table but the RT does a good and enthusiastic job and is much appreciated by our town.

Regarding their own functions, such as dinners, nights out and national events, they are not funded from council hand-outs, etc., but are self-funded by the members. Penistone Round Table gives generously to local good causes. An RT message in February 2017 explains all: 'Last night we approved over £2,500 towards local good causes, including Hoylandswaine Bowling Pavilion repairs, Oxspring Primary playground markings, Spring Vale Community Garden, Penistone White's under-10s football, a defibrillator for Green Moor, Hoylandswaine Playgroup mats and a local animal shelter. It's great to be able to reinvest in our community. (Facebook) - Contact Email. (Charity No. 1051588) 'Related Groups: Penistone Ladies' Group and 'Penistone 41 Club'.
Penistone 41 Club
This is a continuation of the Round Table (see above) for those who have grown beyond the 45-yrs age limit. Some members could be quite old, but still kicking. According to their website, they are also called the '41 Bofs'. A wiki page explains that the RT age range ends at 40, but that must be old news as the national RT site now says 45. That might explain the original use of '41' in the club name.
Penistone 41 Club.
Penistone Ladies' Circle
They are separate from, but associated with, Penistone Round Table (see above) and both groups work together on Penistone's main events. Both clubs kick out their members when they reach the age of 45. Described thus: 'We are a very friendly and sociable group of around twenty young women, with an aim to have fun, make new friends and take part in community events.'
Penistone Ladies' Circle (Facebook).
Penistone Youth Centre (Former 'Surf and Snack Shack')
No obvious on-line presence, so there's no current information, and it has periodic makeovers with a new title every so often, to present us with a moving target. Previous Info: Youth Internet Cafe and Youth Club - for ages 11 to 19. Cheap Admission, at 82 High Street, Penistone, S36 6BS, opposite the top of Ward Street. Open Access Youth Centre offering a wide variety of activities for young people, such as: ICT Facilities including free internet access, Art and Creativity, Variety of Sports, Skills development and meeting friends.
Sporting Penistone
This is based in the old Drill Hall, Manchester Road and was resurrected through strenuous local community efforts, in spite of set-backs such as fittings being stolen. A wide range of activities: Football, Badminton, Rugby, Volleyball, Table Tennis (aka 'whiff whaff'), Martial Arts, Roller Skating, Games, Circuits and more.
See Sporting Penistone. (Reg. Charity No. 1157786)

Musical and Entertainment:
Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir
These fine singists have been around for donkey's years and is still very active in our local area. Our old PGS metalwork teacher Mr Crossland ('Gosh') belonged to it in the 1960s. Bolsterstone is (possibly) named after its exposed and windy location. Don't ask. (Charity Number 517581).
Cawthorne Brass Band
This band has a history stretching back to 1873 and has a tradition of not taking part in contests. They do get around a bit, though.
Millhouse Green Male Voice Choir
These illustrious singists meet at Millhouse Institute every Monday evening at 7.30pm. On their earlier website, they were described as 'extremely friendly'. I would have settled for 'moderately friendly'. Anyway, they might be friendly at a more acceptable level now. They remain very active and tuneful., Charity No. 1074224.
Penistone Competitive Music Festival Association - The Penistone Competitive Music Festival is held on the last Saturday of September at Penistone Grammar School. It has a range of categories to suit all abilities and age groups. This event was founded by Millhouse Green Male Voice Choir in 1969. I am a supporter in my own small way, as a 'Patron of the Arts.'
Penistone Comp Music Fest. Registered Charity No. 511148.
Penistone Cinema Organ Trust
This group attracts large numbers of mostly elderly visitors to Penistone from all over the country, bringing useful trade to our town. With weekly Thursday 1pm concerts on the Compton organ at the Paramount and concerts at St. Andrews church on the 'Allen 317ex' organ. (Have a look behind the scenes in the Town Hall).
Penistone Ladies' Choir
This singing group is somewhat low-profile but it made it to the famous Mrs Sunderland Competition in Huddersfield - and won in their class. Well done and thanks for the link back, ladies. They are very active and their Facebook page is kept up to date. - Facebook
Penistone Theatre Group
Always a very busy and popular thespian group with a good range of material. 'Entertaining the community since 1952'. 'The Shack' is their own HQ building on Bridge Street, usually decorated with posters.
Pennine Rumblers - Possibly retired.
It has been described as 'music for non-musicians' but it looks like a fun activity for all involved - and a bit loud. The Rumblers alternate between a holding a community rhythm circle and an African Drumming class. It might be described as: a jam-session with drums, bells, shakers and almost any other sort of percussion. It might have finished in our area, as it does not appear on any local posters these days.
The website has gone and Facebook has not been updated in months.
Razzmatazz Community Youth Musical Theatre Company
For youngsters 10-19 years old, this very energetic group started in 2004. Productions include: 'Whistle Down The Wind', 'Return To The Forbidden Planet', 'Fame' and 'Les Miserables (school edition)', 'The Wiz' (-ard of Oz), 'Bugsy Malone' and even 'The Little Shop of Horrors'. Weekly meetings at Spring Vale Methodist Chapel, Tues 7.15pm with fully-qualified Performing Arts instructors.

Razzmatazz Adult Theatre Section - RATS
Parents of the above wanted to join in the fun and an adult section was formed in 2008, open to anyone 18+ years old. Their first production was 'The Full Monty'. Still no obvious website so far. Contact for all sections: Christine Cooksey 07764 963000,
Thurlstone Brass Band
This band is a great asset to our area and always a welcome sight and sound. My uncle Wilfred Aspinall (a railwayman) used to play a big wind instrument for them a long time ago. You can view some good pictures on their website. Looks like they might have been sponsored by Denby Dale pies.
Thurlstone Brass Band (Facebook)
Bell ringers - not clickableYorkshire Association of Change Ringers
Well, they say that change is as good as a rest and these are certainly the guys to do it right. The name suggests 'coin counterfeiters' but they are actually a society of campanologists, and another unsung asset to our town. Campanologists? That's bell ringers to you and me. Listen to them practice every Thursday evening at 7.30pm, Sundays at 10am as a civilised 'call to prayer' and usually at posh weddings. I can never quite work out what tune they are playing ;~) They are always on the look-out for new recruits.

Our fine old Penistone Church has eight mucky bells of good timbre, although there had been only six before 1924, which was a year of other improvements to Penistone church. The clock was replaced and an extra face fitted to the South side. The bells have a pleasant tone to augment any special occasion. The church clock uses the bells in a fine Westminster chime. Please take a look at the Church History page, which has a lot of interesting information on the bells, the tower and Penistone Church.

Campaigning & Conservation Groups
BMBC 'Love Where You Live' - Penistone Area Team
This is an invention of Barnsley Metropolitan District Council (BMBC) to inspire people to volunteer to do clean-ups, etc. A 'Penistone Team' was set up by Penistone Ward Alliance. Its membership is likely to be mostly local councillors.
For the wider Barnsley area, see BMBC's LWYL and Penistone FM's LWYL. Contact by Email to John Openshaw, or LWYL (BMBC) or call 01226 773 012. For the Penistone area, see the local Facebook.
Fairtrade in Penistone
A national organisation to help impoverished people in foreign lands to get a fair price for their produce. The local branch campaign to make Penistone a 'Fairtrade Town' was satisfied by the FairTrade organisation in 2007. Seemingly the same people as FoE, the Penistone branch participates in the national 'Fairtrade Fortnight' every year, February - March, where they give away chocolate on the streets and hold a small fair in St Andrew's Church., Fairtrade Foundation
Friends of the Earth
Penistone FoE meets 7.30pm, St Andrew's Church on the first Monday of every month. Very active locally and enjoy a particularly close relationship with Penistone Town Council. They hold meetings for the public to question local politicians when elections are around the corner. They were 'tipped the wink' and very involved in drawing up the questionnaire for the local council's 'Community-Led Plan' and they helped to process its results.
Penistone FoE Contact: Rachel Gibbons 76 2670
Penistone Ladies' Circle
This is a friendly and sociable group of wine lovers. Sorry, that should read 'young' ladies (generally 18 to 45), having fun, making friends and taking part in community events. A spin-off from the Round Table with a monthly meeting and a monthly social. Described as: 'A cracking bunch of girls, generally wives/partners of Tablers' but membership is not restricted to PRT Wags. Activities include rounders (US English = 'softball'), 'manning' the Gala stall, Bonfire Night refreshments and braver ones take part in 'Race 4 Life'. Call Louise on 07809 147 667
Trans-Pennine Trail Conservation Volunteers - TPTcv
This active group aims to keep the T-P Trail in good condition between Penistone and Dunford Bridge, by organising work groups on the first Sunday of each month. They do some sterling work and get mucky in all kinds of weather, and entirely for the public good. Everyone is welcome to join in. They have some tools but they ask that you dress appropriate for the work and take a packed lunch. Meeting details are on their website.
Volunteer in Barnsley
This was a on link from 'Love Where You Live'. Presumably, volunteers would be able to choose where to work in the Borough. So it might apply also to the Penistone area.
Volunteer in Barnsley
Woodhead Tunnel
A Cheshire-based campaign group in the forlorn hope of reinstating the Trans-Pennine railway through the tunnel, which now houses National Grid cables. It all looks dormant now but their link still works in Aug 2016:

Community Groups
Birds Edge Community
The Village Hall was completely refurbished May 2009 to offer the community of Birdsedge a social hub for the village. This group is behind the annual Gala and other local activities. Village Hall:
Community Action Penistone - 'CAP'
Aimed at those who share the same passion as former Councillor Michael Boaler in protecting green belt land and the environment in Penistone and the surrounding area. The group is kept alive by lively discussions and local information. In fact, this one is the 'go to' for the topics which local people are concerned about (unlike a supposedly 'community' radio station I could mention).
Facebook Group.
Dunford Parish Community Association
Founded in 1993 for Dunford Parish and surrounding areas, which is mostly Crow Edge. Its main asset is The Parish Community Centre at Victoria with a large hall and three acres of field. Famous for monthly Car Boot sales and it is (or was) the home of Huddersfield Model Aircraft Club. Contact via 76 2533. It is a Registered Charity, No. 1026536
Millhouse Green Village Community Association
A long title for MGVCA and, colloquially, 'Millhouse Community Group'. A well-run and active community group for the village and centred on the Millhouse Institute (Village Hall). They also organise the annual Village Gala. They have been successful in (re-)establishing a tennis court for the village. Their Facebook page has disappeared but Twitter users might still find them: Twitter MGVCA.
Oxspring Parish
Oxspring is a small but growing village community of just over 400 households, just a couple of miles away from Penistone on the main A629 Sheffield Road. This is an active Parish Council website with plenty to discover and encompasses the community spirit of Oxspring.
Penistone and District Society
With a large, elderly and distinguished membership. A Community Centre noticeboard reveals activities which appear to be centred on walking, arranging trips and listening to guest speakers. They have some history helping to preserve and protect Penistone's heritage and were involved with the spurious 1984 Penistone Almanack.
No website. Charity No. 1020959.
Thurlstone Community Group
A very active group who do a great job for the Thurlstone community, including Thurlstone's Annual Gala. They were also behind the new Thurlstone War Memorial (by Jim Milner), which was inaugurated in 2014, and have held public meetings about the danger of over-development or inappropriate development by house-building companies.
The Facebook link appears to have changed - Thurlstone Community Group
Thurgoland Community
A neat website with lots of local information.

Political Parties
This party is most strongly represented in the Barnsley Council's 'Penistone East' Ward, while 'Penistone West' is more finely balanced.
See BMBC Elections and PTC Elections, also
Green Party
Not a big political showing in Penistone as the similar-ish 'Friends of the Earth' has much better political connections and is more influential.
See Sheffield Green Party
See BMBC Elections and PTC Elections. Also the Labour Party homepage. There does not appear to be a Penistone Branch of the Labour Party.

Angela Smith is current MP for the Penistone and Stocksbridge constituency. She was re-elected in May 2015 and with a reduced majority in June 2017.
See Angela Smith and Penistone Parliamentary Elections.
Liberal Democrats
The Lib-Dems do not appear to have a strong following in the Penistone area, given the local polarisation between the Labour and Conservative parties. The Libdems did poorly at the 2017 election but, unlike the other participants, there was minimal effort from them in our area.
See Penistone and Stocksbridge Liberal Democrats and Penistone Parliamentary Elections.
United Kingdom Independence Party (Penistone and Stocksbridge UKIP)
This has had increasing popularity in recent times and is attempting to widen its scope, post-Brexit. It had poor support from voters in the June 2017 election.
See Penistone and Stocksbridge UKIP and Penistone Parliamentary Elections.

Charities, Help Groups and Others:
Barnsley 'Heads Together'
This unregistered charity raises funds for local families who have suffered serious loss or trauma. It has been particularly active raising funds in memory of Jack and David, the two children who were murdered by their father in a fire, with fun runs and other events. There is a national 'Heads Together' organisation with different aims. For more information, call Emma Stead (mobile) on 07941 047 999. See Barnsley Heads Together Charitable Trust and Facebook.
Busy Bees
Childcare group and part of a national organisation. They originally applied for Planning Permission to build on recreational land by the Bowling Club, which sparked a vehement protest from residents (see the PAGE protest page). Then they renovated the National School on Church Street. It had become delapidated and little used except for sporadic Masonic meetings. They did a remarkable job of renovating the building, including demolishing the toilet block which had been built without permission on to the wall of a neighbouring business (on a Sunday when nobody was watching). Nationally, the Busy Bees are well-funded and a registered charity.
Busy Bees Penistone ( Charity No. 1093664)
Help for Heroes
A worthy national charity which gives practical support to wounded UK servicemen and their families. It is supported by national newspapers, and particularly The Sun. There does not appear to be a local branch but it is often the destination of local fund-raising.
Marie Curie Cancer Care
A national group to raise funds in the hope of enabling more terminally ill cancer patients to be cared for in their own homes, closer to their loved ones. There is a Penistone branch but does not appear to be a local website. For more information (locally), call Katie, 0114 279 3010. Marie Curie CC.
Mo's MoggiesMaureen's Moggies
The proper name is Maureen's Penistone Cat Rescue - MPCR - but I like my alliteration better and I suspect that Maureen does too. If you would like to be adopted by a feline friend, Maureen will have a moggie to suit your needs, in Penistone. Maureen's Moggies usually has a stand at the Charity Bonanzas in Penistone Community Centre. Also see Beryl's Bunnies and Guinea Pigs below, at Royston Animal Rescue. Email: Tel. 01226 761872.
The old website has gone but here's an Animal Rescue contact page.
Penistone Gateway Club
An unregistered local charity which holds a weekly social night for people with special educational needs. It provides a safe and welcoming environment with a wide and varied range of activities. The group meet at St Andrew's Church (details to follow). Volunteers are always welcome.
Penistone Gateway Club, on Facebook.
Penistone Line Partnership
PLP supports activities for the Huddersfield - Penistone - Sheffield railway line, the 'Penistone Line'. Notably, the upkeep of stations but also the on-train Jazz or Folk nights with Black Sheep beer (good stuff if it isn't shaken about too much). They also arrange interesting station-to-station walks and, of course, there's always a convenient pub near railway stations to top up with. I have borrowed their animated graphic here ....
Note the new URL: - PenLine Partnership. Their Facebook page is kept current.
Penistone Pre-School
Established for over 30 years, registered with Ofsted and the staff are fully qualified. Sessions Mon - Fri during term time, Lunch Club four times a week, two Playgroup sessions, and a popular Parent and Baby/Toddler Group Friday afternoons. Penistone Pre-School is based at the old Drill Hall - Penistone Leisure Centre, Thurlstone Road, Penistone. Note that the website has changed. - The message says 'This website is Frozen' (Aug 2016). Contact via their contact page, if the site thaws out.
Penistone Young Farmers Club
This club has been around since 1944 and is "up for owt". I was impressed by their barn dances in the 1980s. Great fun and they have a surprisingly busy and varied itinerary. It's a shame I'm too old to join. They always have a very entertaining and unbeatable tug-o'-war team at Penistone Gala, seeing as they are made of girders. -Another site with a message which says 'This website is Frozen' (Aug 2016). Facebook
Royston Animal Rescue (inc. Beryl's Bunnies)
A.k.a. Guinea Pig Re-home. It's not really Penistone but Beryl is a local lass involved with RAR - and I knew her mum and dad. If you would like to adopt a rabbit, guinea pig or other small furry animal, call Beryl on 01226 765884. Remember, a Beryl isn't just for Christmas.
West Yorkshire Dog Rescue (Reg. Charity 1132348) - A new second-hand shop for Penistone, February 2017, opposite the British Legion. The shop accepts donations of: furniture, soft furnishings, electrical goods and household items. It also invites arts and crafts for sale: 'Local crafters and artisans, are you interested in having your wares in our shop and would you be interested in doing demonstrations'. Email: Jane or call 07881 900 421.
WY Dog Rescue
Wortley Top Forge
Working forge machinery with much steam in evidence. A living museum and well worth visiting. Look for one of their special open days, hold your breath and enter.
Vegetarian Stuff
OK, so it's not a Penistone thing but I have been a veggie for nearly three decades and don't eat anything with a face. And anyway - it's my website!
In the 21st century, I do this because I can. It's healthy and better for the planet. 'Bah, humbug', I hear you say. But, with world food shortages, grain for animals goes a lot further when it is used as food for people. Also I think it is less primitive and elevates us above the other creatures, gives us a clearer conscience, reduces animal distress and is a natural progression for the human race. Upwards and onwards. Some tree-hugging websites: - - - -
Woodhead Mountain Rescue
Very active group who always attend Penistone Parade and local galas. It says here: "The primary function of the Team is to provide a search and rescue service in upland mountainous areas, assist the police to search for vulnerable missing persons in lowland rural areas. The majority of the Team’s incidents have been in Derbyshire, South and West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester." They could do with a good financial boost.
Yorkshire Air Ambulance
The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is an independent charity. Based in Halifax but providing a life saving rapid response emergency service to 5 million people across Yorkshire. It is also a popular and worthy charity for our area. Tel:. 0845 1206060 Fax: 01422 280123 Charity No. 1084305.

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