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The Paramount
This building is a century old now and has served as Town Hall, Cinema and Theatre. It has been a cinema from November 1915 and has a programme of theatre performances (some live and some by satellite), comedy nights and cinema events, much more than is included on the Events List. For Box Office tickets/enquiries, Call 76 7532 or call between 10am and 2pm on weekdays or any time it is running a show. Credit or debit cards are gleefully accepted for bookings. To hear a recorded message about the schedule, Call 76 2004 or see Penistone Paramount website. Films are cheapest on Tuesdays.

Popcorn, pop and sweets are available in the foyer and (see how civilised we are in Penistone) you can have a beer in a wobbly glass as you watch the film or the live act. The bar room is open before events and during the intermission, when an ice-cream lady will wheel out her little cart in a style that has not changed in decades. Yummy Yorkshire ice-creams are very good. Try liquorice flavour. Best to wait for the queue to diminish first. Go on, say it: "I'd love a Kia-ora". Good old 'Pa-pa pa-pa-Pearl and Dean' has gone now. Does anyone remember the the scratchy old Green Kleens advert?

This Page
Take the Weekly section below with a pinch of salt because details often change without notice or classes finish under a cloud of sheepishness. The rest of the page will be somewhere near accurate. See Penistone Town Council for a good list of Community Centre activities. See also the Arthouse Café's listing of evening events. These are currently Life Drawing classes (Fridays) and Sewing classes (Tuesdays).

Sunday The Hub Church, 4pm, Penistone Community Centre, Church Street. A modern-style family church meeting. Refreshments available.
  ,, ,, RBL Quiz Night - 8.30pm, Royal British Legion. Normally every fortnight but with occasional breaks. Non-members must be signed in. RBL Website.
  ,, ,, Bingo - Dinnertime, Penistone Church Football Club. Real ales available.
Monday Craft Café - 1pm to 3pm, St Andrew's, next to Penistone Library. Artistic people working creatively with their own materials, in Christian fellowship. 2pm - 'Reflections' - Thought for the day. Refreshments. Not Bank Holidays.
  ,, ,, Penistone Job Club - 1pm to 3pm, Penistone Library. Help with CVs, interview skills, job-search, application forms or on-line applications, local courses and career change possibilities. New for 2017.
  ,, ,, Fountain Folk Evening - 7pm, The Rag (aka Fountain Inn), Wellthorne Lane, Ingbirchworth.
  ,, ,, Darts and Dominoes - Opens 7pm, Penistone Bowling Club, Back Lane near Tesco. Tel. 76 2076.
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - 7.30pm, Cubley Hall. Family Fortunes, Gen Knowledge with Specialist Subjects, Comical Music Quiz. New in July 2012.
  ,, ,, Penistone Ladies' Choir - 7.45pm, Community Centre. Practice sessions. They are always on the look-out for new talent. Prospective joiners might like to sit in on sessions.
  ,, ,, Bingo Night - 8pm, RB Legion. Non-members must be signed in.
  ,, ,, Dancing - 8pm to 9pm, St Aidan's, Oxspring. Rock & roll, Latin, swing jive, ballroom. (email). Tel 01226 76 1153
Tuesday Pop-In Club - 9.30am to 11am, Pendon House. Bingo, raffle, mini-tote, football cards, tea/coffee and biscuits. 'Meet friends old and new'. Outings twice a year.
  ,, ,, Coffee Shop and Tourist Information - 10am, St Saviour's Church, Thurlstone. Current June 2016.
  ,, ,, Cameo Coffee Lounge - 10am to noon, St Andrew's Church. A social meet-up with tea and coffee.
  ,, ,, 'Bumping Space' - Noon, Cafe Generation, Penistone. A bumping space is a regular meeting to help reduce loneliness and bring people together towards increasing someone's circle of friends and acquaintances. . An alternative would be to join some sort of club or society whicj meets regularly and reflects one's interests.
  ,, ,, Slimming World - 10am and 7pm, Community Centre. 'From £3.75 a week' when enrolled on a 12-week course (Total = 'From' £45). Tel Sharon 07708 327 963.
  ,, ,, Ladies' Walking Football - Noon to 1pm, Penistone Leisure Centre (Drill Hall). Admission £2 each. Low-impact sport suitable for people with limited mobility or perhaps for those wanting a gentle game and a chance to make friends. Call 76 6235 or (mob) 0755 44 11 3616. (Ad, March 2016).
  ,, ,, Line Dancing - 3pm to 4.30pm, Lower Hall, Community Centre. For older people. Price not stated. Organised by Age Concern. (From Huddersfield Examiner listing)
  ,, ,, Grease (The 'Tenner Challenge') - 4pm to 5pm, GJ Activity Village, St Mary's Street. £1 per class (singing, dancing and acting). This theatre production of Grease is organised by PGS students and presumably open to new recruits. For more information, call (mobile) 07921 815 786. The poster does not give an end date for this production but was seen in March 2016. Venue time was kindly donated by GJ Activity Village.
  ,, ,, Fencing Club - 6.30pm, Penistone Grammar School. £5.00 per session. Further information:
  ,, ,, Penistone Community Wind Band - 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Performing Arts Dept., Penistone Grammar School. Open to all woodwind, brass and percussion players of any age and standard. For more details, Email: or call 07884 930 123.
,, ,, Dance Classes for Beginners - 7pm to 8pm. From 5th April 2016, Dance Studio, Penistone Grammar School. Admission £5 each. This is for couples or singles to learn for pleasure, such as: waltz, quickstep, tango, cha cha and more. More details by calling British Dance champion Michelle Heppenstall on 76 7333. Other classes on Mondays and Wednesdays for experienced dancers. Private lessons also available.
  ,, ,, Bingo Night - Opens 7pm for 7.30pm start, Penistone Bowling Club, Back Lane near Tesco. Tel. 76 2076.
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - 9.30pm, The Huntsman, Thurlstone.
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - 9pm, Ring-o'-Bells, Silkstone. Tel: 01226 792038. Ring-o'-Bells
Wednesday Half Day Closing - Afternoon for some local shops.
  ,, ,, Toddler Group - 9.45am to 11.15am, St Andrew's Church. Meet other mums and drink coffee as the little angels play.
  ,, ,, Coffee Morning - 10.30am, Buckingham Care Home (aka 'Buckingham Palace'). Everyone welcome. Current 2016.
  ,, ,, Floristry Classes - 11am to 1pm, HoylandSwaine Village Hall. All aspects of floristry, including gift ideas. Contact Emma on 07789 433 331
  ,, ,, Luncheon Club - 12.30pm, Rose and Crown, HoylandSwaine, S36 7JA. Two-course cooked lunch for £5.95. Darts, dominos, cards and scrabble available. For more information, call 76 2227. R & C (Facebook) Please note that the postcode on the notice was for in Silkstone. The one shown here is correct.
  ,, ,, Young Farmers - 1pm, first and third weeks of the month.
  ,, ,, Oxspring Pop-in Club - 1.30pm, St Aidan's Church, Sheffield Rd., Oxspring.
  ,, ,, Pop-in Club - 2pm, St Aidan's, Oxspring. Current June 2016.
  ,, ,, Fitness Pilates - 3pm, St Aidan's, Oxspring. £4 per class by Alison (email) midhopebarn, call 07887 563 826.
  ,, ,, Grease (The 'Tenner Challenge') - 4pm to 5pm, GJ Activity Village, St Mary's Street. £1 per class (singing, dancing and acting). This theatre production of Grease is organised by PGS students and presumably open to new recruits. For more information, call (mobile) 07921 815 786. The poster does not give an end date for this production but was seen in March 2016. Venue time was kindly donated by GJ Activity Village.
  ,, ,, Boxercise - 6pm to 7pm, Penistone Leisure Centre (the old Drill Hall), Thurlstone Road. Non-contact exercise for teenagers and adults. Price not mentioned on poster. Tel. 07842 213 418.
  ,, ,, Darts Matches - Opens 7pm, Penistone Bowling Club, Back Lane, near Tesco. Tel. 76 2076.
  ,, ,, Penistone Camera Club - 7.30pm, IT Room, Community Centre.
  ,, ,, Zumba Class - 7.45pm to 8.45pm, Hoylandswaine Village Hall. Call/text Kelly on 07708 931231.
  ,, ,, Community Drum Circle - 7.45pm to 8.45pm, Community Centre. Free with optional contributions. Pennine Rumblers. Also see their Facebook.
  ,, ,, Open Mike Nights - 8.30pm, Wortley arms. With Dave Friskney & Friends. Wortley Arms
  ,, ,, Open Mike Jam Sesh - The Huntsman, Thurlstone. Impromptu jamming session. All musicians are welcome to do their bit. Huntsman
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - 9.30pm, Hoylandswaine Sports Club.
  ,, ,, 'String Theory' - Time not stated, Ring o' Bells, Silkstone. During summer months. Mix of traditional and contemporary folk, blues and self-penned material. Tel: 01226 792038. Ring-o'-Bells
Thursday '4-Networking Penistone Breakfast' - 8am, White Heart, Bridge End, Penistone. Networking events for business people. See 4Networking.
  ,, ,, Market Day - 8.30am to about 4pm, Market Barn. Shopping is a breeze with lots of variety and cheap goods.
  ,, ,, Penistone Country Market - 10am to noon, Community Centre. Cakes, jams and home produce. Refreshments available.
  ,, ,, Coffee (and tea) Morning - 10am to Noon, The Lounge, Royal British Legion. £1 a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits. A very popular weekly event for around 20 years. Pleasant company in a relaxed setting. Non-members may attend this non-alcohol morning. PenistoneRBL.
  ,, ,, Open Doors Coffee and Tea, Tourist Information - 10am, Penistone Parish Church. Occasional 'Lite Lunches'. Penistone Church, Facebook. (Current 2016).
  ,, ,, 'DIAL Drop in Advice Service' - 10am to 1pm, Carnegie Library, Town Hall Building. No appointment necessary. 'Dial Barnsley' is a local charity promoting the independance of disabled people through impartial advice, information and support. The Penistone Area Council have supported the group to deliver weekly drop in advice sessions at the Penistone Town Hall building. This is minimally advertised.
  ,, ,, Penistone Historic Archive - 10am to early afternoon, Neville Roebuck Room, Lower Hall, Community Centre. This is where you might ask about local history, view the displays, read the notes and watch the videos. It started from the late Neville Roebuck's large collection of historic notes and newspaper clippings. The Archive is a spin off from Penistone History and Archive Group and is always on the look-out for Penistone Almanacks, local historical photos, memorabilia or anything relating to local history. It is better kept in Penistone than lost in Barnsley. Please also see the group's talks below, on the first and third Wednesday of each month, except August. Enquiries, call: Brian Robinson 76 6827. No website. (Current 2016)
  ,, ,, Thursday Meet-up - 10am to 3pm, Pendon House, Sycamore Walk, Penistone, S36 6FW. This is a spin-off from the Penistone Bumping Space, which meets on Tuesdays (see above). Dinner is served at 12.30pm (with a donation to funds). Share your skills, have a game or join in sewing or a craft. For more information, call Karen on 01302 618 507.
  ,, ,, 'Little Fishes' (Church meeting for small children) - 10.15am, Penistone Parish Church. Penistone Church, Facebook. (Current 2016).
  ,, ,, Organ Concert - Open Noon, 1pm start, St Andrew's Church next to the Library. £3 entry. Organists on the Allen Digital Theatre Organ. Refreshments. See Organ Trust, Tel 07944 566 972.
  ,, ,, Five-a-Side Football - 6.30pm, Penistone Grammar School. For dads. £3 each. Playing field in summer, boys' gymnasium in winter. Contact Tel 07925 151 977
  ,, ,, Pool Games - Opens 7pm, Penistone Bowling Club, Back Lane near Tesco. Tel. 76 2076.
  ,, ,, Spanish for Beginners - 7.15pm, Hoylandswaine Village Hall. £2 per class. No booking necessary, just turn up. No further info on poster.
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - 8.30pm, 'The Rag' (aka 'The Fountain Inn'), Ingbirchworth. With compéres David and Graham. Free supper during the evening. Also a 'Safecracker' raffle after the Quiz at £3 per person, with five winners per evening. The Fountain Inn
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - 9pm, Lord Nelson, Hoylandswaine, S36 7JA. Might be an entry fee. Good first prize, meal price reductions on the night for participants. Half-time snacks. Info, call 76 2343.
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - Horse & Jockey, Thurgoland.
Friday Basic Computer Course - 9.30am to noon and 1pm to 3.30pm, Penistone Library. Free of charge.
  ,, ,, Total Body Workout - 9.30am, St Aidan's Church, Oxspring. £4 a session. 'Alison Nockels Fitness'. Bring a fitness mat, bottle of water and towel. If it's the Alison that I know - you will definitely sweat. Call 07887 563 826, Email
  ,, ,, Job seekers' Job Club - 10am and Noon, Penistone Library. 'Job search strategies, expert support, a cuppa and a chat'. Help with application forms, interview techniques and your CV.
  ,, ,, Penistone Youth Club - 6.30pm to 8pm, Penistone Church. Free entry and internet. Tea and coffee available. Penistone Church, Facebook
  ,, ,, Penistone Gateway Club - 6.45pm, St Andrew's, next to Penistone Library. Also on the first Monday of the month. For people with learning difficulties.
  ,, ,, Life Drawing Class (nuddies) - 7pm to 9pm, The Arthouse Cafe. Tutoring provided by Peter Doherty (no, not that infamous junkie waste of space, this one is a cartoonist) and basic materials. Call 01226 805122. The Arthouse
  ,, ,, Disco - 9pm, White Heart
  ,, ,, Quiz Night - 9pm Waggon & Horses, Oxspring (with 'Play Your Cards Right') Wag & Horses
Saturday Small Penistone Market - Morning. The number of stalls varies proportionate to the weather but stalwarts include the Fruit & Veg stall (highly recommended) and usually bric-a-brac, a pet supplies stall, flowers and plants, and a bread and pies stall. A home-brew stall sometimes appears. Market Barn.
  ,, ,, Open Doors Coffee and Tea, Tourist Information - 10am, Penistone Parish Church. Penistone Church, Facebook. (Current 2016).
,, ,, Musical Entertainment (The 'turn') - From about 9pm, Penistone British Legion, St Mary's Street. Usually a solo singer but sometimes a group or a band. Free admission but please note that non-members must be signed in at Reception by a current member and there are restrictions on non-member visits. PenistoneRBL.
Weekends Spring Vale Community Garden - 10am to 1pm, Spring Vale Community Garden. A three-acre site near the Britannia and Dumpit site, Spring Vale. It says: 'Come along and join other volunteers. Prepare for & grow Vegetables & Fruit. Enjoy free Training & Learning Opportunities. Work, chat & have fun with free hot drinks available. No experience is needed – share your own. Tools are provided.'

PGS Lettings
Penistone Grammar School facilities are available for hire by the public after school hours and at weekends. These include: sports halls, football pitches, tennis courts and computer rooms. The school is currently being used for the local music festival, Penistone Young Farmers, and local dance and drama groups. For more information on school lettings please contact Mrs Atha:, Tel 01226 76 2114.

1st and 3rd
Video and Stills Group (VSG) - 2pm to 4pm, IT Room, Main Hall, Community Centre. Open to all interest and skill levels for people interested in video/sound editing, digital slideshows, making DVDs and publishing to social media. For more information, call Brian Robinson on 07885 286146. No website. (Current 2016)
1st Tuesday Ukulele Night - 8pm, Rafters Bar, Waggon & Horses, Oxspring. Beginners welcome, free tuition. Waggon & Horses
1st Weds Coffee Morning - 10am, Upper Denby Parish Church. UD Church
  ,, ,, Young Farmers' Group - 7pm, , St Andrew's, next to Penistone Library. Also on the third Wednesday of the month.
1st and 3rd
Quiz Night - 9.30pm, White Heart.
  ,, ,,
(Not August)
Penistone History Group - 2pm registration for 2.15pm start, Community Centre. With a guest speaker, chat, nostalgia, tea and one biscuit. Penistone History and Archive Group history talks are held on the first and third Wednesday of every month and all are welcome. Talk admission is £1.50 and annual subscription to join is £10. 'New members welcome, come along'. The group also manages Penistone Historic Archive, which is open Market days in the Community Centre Lower Hall (see 'weekly' above). Enquiries: B Robinson 76 6827. No website. (Current 2016)
1st Thursday Jazz at The George - 8.30pm, The George Inn, Upper Denby. (Current 2016)
1st Friday Millhouse Green VCA Coffee Morning - 10am to Noon, Millhouse Institute. Facebook, Millhouse Green VCA
1st Saturday Labour Councillors' Surgery - 10.30am to noon, Community Centre. No appointment necessary. Cllr Joe Unsworth (Penistone), Tel. 76 5230, and Cllr David Griffin (Barugh Green), Tel. 07540 856 496. Phone numbers correct as of August 2015.
1st Sunday Trans-Pennine Trail 'Workday' - 10am, Community Centre. TPT Conservation Group help keep the Trail in good condition. More details, call Kate on 07704 333 445 - 01484 865 852.
2nd Saturday Penistone Farmers' Market - 9am to 1pm-ish in the Market Barn. See the list of stall-holders. (Farmers' Market)
  ,, ,, MP's 'Surgery' - 10am to 11.30am, Community Centre. Visitors are able to raise their concerns with Angela Smith, by appointment. Call AS on 01142 831850.
  ,, ,, Organ Concert - 2.30pm, Paramount (Penistone Town Hall/Cinema). Tickets on the door or tel. 07944 566 972. See Penistone Cinema Organ Trust.
2nd Sunday Sequence and Old Time Dancing - Time not stated, The Venue, Stocksbridge. 10th April to 14th August. 'Bingo, raffle and live music.'
  ,, ,, Penistone Food Fair - 10.30am, Penistone Market Barn. As of August 2015.
2nd Monday 'Friends of the Earth' - 7.30pm, St Andrew's Church, next to Penistone Library.
2nd Tuesday 'Friends of Wortley Hall Gardens' - 7.30pm, Wortley Hall. £12 annually or £2.50 on the night, with talks and garden visits for people who are interested in gardening. All are welcome. Call 01142 830 613.
2nd Weds Penistone Gardening Group - 10am to Noon, Community Centre. Call Elaine on 76 7918.
2nd Thursday Sheaf River Band and Friends - 8:30pm to 11pm, The Huntsman, Thurlstone. Blue Grass music in the Flat and Scroggs/Bill Monroe style. The Huntsman
  ,, ,, Penistone Women's Institute - 7.15pm, St Mary's RC Church, Talbot Road. With interesting speakers, outings and other social events. 'We don't make jam but we do make friends.' All ladies are welcome to give it a try.
2nd Friday 'Twilight Soul Club' - 7pm to midnight, Pie Hall, Denby Dale, HD8 8RX. £4 admission buys five hours of Northern Soul, with a strict 'vinyl-only' policy. Resident DJs: Jim Kenny, Brian Crossland and Dave Waller, with guest DJs. Cheap beer, great dance floor, atmosphere and parking. facebook
3rd Monday Penistone Town Council (Not August) - 7pm, Council Chambers, Town Hall. Public can observe and record the public part of the meeting. Public questions can be put in a ten-minute period before the start of the meeting. No meeting held in August. Pen T Council.
3rd Weds Young Farmers' Group - 7pm, St Andrew's, next to Penistone Library. Also on the first Monday of the month.
  ,, ,, Bolsterstone Archaeology & Heritage Group - 7.30pm, Bolsterstone Village Hall. BAHG
4th Thursday 'Singing 4 Fun'(Thurgoland Choir) - 10.30am to 11.30am, Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland. Refreshments follow the singing. For more information, call Judith on 01142 830 083 or Maggie on (mobile) 07876 450 518.
  ,, ,, Folk Night - The Huntsman, Thurlstone. Usually with 'Crazy Crow' - a Sheffield band with an Irish bent. Also Paul Noon and Steve Lacey from Holmfirth. Tel. 76 4892. The Huntsman - Crazy Crow
Last Sunday RBL Branch Meetings - 11am, Penistone Royal British Legion, St Mary's Street. This is for members only. Penistone RBL.
Last Sunday
Hade Edge Car Boot Sale (April to August) - 11am (traders 10.30am), Football Club, Hade Edge, HD9 2JG. Refreshments and toilets. (Details) Tel. 01484 684 924

January   New Year's Horse Show - Bromley Fm. Legup Equestrian. Legup
February   Penistone Footpath Runners' Winter Handicap - About five miles. Pen Footpath Runners
  ,,   ,, 25th Burns Night - Some pub events usually occur, especially at the Huntsman.
,,   ,,   Fairtrade Fortnight - St Andrew's. National event but usually some local activity and free chocolate bars given away outside the Co-op. No website.
March   Langsett Film Festival - Waggon & Horses, Langsett. Animation, drama, comedy and curiosities. Festival website, not updated
  ,,   ,, 17th St Patrick's Day - We can all be Irish on this day.
April   Penistone Spring Music Festival -, Paramount. Junior afternoon concert and senior evening concert. Big programme of performers. Paramount
  ,,   ,,   Penistone Annual Town Assembly - Normally 7pm, Community Centre. Penistone Town Council reports and accounts. The public can voice their concerns and comments. Usually publicised very minimally. This website will do its public duty and usurp their devious ways. P Town Council
  ,,   ,, 23rd Saint George's Day - The national saint's day for England. See the St George's Day website. (Time & Date)
Easter   Good Friday - Time not certain (10.30am?), Penistone Church. The old tradition lives on as the mayor gives bags of flour to the needy in the lower part of Penistone Church graveyard, the 'Sensory Garden'. In 1559 local landowner William Turton bequeathed a legacy to ensure "the poor of the parish of Penistone" should be given a bag of rye flour every Good Friday. P Town Council
May Mayday Mayday Gala - Hoylandswaine Village Hall and Cricket Field. Not every year. Hoylandswaine Village Hall
  ,,   ,, 1st Sunday 'Spaw Sunday' - Band at 2.30pm, Gunthwaite Spa. Free. Very old local tradition to take the medicinal waters (map) - usually supported by Thurlstone Brass Band and somebody with buns and cups of tea.
  ,,   ,, 12th National Nurse's Day - On the birthday of Florence Nightingale.
  ,,   ,,   Holmfirth Festival of Folk - In Holmfirth pubs, the Picturedrome and on the streets. Festival website
  ,,   ,,   Oxspring Annual Assembly - 6.30pm, St Aidan's. Parish accounts, various reports and comments from residents. Oxspring Parish
  ,,   ,,   Shepley Spring Festival - Shepley Village. Big event with lots of folksy music and dance. Camping, parking and accommodation available. SS Festival
  ,,   ,,   Holmfirth Film Festival - Picturedrome, Holmfirth. A great success in its 2010 debut. HF Festival
June   Penistone Parade Weekend - Saturday Music on the Showground, Sunday Parade sets off 1pm and Gala afterwards. Organised by Penistone Round Table.
  ,,   ,,   Oughtibridge Gala - Coronation Park, Oughtibridge. Family entertainment with games, bouncy kids, tug-o'-war, refreshments, nosh, etc. A long list of of musicians. Ooty Gala
  ,,   ,,   Pennine Tractor Road Run - Marsh farm, Shepley, Huddersfield. Every year 80 to 100 tractors go on a 25 mile route which varies each time. Tractor Run Facebook.
  ,,   ,,   Honley Show - Moor Lane, Farnley Tyas, Nr Hudds, HD4 6UW. Vintage tractors, animals, handicrafts, trade stands, refreshments, family fun. Honley Show
  ,,   ,,   Penistone Folk Festival - Penistone Market Barn. Various bands, Morris Dancers, cakes, barbeque and bar. This was cancelled in 2014 through a Barnsley council mix-up.
  ,,   ,, Last Monday Hepworth Feast - Hepworth Village. Refreshments, music by Hepworth Cookson Band and children's races. Procession from Hepworth to Scholes and back. Wikipedia, Hepworth Band
July   Birdsedge Village Festival, Village Hall, Birds Edge. Field events, children's entertainer, crafts, stalls, games, BBQ, bar, home-made food and 'Music in the Marquee'. See B Village Hall.
  ,,   ,,   Hade Edge Gala - Parade 1.30pm, Gala 2pm, Band 7pm, Hade Edge FC, Penistone Rd, Hade Edge, HD9 2JG. Free entry. Procession, family fun, pig roast, tranklements, music, side shows, beer tent, refreshments, games and more.
  ,,   ,,   Wortley Country Festival - Wortley Hall (from poster). Green wellie family fun. Various dog and horsey events, crafts, trade stalls, archery, clay pigeon shooting, 5-a-side footie, tug-o-war, scarecrow competition, dancers, face-painting, kids' funfair, local school displays, sheep shearing, local ale, refreshments and more. Saturday evening has a live band, disco, bar and barbecue. Camping available.
  ,,   ,,   Dunford Parish Gala - 2pm, Dunford Parish Community Centre, Victoria (near Crowedge). Gala stalls, car boot, classic cars and family fun.
  ,,   ,,   Shelley Gala - 1.30pm to 4.30pm, Shelley First School. Shelley Times
August 1st of Aug Yorkshire Day - God's Own County celebrates its special day. Some local shops will dress up for the day but most can't be bothered.
  ,,   ,,   Emley Show - Factory Farm, Nr Emley Moor mast HD8 9TE. Family day out with horsey, green wellie and other stuff. Like a small Penistone Show. Emley Show
September 2nd Sat Penistone Show - 9am, Showground. Penistone's Number One Event. Family fun with horsey events and heaps of attractions. Pen Show
  ,,   ,,   Charity Auction - Evening, RBL Club. Around the time of Penistone Show, give or take a week. Very lively. Penistone RBL.
  ,,   ,,   Tuby's Funfair - Showground. Family fun from ducks to dodgems. Print vouchers from their website for £5 off the rides. R Tuby
  ,,   ,, Last Sat Penistone Competitive Music Festival - Penistone Grammar School. Large itinerary of test classes for age groups up to 18 y.o.
  ,,   ,, 31st All Hallows Eve. In other words, 'Hallowe'en'; the evening before 'All Saints Day' on 1st November. Usually some pub activities in the area.
November 5th Bonfire Night - 6.45pm, Showground on the Saturday nearest to Bonfire Night.
A strong local tradition. A huge bonfire and a great fireworks display and fund-raiser for local groups. Drinks and hot food.Organised by Penistone Town Council, Pen scouts, Pen Firemen and the Round Table. (Bonfire Night page).
  ,,   ,, Friday before
Rem Sunday
PGS Remembrance Service - Congregate 10.30am by the War Memorial Stone at Penistone Grammar School's main road entrance. The public and relatives of the fallen are invited to attend this small ceremony, which has wreath-laying and a roll call of the fallen, followed by two minutes' reflective silence at 11am, for those who gave their lives in the service of our country. In attendance is likely to be Penistone Mayor, Father David, Principal Jo Higgins and others. Ample off-road parking. This annual event is the Friday before Remembrance Sunday.
  ,,   ,, Remem. Day Remembrance Ceremony - Remembrance Sunday parade congregated 10.30am starts from Back Lane (Bowling Club), via Park Avenue to Penistone Church. The Remembrance Ceremony taked place by the War Memorial by Penistone Church deom 10.45am. Usually accompanied by Thurlstone Brass Band. The ceremony has wreath-laying and a roll call of the fallen, followed by two minutes' reflective silence at 11am, for those who gave their lives in the service of our country. The public is welcome and there will be local dignitaries, firemen, scouts, guides and others attending. (See Remembrance page)
December 1st Sat Christmas Lights - 4pm by Penistone Church. Usually: Penistone PJs, Penistone FM, Penistone's Mayor (turning on the lights), Santa and Thurlstone Brass Band.
  ,,   ,, 25th Christmas Day
  ,,   ,, Boxing Day Boxing Day Meet - 11am. The George Inn, Upper Denby. Rockwood Harriers (fox hunt gathering).

Markets and Shopping
Why not explore our town? There are some real delights in Penistone proper. Penistone shopkeepers, pubs, cafes and market stalls are a friendly and talkative bunch and they need your support. You will enjoy discovering that they are real people you can talk to, without any plastic smiles.

First, the basics. Penistone has a main street of small shops but it becomes particularly alive on Market Days and Saturday mornings. Half-day closing in Penistone is nominally Wednesday but some shops also close on Saturday afternoon. penistone has a fine oaken Market Barn, which is an important place for our town's activities. Market Day is every Thursday, 8.30am to 4pm, with a smaller market on Saturdays up to about noon. Second-hand markets are every Tuesday and more or less two Sundays each month. The Market Barn is also used for Artisan Fayres, Folk Festivals, Hallowe'en, Christmas Carols and other activities.

Here's a picture from the very cold Thursday 23rd December 2010. It was the first time that the new Market Barn was used by traders and wasn't quite finished off. Glass panels were later fitted to keep the wind out.

New Market - Not clickable

On Market days, Penistone Church usually has light meals, tea, coffee and buns but there are also other places where you can get a snack or a meal. Penistone people are very chatty and might join in uninvited to any conversations that are happening around them. We are now down to only two Town Centre pubs and they are both comfortable and friendly places. There are plenty of cafes to visit if you don't fancy a beer.

The Community Centre on Church Street has home-made produce and refreshments in the 'Country Market' on Thursday market days. The great Penistone Archive is also available on Market Day in the Neville Roebuck room of the lower hall in the Community Centre. Local historian Neville Roebuck spent many years compiling information on just about any local topic. The church also has an interesting guide booklet for a good historical read and often has coffee mornings and meals every Market Day.

Penistone has plenty to discover and some interesting shops. There are ladies' fashions which are a real magnet while the lads disappear into one of the pubs for a quick sneck-lifter. Have your hair or your nails done. Even a tattoo if you really must. There is also a dress shop, hairdressers and two pubs near Bridge End traffic lights. Around that corner is a fireplace shop. From Penistone centre, you might pop down Shrewsbury Road to visit Green Kleen's emporium, which is full of surprises and always worth a look around. It has everything from pet food to gas bottles to household wares. You will notice a very enticing smell of fish and chips from the Dolphin fishery across the road. They can be recommended. There's a carpet shop, dog grooming parlour and hairdresser nearby.

On your way back up the hill you might call at the century-old Paramount Theatre (Penistone Town Hall) for a film, organ concert or live show or just to collect some interesting leaflets. Penistone Town Centre has a newsagents, cafes, take-aways, hairdressers, butchers, pubs, fancy goods and cards, dresses, furniture shop, opticians, dentist, solicitors, banks, building societies and estate agents.

Parking in Penistone is free but main streets are restricted by double yellow lines. The road signs will direct you to Tesco's car park on 'Tescopoly Drive' but it is time-limited and you won't have much time in the town if you go there first. There is an area of Tesco Car Park for 3-hour waiting but free all-day parking by the Town Hall (Paramount Cinema) car park on Shrewsbury Road. Other car parks are: Spaces by Penistone Church and time-limited parking by the Spar/Co-op. The car park behind the Spar is not time-limited.

You can also park at the Railway Station or on the short hill opposite the Dolphin Chip shop (after a visit to Green Kleen's emporium, of course) but be prepared for a bracing walk up the steep hill of Shrewsbury Road, past the Town Hall/Paramount Cinema. You might be able to park in the Community Centre car park on the other side of the church, where a sign proclaims that it isn't for the community (that's a very Penistone quirk). If you don't mind a six-minute walk up a hill, you go on Wentworth Road and park near the bollards which block the road. You would have to approach it from the Railway station end of the road. After parking up, go up the nearby lane to bring you out opposite the Cop Shop. Penistone centre is just around the corner.

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