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Family-friendly website, no swearing, no adverse images. Welcome to a personal view of the market town of Penistone (twinned with Grindavik) on the River Don, Yorkshire, UK. This family-friendly website looks at my home town and district. I hope that you will find it interesting. JB.
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News on the Street:   (Reload this page to see the latest updates)
  • BMBC Bin Days - Barnsley Council now has its new calendar for waste collections available. Just put in your postcode, as different zones might be different bins on different days. See BMB Bin Calendars.
  • Covid-19 - What have we learnt about the injections? First, that they take two or three weeks before working; that they are not 100% effective and that the protection only lasts up to around five months. Not great but it is a start.

    Here's my 'going out checklist': Credit/debit card, cash, mobile phone, sanitiser, mask and spare (because they break), hygienic wipes, nose tissue, plazzy bag for waste and a sense of humour.
    Government Rules - NHS C-19 - Get a Test - Covid-secure Working - UNISON - Money S Expert - C-19 Tracker.
  • Food Take-aways - If they are open, they need our custom. Take a look at: Café Crème (FB) High St., Julie's Café by the T-P Trail, The Arthouse, Church St., 765080, Generations Café Bar St Mary's St., Cubley Hall (Menu Pdf), Waggon & Horses Oxspring (Menu) and Traveller's Inn Oxspring (Menu), Canton House Spring Vale (Menu), Cinnamon Spice Market St., Taste of India Bridge End and such as Penistone Fish & Chips and Bridge End Fisheries, 07540 748 809.
  • Current Scams - Parcel deliveries, such as 'XYZ parcels could not deliver but will try again if you pay £3', (they want card details, as always). Also, false Facebook messages, apparently from known friends, containing no text but just a link that you would be foolish to click on. Facebook messaging recipients can find your personal details such as phone number if you reply. If something looks wrong, it probably is. Report misleading websites to

    Paypal seems to be a scammers' paradise, with all manner of tricks in play. Other scams are 'NHS Track and Trace' saying you need a test but it will cost you (and they want your card details). Then they say you will be fined for non-compliance. Then they drain your bank account with lots of little transfers just below the level of suspicion.

    Licence renewals or tax refunds are also scam-rich, as though you will be fined if you don't click their dodgy link. Let's face it, you never gave them your details to start with. If genuine, they would send a letter. Also, on your smartphone: 'O2 can't process your payment details, click here (etc.)' - Delete and disregard. Stay sceptical!

    Dodgy Whatsapp texts can be blocked and reported. For android scam texts, open the message and hold your thumb on it, click the option to forward it and enter 7726 to send it for analysis by your ISP. You will be asked for the scammer's phone number so make a note of that first. Phoned scams can be reported by email to '' with the originating phone number and detaails. Dodgy emails can be forwarded to '' for auto-tracking and possible prosecution. Do that and you receive fewer of them in future. See NCSC.
  • The Knowledge - Just to get things right and proper: Penistone is a town, not village. Hazlehead is spelt that way, Penistone addresses are in Sheffield S36 postal district, not Barnsley. Penistone Paramount is Penistone Town Hall (ignore what BMBC says). Dinner is at dinnertime (not evening) and school dinners are (in normal times) served by dinner ladies. Words like 'normalcy' and 'gotten' have no place here. You are in God's Own County and the world envies you.
Wants and Needs: (Reload this page to see the latest updates)
  • For People Needing Help:
    • Love Thy Penistone - Join and share info, keep up to date on the epidemic and perhaps lighten up with an online quiz or two. LTP compiles local resources, allows discourse about the local approach to Covid-19 and helps local volunteer groups liaise with each other. Love Thy Penistone.
    • Penistone MP - In association with local help groups, Miriam Cates MP has a Freephone helpline for self-isolated/shielded people in the constituency who find it hard to manage. Call 0800 955 4002 (9.30am to 5pm, Mon - Fri). Miriam Cates is holding online MP Surgeries via Facebook, 4.30pm every Wednesday.
    • Age UK Barnsley - For older people without the support of friends, neighbours or family but who need a bit of help: 'We will try to help with getting shopping in for you or if you are just in need of a chat, or any other way we can.' Call 01226 776 820 (9.30am to 4.30pm, weekdays), email:

  • Local Broadband Survey - Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Miriam Cates is surveying internet users in the constituency to assess the consumer experience of local broadband. Do the survey.
  • '30 for a Reason' (Survey) - Residents of Millhouse Green are fed up of dangerous and fast driving through the village and particularly near the Primary School on Lee Lane. Their online petition is for BMBC to reduce the Speed Limit from 40 to 30 mph in the hope that drivers will slow down. Apart from misspelling Hazlehead and calling Lee Lane 'Manchester Lane' on one page (sack the proof-reader), their Speed Survey (PDF icon) makes interesting reading. '30 for a Reason.'
  • Protect a Footpath - Walkers can nominate any active 'Public Rights of Way' that are not visible on OS maps, before a 2026 government deadline. After that, they are gone. See 'Don't Lose Your Way' and Guardian (Footpath map).
  • Crowd-funding Appeal - To equip Penistone Leisure Centre's new kitchen as a 'Health and Wellbeing Café' for us all to enjoy. As a legit charity, 'Sporting Penistone' is charity No. 1157786. Crowdfunding, Aviva Community Funds.
  • Penistone Church Roof Fund - Penistone St John's Church's roof is still in urgent need of repair and requires around £80k PDQ. The local community is sure to support the Church Roof Appeal before the roof actually caves in, mostly via the 'Friends of Penistone Church' for which application forms are available in the Church. You can also support the church directly and perhaps add a bequest in your will. A Roof Fund Barometer might re-appear as in the days of old.
 Volunteer Groups - BMBC Consultations - Nextdoor - Car park safe?- Co-op Deals - Old Stuff - Watch Telly - Grant Awards
Guide to GDPR - Penistone Crime Reports (SY Police) - Phishing Scams - Action Fraud - YW Callback - UK Bank Holidays.
Information and Markets   (In normal Times)
  • Information CentreVisitor Information - Penistone Library and Penistone Church for local leaflets, maps and general information.
  • Penistone, Peak and Pennine Tourism Group - Promoting the local economy and tourism, PPP&TG.
  • Penistone Shopping - See Penistone High Street (Visit Penistone), Love Penistone (Facebook).
  • Penistone Market Day - Busy market Thursdays, Penistone Market Barn (FaceBook). Adjacent two-hour parking.
  • Penistone Country Market - 10am to Noon, Market Day, Upper Hall, Community Centre, Church Street.
  • Penistone Historic Archives - 10am to 1pm, Market Day, Lower Hall, Community Centre, Church Street.
  • Banking Security Advice - 10am to noon, Market Day, Community Centre. Debbie from Natwest.
  • Saturday Morning Market - Market Barn. Small market with Andy's good fruit & veg. (Email Market Services).
  • Learner Zone - Monday 1pm to 3pm, IT suite, Penistone Library. A quiet space with internet for study, with support for job searches, job applications and interview skills. Also maths, English & IT assessments.  (Facebook).
  • 'DIAL' Drop-in Advice - 10am to 1pm, Thurs, Top Office (former Berneslai), Town Hall Bldg. No appointment needed.
    'DIAL' is a charity to help disabled people, part-funded by Penistone Area Council (BMBC).
  • Defibrillators - Call 999 and give the location for an access code to open the box, read the instructions inside. Clark's Chemist; Penistone Community Centre; Tesco; Spring Vale Methodist Church; St Aidan's Church Oxspring; Whitby and Chandler Spring Vale; Penistone Leisure Centre; Millhouse Institute; Thurgoland Village Hall; Station Inn Silkstone Common; Ingbirchworth; Thurlstone; Upper Denby phone box and Hoylandswaine Village Hall. First Responders.
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