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This website is safe for family viewingWelcome to the market town of Penistone in South Yorkshire, on the River Don (wiki). This is a personal website which explores my home town (twinned with Grindavik, Iceland). I hope that you will find it interesting. J B.
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The view from Long Lane, near Thurlstone.
Information and Markets
  • Penistone Shopping - See Penistone High Street (Visit Penistone), Love Penistone (Facebook).
  • Penistone Market Day - Busy market on Thursdays, Penistone Market Barn (FaceBook). Adjacent two-hour parking.
  • Penistone Country Market - 10am to Noon, Market Day, Upper Hall, Community Centre, Church Street.
  • Saturday Morning Market - Market Barn. Small market with good fruit & veg stall. (Email Market Services).
  • Penistone Historic Archives - Market Day, 10am to 1pm, Lower Hall, Community Centre, Church Street.
  • Information CentreVisitor Information - Penistone Library and Penistone Church for leaflets, maps and general information.
  • 'DIAL' Drop-in Advice - Thurs, 10am to 1pm, Upper Office, Town Hall Bldg. No appointment needed.
    'DIAL' is a charity to help disabled people, part-funded by Penistone Area Council (BMBC).
  • Learner Zone - IT suite, Penistone Library. 9.30am to 11.30am Thursdays (replaces Monday Job Club): A quiet space with internet access for study, with support for job searches, job applications or updating CVs. On Monday afternoons: Help for Maths, English or IT assessments. Penistone Library (Facebook).
  • Penistone, Peak and Pennine Tourism Group - Promoting the local economy and tourism, PPP&TG.
  • Banking Security Advice - 10am to noon, Thursdays, Penistone Community Centre. Debbie from Natwest.
  • Defibrillators - Clark's Chemist; Pen Community Centre; Spring Vale Methodist Church; Whitby and Chandler Spring Vale; Penistone Leisure Centre; Millhouse Institute; Thurgoland Village Hall and former shop Ingbirchworth. Call 999 and give your location for an access code to open the box, then read the instructions in the box. First Responders.

Weather in Penistone

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  • Penistone is on the Telly - (Time not yet announced), Channel 5, UK television station. (See Zing-Zing for all UK TV listings). Message from the Penistone Cinema Organ Trust (Facebook):

    'Tune into Channel 5 on Friday 28th September, when Rob pays a visit to experience our wonderful Compton Cinema Organ at The Penistone Paramount, which is being featured as an item of interest along the former Sheffield - Manchester railway route. The route is now the Trans-Pennine Trail, popular with walkers and cyclists alike.'
  • Influenza Inoculations - Book your Flu Jab now, if you are over 65 years old (Penistone Group Practice). The Saturday 6th October session is specifically for people above 65 years old, time arranged by appointment. BBC news says that this year's pensioners' jab is stronger than usual and covers three main strains, leaving one more flu strain to fate. The Saturday 18th October flu jab session is specifically for people aged 18 to 65 years old who are eligible under special NHS criteria, time arranged by appointment. Telephone 76 2424 to book an appointment.
  • 'Colne Valley and Penistone' - This title might be the wrong way round but it is the new constituency name proposed by the 2018 Boundary Revue. More details on the Parliamentary page.
  • RBL Harvest Festival - The Auction Night last week raised £746, the raffle raised £281.92 and 'Name the Bear' raised £164. In total, the Harvest Festival effort raised £1191.92 for Penistone First responders. Linda Kaye, Penistone RBL Secretary, says 'Thank you to everyone who contributed this magnificent amount.'

    RBL Membership Cards - The white 'Live On' cards are now being sent out by the national RBL headquarters. Members ought to subscribe early to avoid any problems later. Penistone RBL (Facebook).
Wants and Needs: (Reload this page to see the latest updates)
  • Penistone Remembers - Appeal from the Penistone Remembers team for local Great War stories. This is for the special Remembrance Sunday events in Penistone, 11th November 2018, marking the centenary of the end of the war.

    'We are looking for stories about local people who served during the First World War, to form part of our commemoration of the end of the First World War. Here is our first one about Private Wilfred Barraclough from Millhouse which has been sent to us by Tracy Crowther: "He lived for the majority of his life in Thurlstone, as do all of his subsequent children and their families."

    'Thank you so much Tracy. These are just some of her words: "My grandad was at Ypres and was one of the first to be gassed in the war. He lost many of his friends out there. I believe he was in the Lancashire regiment. He did not speak much about the war but I do remember this story though. My grandad was of small stature but, when they were gassed and were walking to safety, the person who could see was at the front. Each soldier placed their hand on the shoulder of the one in front. The soldiers both in front and behind my grandad were tall and were both shot by the Germans. Grandad always said that being short saved his life".'

    If you have a story that you would like to tell us, please do 'private message' us here (on Facebook) or send details to Thank you.'
  • Community Lunch for the Elderly Proposal - From Bruce Meek:
    This is a plea to businesses local to Penistone and the surrounding areas. Penistone Tangent, the Ladies Circle, Penistone 41 Club and Penistone Round Table (all affiliated to the RT) are organising and hosting a Community Lunch on Sunday 21st October for the more senior and elderly members of our community. We are inviting 100 of them to attend via local churches, care and residential homes, and plans are already well-advanced to provide them with a three-course meal, entertainment and a film, and even transport to and from the venue, where needed.

    This is the first time we have done this, and we hope it will be a success and become a regular event. One of the projects is to provide a 'Goody Bag' with suitable items for each person attending. We would love local businesses to support us in this endeavour and to donate items, discounts or services that we could include, such as slippers, hand warmers, scarves, gloves, the bags themselves, food items, and discounts for restaurants, coffee shops or cafes, and tickets to events or perhaps the cinema. Some businesses such as Tesco are already supporting us, but please be another. We are happy for you to use this event to promote your business's community spirit. If you are able to help, please message Bruce Meek via Facebook or by email:
  • Pharmacy First - Message from Clark's Chemist:
    'Pharmacy First has proved hugely popular and successful over the last few years and I personally believe it has helped many many people in Barnsley who may have struggled without it. Unfortunately due to government policy there is a threat to its continued existence particularly the free medication element. As ever, a pharmacist will still be able to offer help and advice, but patients will be expected to pay for treatment. I personally love the scheme as it helps me as a professional help others, without financial barriers to treatment. Barnsley CCG are seeking opinions before changes are introduced. I would be very grateful if people who have used the service could give their opinions using the link to the survey below. Thank you.' See link Barnsley PCT CCG.
  • New PCMF Secretary Required - To keep the Festival going. Message from DW Wilkinson:
    The current Secretary has carried out the task for 42 of the Festival's 50 years and now feels that it will be the right time for him to retire at the end of the year; also, half of the Festival Committee members are aged 80-plus and none of them feel able to take on this responsible task. We therefore need a new Secretary, perhaps to take the Festival in a new direction with their own ideas.

    This year will be the 50th anniversary of Penistone Competitive Music Festival, it being held on the last Saturday of September (29th) at Penistone Grammar School. Unfortunately, individual entries have been dwindling over the last five years and are low for this year, although choir entries are still healthy in number (and volume).

    If anyone would like to consider taking on the responsible role of Secretary, please contact Secretary David Wilkinson, tel. 76 5450 for details, otherwise it appears that the Festival will fold. All Officers, Secretary and Committee are honorary (unpaid) positions. The Festival is Registered Charity, No. 511148, and comes under the auspices of 'The British and International Federation of Festivals.' Penistone has a long tradition of music festivals and it would a shame to see this one go. Penistone Almanack 1900 alludes to the '14th Annual Musical Festival' in June 1899, long before PCMF started in 1969. Other music festivals were held in such as in Midhope (1915) and the Flouch (1938). See PCMF (Email).
  • Video and Stills Group - Welcomes new members to a small and friendly group which looks at techniques and software associated with video, photography and slide-shows. £2 a session. Meetings 2pm at Penistone Community Centre on the first and third Monday of each month. For more information, please call Brian on 76 6827 or just turn up.
  • Penistone Historic Archive - 10am to 1pm, Market Day (Thursdays), Lower Hall, Community Centre. Penistone History and Archive Group is always looking for local old documents, Almanacks, family histories, maps, memorabilia, photographs, slides, negatives, cine or video of local events or any other other history relevant to our district. They are better kept safely in Penistone, for us all to appreciate, than lost or put on random display in distant Barnsley.

    The Group holds history talks on the first and third Weds of each month except August at Penistone Community Centre, for a small fee. Everyone welcome. Enquiries to: Brian Robinson (Secretary) on 76 6827. If you have historic knowledge you would like to share, guest speakers are always welcome. For older people needing to get out, this is an excellent way to discover local knowledge and expand your social circle. See Pen Archive Group (on Facebook).
  • Please Do Not Send Historic Material to Barnsley. It is understandable that Barnsley wants to fill their museum with our local nick-nacks but, unless they have a permanent exhibition for our district, your stuff would only be on show in rotation, if at all, and it would stay in Barnsley forever. Local materials are better kept locally in the Penistone Archive, where we can see them, than lost or forgotten in Barnsley. Any Grammar School photos and memorabilia can also be scanned by Penistone Archive Group for us all to enjoy, and they would pass on copies to PGS Archive.

 Penistone NDP;   Volunteer Groups; BMBC Surveys - Car park safe? - Co-op Deals
Penistone Crime Reports (SY Police). Action Fraud. YW Callback; World Map.
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