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Family-friendly website, no swearing, no adverse images. Welcome to a personal view of the market town of Penistone on the River Don, South Yorkshire, UK. This family-friendly website takes a look at my home town and district. I hope that you will find some items of interest. JB.
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Iconic view of Penistone, Viaduct and the Church.

Weather in Penistone

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  • Events List - Changed the little map at the top.
  • This page - Most of the current updates.
  • 2k Timeline - Some bits for 2010.
  • 20th Century - Keith C's departure and Generations.
News on the Street:   (Reload this page to see the latest updates)
  • Save Water - After 82% of normal rainfall in March, 40% in April and 23% so far in May, water companies are asking people to not waste any water to conserve supplies. Hot weather is on its way. Put the bathwater on your plants.
  • Sam's is Back (Canton House in Spring Vale) - From Weds 27th May, 6pm. He always used to be 'cash only.' Menu (Facebook) Call 76 2474.
  • Generations Café (refurbed) is Back - Take-aways from Weds 20th May. Open 10am to 5pm, Weds to Sat and 10am to 4pm Sundays. One-way system. Order by calling 76 1583 (or visit). Menu on Window. Generations Café.
  • Waggon and Horses is Back - Take-aways and deliveries have now re-started, Noon to 8pm on Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Noon to 6pm on Sundays (Sunday orders in before 5pm Saturday). Details on Menu, call 76 3259.
  • Feeding Time - Many local take-aways are now open after mid-week but please maintain social distancing.
    • Bridge End Fisheries - Open at dinnertimes. Order at the open window, collect and pay (cards preferred) at the rear. They have cleared some space outside ready for if they will be allowed to set out tables later.
    • Café 121 - 5pm to 9pm, Fri/Sat. Near Spring Vale garage. Home-made Angus burgers, chicken burgers, homemade chili, etc. Free delivery. Cafe 121 (Facebook) Call 76 1336 or phone/text 07771 825018.
    • Café Crème Take-outs - Approx. 10am to 2pm-ish, Fri and Sat only. Order online (contactless payment), kerbside pick up. Local delivery possible for those in isolation (minimum order value). Breakfast sandwiches, gluten-free options, beverages, buns and cakes. Café Crème GF Kitchen Call 76 6118.
    • Canton House (Sam's Spring Vale) - From Weds 27th May, 6pm. Cash only. Menu (F'book) Call 76 2474.
    • Cinnamon Spice - Evenings, Indian take-away. Cinnamon Spice. Call 76 6006 or 76 6080.
    • Generations Café (refurbed) - 10am to 5pm, Weds to Sat and 10am to 4pm Sundays. Take-aways. One-way system in operation. Generations Café. Call 76 1583 (or visit inside) to order. Menu on window.
    • Pizza2Night - Thurlstone take-away is still delivering. Pizza2Night. Call 767377 or 07748 575 784.
    • Taste of India - Indian take-away. 6pm to 11pm, Thurs to Sun only. Taste of India. Call 76 6951.
    • Three Fryers - Daily 4.30pm to 9pm (not Sunday). Wait at the door, only one in at a time.
    • Waggon and Horses, Oxspring - Take-aways and some deliveries, Noon to 8pm on Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Noon to 6pm on Sundays (Sunday orders need to be in before 5pm on Sat). Details on the Menu. Call 76 3259.
    • Ward's Chip Shop - 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 6.30pm, Weds to Sat only. Wait at the door, only one in at a time. Phoned orders preferred, call 76 6026 or 07940 841 542. Queue sensibly.

  • New Covid-19 Cases (Hospitals) - In the nearest listed places to Penistone. Source: Public Health England Covid-19:
    April 2020 May 2020
    5th 12th 19th 26th 3rd 10th 17th 24th
    Sheffield 833 1,207 1,598 1,928 2,191 2,354 2,472 2,513
    Barnsley 200 309 454 553 678 757 837 910
    Kirklees 185 318 421 495 578 652 685 734
    Totals 1,218 1,834 2,473 2,976 3,447 3,763 3,994 4,157
    Diff Δ   616 639 503 471 316 231 163
    Cases are declining (difference 'Δ' between weekly totals) but it is highly contagious and we still need to be vigilant or it will keep on returning. It can be "Three weeks of hell" for anyone and even people in their teens and twenties have died. According to a spokesman, there have been about 5 million known cases worldwide and one third of a million people have died from it. General Covid-19 information: NHS Coronavirus. Current rules: HMG Coronavirus.

  • Pick for Britain - A 'Pick for Britain' campaign evokes the wartime spirit of 'Dig for Britain' and hopes to recruit 90,000 pickers on UK farms. University students, furloughed workers and job-seekers are asked to help growers to pick crops during the harvest season. HM Government has relaxed financial support rules to allow temporarily laid-off, furloughed workers to continue claiming whilst being paid through another temporary job. See 'Pick for Britain' (when it works) and read up on Social Distancing on Farms.
  • 'Penistone and District Wildlife Group' - A new Facebook Group for our district. Take a look.
  • Make a Face Mask - HMG has kindly provided details for DiY face masks. The second one looks best if you can find some knicker elastic. If you can't sew, a stapler works if the staples are the right way around. Face Masks.
  • BMBC Recycling Centre - Spring Vale recycling centre is open but only for essential waste that might pose a health hazard. Bring only: 1. food or other perishable waste, or, 2. garden waste that is starting to smell. Nowt else.

    Please only travel to the centre if you cannot store your excess 'essential' waste. Store DIY waste, cardboard, electricals and large items (such as settees and mattresses) at home until further notice. BMBC Recycling.

  • Clap for Carers - 8pm, Thursdays. Applaud, bash a pan or toot a flute in safety from your doorway or window to let NHS staff and carers feel appreciated. Feel the love. This is well-supported around here. Clap for Carers (F'book).
  • A Local Crimewave - Criminals are getting desperate and are targeting our district. From social media: Three cases of drive-off fuel theft from Bridge End Garage. A silver or light grey estate car cruising streets with four young men inspecting properties on our streets. A distinctive motorbike stolen from outside the Paramount. A grey 14-plate BMW cruising Green Road and Saunderson Gardens at night with someone taking photos of vehicles.

    Cars, sheds and garages are being broken into in Penistone, Millhouse Green and Thurlstone, such as a car in Thurlstone, a Land Rover on Chapel Lane and a smashed car window on Thurlstone Road to get at contents. Someone is visiting Cubley gardens in the early hours. Two lads are casing parked vehicles on Victoria Street. And someone is trying car doors in Silkstone. Some criminal activity observed in Hoylandswaine.

    With hardly any road traffic and everything closed at night, any night-time activity is now suspicious (unless it's the milkman). Be alert and note any suspicious activity, vehicle Reg. numbers, descriptions and times. Don't bother calling 101 as it doesn't work. Email SY Police instead.
  • BMBC Advice - With so many people are taking outdoor exercise during the lockdown, Barnsley Council has advice for walkers, bridleway users and landowners. See: Covid-19 and Public Rights of Way.
  • For Those Needing Help:
    • Love Thy Penistone - To join and share info, keep up to date on the epidemic and perhaps lighten up with a quiz or two. It compiles local resources, allows discourse about the local approach to Covid-19 and helps local volunteer groups liaise with each other. Love Thy Penistone.
    • Penistone MP - In association with local help groups, Miriam Cates MP has a Freephone helpline for self-isolated people in the constituency who find it hard to manage. 0800 955 4002 (9.30am to 5pm, Mon - Fri). Miriam Cates is now holding online MP surgeries via Facebook, 4.30pm every Wednesday.
    • Age UK Barnsley - For older people without the support of friends, neighbours or family but who need a bit of help. 'We will try to help with getting shopping in for you or if you are just in need of a chat, or any other way we can.' Email:, call 01226 776 820 (9.30am to 4.30pm, weekdays).

  • Pastimes:
    Virtual Lego
    - By Barnsley Libraries on Facebook, each Friday. I've not tried it.
    Numbers Quiz - Exercise the Noggin with Wayne Chadburn's Numbers Quiz. No prizes, no replies, just a bit of fun.
    Sudoku - You will have by now filled up all of your Sudoku books. Here's an online version.
    Count how often your anti-social DiY neighbour uses his hammer, screaming circular saw, shrieking drill or other noisy machinery as you and 40 other neighbours try to enjoy their gardens in the warm weather.
  • Special Store Opening Times - These are strictly for: NHS workers (with ID), for people aged 70-up and for those whose medical conditions make them particularly vulnerable to infection. The Co-op policy is 'One-in, one-out' and Tesco says 'One-person, one-trolley and everyone else please stay at home.' Co-op says only buy what you need. Tesco has an item limit of three from each product line.
    • Tesco reserves one hour for vulnerable and elderly people only, 9am to 10am, Mon, Weds and Fridays.
    • Also a browsing hour for NHS Workers from 9am (before tills open at 10am), Tues, Thurs and Sun.
    • Penistone Co-op reserves one hour for vulnerable and elderly people only, 8am to 9am, Sundays.
    • Give them a chance, please. I say: "If you see a uniformed nurse in the queue, let them overtake you."

  • Call a Granny - HMG asks us to keep in touch with elderly relatives and perhaps help them with online orders. Now that visits to care homes have been temporarily stopped, the wrinklies will feel more isolated than ever before. They are not prisoners or under house arrest but have the same rights to hear from family as anyone. Give them a call.
  • Report a Breach - Nobody wants to be a snitch but those selfish people meeting up with friends can spread the virus to each other, to families and others in the community, risking disease and death. Report breaches (SY Police).

    HMG: 'Unless you are with members of your household, gatherings of more than two people in parks and other public spaces have been banned. The police have powers to disperse gatherings and issue fines if necessary.'
  • Scambusters - Make a note of this. Email and other online scams and phishing are prevalent now. If you get a dodgy email, forward it to HMG's National Cyber Security Centre for automatic processing:
  • Common Errors - These keep returning from various sources. Penistone is a town, not a village. Hazlehead is spelt that way, not Hazelhead. The proper Penistone postal address is in the S36 region of Sheffield, not Barnsley. Our Town Hall is actually the Paramount, no matter what Barnsley council says. You're in Yorkshire and 'dinner' is at dinnertime, not the evening. School dinners are served by dinner ladies. What some of you call dinner is actually teatime or supper.
Wants and Needs   (when allowed to): (Reload this page to see the latest updates)
  • Protect a Footpath - Walkers are invited to nominate 'Public Rights of Way' which are in common use but not on a map before the 2026 government deadline, after which they won't be on future maps. Don't Lose Your Way. Guardian
  • Crowdfunding Appeal - To equip Penistone Leisure Centre's new kitchen as a 'Health and Wellbeing Café' for us all to enjoy. See their Crowdfunding and Aviva Community Funds. 'Sporting Penistone' is Reg'd Charity, No. 1157786.
  • Pengestone Times - A call for contributors to Penistone's online newspaper, now that we have much more time to read or to write articles for others to read. Contribute your wit and wisdom, etc. Pengestone Times.
  • Brownie Leadership opportunity in Oxspring - Would any ladies like to support local girls, to develop and explore the world? Would they like to join a world-wide organisation with the opportunity to travel and learn new skills?

    Oxspring Brownies are looking for a woman aged 18 to 65 or team of two/three female friends to take over the reins from September 2020. Full training is provided while shadowing existing leaders and support is always on hand. The new Girl-guiding programme provides a great framework for developing up-to-date skills, such as communication and influencing, while still including classics like camping and First Aid. They currently have 20 Brownies with five more on the waiting list. The current Brown Owl and her assistant are retiring after over 75 years of Girl-guiding volunteering between them - a testament to their commitment and the girls they have seen grow: "I'm now Brown Owl to the daughters of girls that were Brownies with me twenty years ago! I've loved my time with Girl-guiding and I'll still have a role within the organisation. Any new leaders don’t have to commit for that long though, even three years in the role will give local girls the chance to have adventures and thrive". Please PM Jocelyn Sanderson on Facebook if interested.
  • Penistone Church Roof Fund - Penistone St John's Church's roof is still in urgent need of repair and requires around £80k PDQ. We can be sure that the local community will support the Church Roof Appeal before the roof actually caves in. This is mostly via the 'Friends of Penistone Church' for which application forms are available in the Church, or you can support the church directly. A Roof Fund Barometer is likely to re-appear, as in the days of old.
  • Penistone Historic Archive - 10am to 1pm, Market Days (Thurs), The Neville Roebuck Room, Lower Hall, Community Centre, Church Street, Penistone, S36 6AR. Penistone History and Archive Group is about to expand and is always looking for old documents, Penistone Almanacks, family histories, maps, memorabilia, photographs, slides, negatives, cine/video of local events and any history relevant to the Penistone district. These things are precious to us and must not fall into Barnsley's hands or otherwise leave our area. The group is entirely independent and, in spite of rumours to the contrary, will never send our history to Barnsley. All donations welcome.

    Local history talks are held at 1.45pm on the first and third Wednesday every month (except August) at the Community Centre, for a small fee, with a brew and a biscuit. Everyone welcome. If you have some historic local knowledge you would like to share, guest speakers are always welcome. The talks are particularly suitable for older people to get out more, make friends and discover local knowledge. Penistone Archive (Facebook).
  • Keep it in Penistone - Barnsley's museum hoovers up our local history but this is not good for our town which has its very own Historic Archives. In Barnsley, our local history might only be displayed in rotation, if at all, and could become lost, disregarded or forgotten. We might never see it or ever get it back. Please support our own independent Penistone Archive and History Group (Facebook) and help to keep it relevant. Also see PGS Archive (Fb).

 Volunteer Groups - BMBC Consultations - Nextdoor - Car park safe?- Co-op Deals - Old Stuff - Watch Telly
Guide to GDPR - Penistone Crime Reports (SY Police) - Phishing Scams - Action Fraud - YW Callback - UK Bank Holidays.
Information and Markets   (In normal Times)
  • Information CentreVisitor Information - Penistone Library and Penistone Church for local leaflets, maps and general information.
  • Penistone, Peak and Pennine Tourism Group - Promoting the local economy and tourism, PPP&TG.
  • Penistone Shopping - See Penistone High Street (Visit Penistone), Love Penistone (Facebook).
  • Penistone Market Day - Busy market Thursdays, Penistone Market Barn (FaceBook). Adjacent two-hour parking.
  • Penistone Country Market - 10am to Noon, Market Day, Upper Hall, Community Centre, Church Street.
  • Penistone Historic Archives - 10am to 1pm, Market Day, Lower Hall, Community Centre, Church Street.
  • Banking Security Advice - 10am to noon, Market Day, Community Centre. Debbie from Natwest.
  • Saturday Morning Market - Market Barn. Small market with Andy's good fruit & veg. (Email Market Services).
  • Learner Zone - Monday 1pm to 3pm, IT suite, Penistone Library. A quiet space with internet for study, with support for job searches, job applications and interview skills. Also maths, English & IT assessments.  (Facebook).
  • 'DIAL' Drop-in Advice - 10am to 1pm, Thurs, Top Office (former Berneslai), Town Hall Bldg. No appointment needed.
    'DIAL' is a charity to help disabled people, part-funded by Penistone Area Council (BMBC).
  • Defibrillators - Clark's Chemist; Penistone Community Centre; Tesco; Spring Vale Methodist Church; St Aidan's Church Oxspring; Whitby and Chandler Spring Vale; Penistone Leisure Centre; Millhouse Institute; Thurgoland Village Hall; two in Ingbirchworth; phone box in Upper Denby and Hoylandswaine Village Hall. Call 999 and give your location for an access code to open the box, then read instructions inside the box. First Responders.
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